Forum Cycle 2 Round 1

Round theme: Sexy Librarians
Round Winner: Ciara
Eliminated: Byooki

Critiques and Scores

Bleizahr (7+12=19) I like the risqué moment in this picture, what could this Roeg doing in the library!? #caughtintheact. The expression and display won my vote in this picture
No outfit to judge, but points for the chest! Overall a nice shoot, very sexy, but the background is a bit too dark.
One of the weakest pictures of the bunch in my opinion.
It’s like a WWF wrestler is trying to show his intellectual sassy side.
I like the angle and shirtless deal. 

Byooki (4+8=12) Not sure what to think of it, but it felt safe in a way. If you angled your body or your face to face “You” and /grin’d, it may have worked?
Overall the colors are great, but I would have like to have seen either more of your face or you relaxing on that couch?
You would have looked better sitting.
Background needs more books/library feel, and it could have been sexier…

Ciara (33+14=47) Very strong picture and best picture in my opinion in this round. The attitude, lighting, and pose you have here snagged my eyes like a S-rank mob!
Overall this is a gorgeous shot! Lovely eyes!
Love it. Library? Check! Sexy? Check! Over all? The best of all the photos.
It fits the theme but I would have preferred you doing something with a book…
This is like sexy pissed off librarian! It’s perfect!

Jayzan (11+11=22) It’s a good photo, not sure if the attire worked this go around. Setting was good in this case though. Good job
I want to hang out and study with this guy.
I think the colors are all wrong, but the background looks like a nice private library.
He looks funny, but more like a Baroche composer than a librarian
While I do like the outfit, this just lacks super sexy to me.

Kaelah (11+12=23) Nice setting for this picture in regards to load full of books laying around. I see an improveement from the previous pictures. A little tidbit you could have done is dyed your glasses white to match your attire #fashionpolice ! Other than that, it was a good picture this round.
Overall love the color choices, but the pose is a little too “cute”
I like the background and the pose but overall its just a boring picture. 
She’s adorable. I love how it appears as if shes looking thoughtfully at the statue.
Background is nice, and your pose is very Librarian.

Kin (10+11=21) Another strong picture! I love how you’re getting ready to meet someone at the library moment as if I’m in 1st person view awaiting to sit next to you!
Not feeling the “sexy” from this shot, love the background though.
Disappointed. You’re one of my favorites and I expected something more. 
Nice use of the circular furniture. Very pretty.
Love the eye contact and the pose but just wish there was more library and maybe a little more sex appeal?

Kurri (17+11=28) So much cuteness in this photo, I enjoyed your expression and attire for this setting. Good job!
Love the colors with your skin tone, but the background is a bit too cluttered.
There is just so much going on in this image.
Another adorable picture.
You look like the queen of the library, but the photo is a tad cluttered…

Maxwell (17+12=29) Attention to detail in this case, if you were to dye your glasses darker so we can see it ;-;, Even though it didn’t fall under the “sexy” aspect, it looked cute in this case.
Jump higher! You almost got it! It’s a cute picture. 
Not very professional, but brilliant!
You are the cutest most bubbly looking librarian I have ever seen and it’s adorable!

Ronberku (25+12=37) Unsure what to say about this picture, however this picture didn’t work for me in this case in regards to details. Maybe if you took another perspective shot to where the window is behind your character, it may have worked.
Lovely pose, captured the light beautifully.
I dunno…it feels to much like an office. It’s very pretty though.
I adore the use of light in this picture and the composition of where hes sitting, looking, etc. It’s great.
I like everything about this!

SQ (12+12=24) Roes are risqué this round! I loved it~ A little detail I’ve mentioned in the previous contestant is the glasses color! All I can say for the rest of the picture is that there could be moments where guys (or gals) are shouting “MOVE THAT BOOK!” Lol
Best picture in ENTM history.
While the appearing to be topless aspect does nail the theme, your facial expression scares me…
I wish you were in a more of a Library-ish background…but very sexy.

Tinsley (14+12=26) Attire and pose worked nicely in this case, but maybe if you angled your character a bit to see your front and used an express; It may have been an awesome picture!
Need more cleavage! The lighting is nice though.
You look the most believable as a Librarian character.
Sexy outfit and flirtatious look over your shoulder, love it!

Vahn (10+12=22) Attire, pose, and setting worked quite well this round! Not much I can say is that your “attitude” resulted in me giving a 3 this round!
I wonder what he is so animated about it?
While this is one of the best Library backgrounds, the outfit and pose have nothing to do with the theme in my opinion and it brings the score way down. 
You look like youre about to destroy the library with an Elvis flair…
Are you scolding some one? I don’t see sexy.

Valentina (8+11=19) /nosebleed I loved this picture as if there aren’t flaws to this
Love the look on her face! And bewbs!
The front half of this image is stunning, but the background is so boring!
I just wish more had been done with the background…
Where are the books? I wish you had more books around you.

Yuni (8+12=20) Good picture of this but if you were to angle the camera and took a shot it may have worked well. Otherwise, the pose didn’t work well in my opinion this case.Good job though 

Nice dark library feel.
That pose brought your score down to a 1. Maybe you hate books? But have fun with it…this was just off putting.
Background is great and I love the lightning, just wish you were making eye contact…or maybe posing differently?

Yunie (18+13=31) I guess a small detail I’d say is if you weren’t standing on the Eorzean map in this setting of “Oh! II didn’t see you there” moment, it may have worked well for you this round. Good job though.
I love everything about this picture. 
What did I just walk into? It’s cute but I wish you hadn’t been standing on the desk/table??
Caught in the act!
This is adorable. I love your expression. Too cute!
Byooki has been eliminated!