Forum Cycle 2 Round 2

Round Theme: Play in the Snow
Round Winner: Maxwell
Eliminated: Bleizahr

Critiques and Judges Scores

Bleizahr 4+4=8
Ciara 28+8=36
Jayzan 17+5=22
Kaelah 27+8=35
Kin 29+10=39
Kurri 9+9=18
Maxwell 31+11=42
Ronberku 10+8=18
SQ 18+7=25
Tinsley 25+10=35
Vahn 8+5=13
Valentina 8+8=16
Yuni 21+7=28
Yunie 29+10=30

Bleizahr has been Eliminated.

Judges Comments:

I wasn’t too fond of the backdrop you had with the night setting and all, if you were to take this during the day (maybe with snow weather) it might have worked.
I know that the zone you are in has snow in it..and I see a bit on the mountains and castle behind you. But it was a poor background choice.
Can’t see much…too dark.
Nice, but I am not really seeing much snow?

Decent shot in a way except it was more of a Shiva-isque than noted snow perspective of it all.
Too much emphasis on ice over snow I think.
It’s pretty, but too busy.
Wish the background was a bit more WOW!

Awesome perspective of the snow environment! It’s like your wailing for rescue on the top with a blizzard effect going on.
Props for trying to coordinate, but I think the red and white don’t go good together. 
I don’t like the red contrast…
It’d be nicer closer up, I think.

Another night setting shot I’m not fond of ;-; If you had your hands on the wind up sun minion it /may/ have given that dramatic feel of this shot.
If this had been taken in the middle of the day it would have been a 3.
Interesting, but a little too dark.
I love the snow and village behind you, and mid snowball throw!

Strong perspective of being a snow angel! The background and attire, this is the kind of shots I loved!
You’re great at these doll like expressions, and showing how innocent you are…but I want to see something different from you. This is a beautiful image, but it feels safe coming from you.
Cute, bright, perfect outfit!
Not a fan of the angle, but it’s beautiful!

Decent picture in a way, if you were to take this shot during a snow/blizzard weather in another location, it might have worked. Other than that, nice action shot though.
My favorite of the bunch. 
Couldn’t see much of your face.
Wish there was more of you to see, but it’s a cute pic!

Attire, pose, and monsters worked well in this picture! Even though not allhave access to gear like yours, it worked nicely for you! Loved this so much
Points for the idea, it’s funny and cute, but I wish you had worked a little harder to get the wolfs in a better position. There is nothing model about this shot to me.
Absolutely adorable!
I don’t know why I love this so much, but you’re outfit and “friends” are so cute!

I adored this setting so much with the use of the moonlight and pet. Even though it could have been taken during the day. It’s one of those moments I’ma sucker for, good job!
Lost a point for taking the picture at night. It ruined the entire mood of the picture for me!
Way too dark!
A tad too dim, and needs more snow.

I wasn’t too fond of this shot in a way, it felt rather dull in a way. You could have moved your camera view of your character to see your entire body or something while doing this?
It’s not the best picture from the bunch but it isn’t the worst either.
Like the outfit and composition, but its so dark!
Just wish there was more of you in the shot. 

The serene pose of this caught my eye especially with the calm and peacefulness of the background. Loved it!
I like the contrast, but other than that it’s a weak photo.
Very pretty and original.
Outfit doesn’t read winter to me…but the pose and scenery are great!

You were doing so strong in the previous rounds~ Why this ;-;? It didn’t exactly appeal to me. If you were have done some type of action (i.e emotes or fightsomething…etc) it may have worked while using the background…
I feel like you are relying on your sex appeal for this shot. You’re just…standing there. At least Kin has a pose going on. I did LOL though at you two being twins.
The same outfit as Kin…doesn’t really work well on you.
It’s so bland. Background has no WOW factor…

A decent picture using the fireplace’s light worked in this case. Kinda felt you played a safe with this shot.
There is a story here, which is nice, but I feel it’s somewhere in the middle of the bunch, not near the top or the bottom.
Pretty, but would have liked a different pose.
You look like a spy!! I love the mid breath too!

Another dark setting shot I wasn’t too ffond of. If you to take this shot during the day or with daytime with snow/blizzard weather, it may have worked for you thisround.
I like it, but I wish the castle behind you hadn’t been centered directly behind you. 
Too dark!
This is just beautiful! Head to toe!

Decent picture, I loved the aspect of this picture except if you would have taken it during a snowfall (not blizzard) it may have been an overall awesome shot!
I like everything except the blue bird. Sometimes less is more. 
Very cute and pretty.
Adorable, great background, perfect shot!