Tumblr Cycle 5 Round 5

Gold Saucer

Judge’s Critiques


You sure do hit the theme this round! I would say you def look like you’re having a lot of fun! You won the games, got the t-shirt, and basked in the moment. I wouldn’t want to have to fight you for that title of the lady of the dance! lighting is on that nice note of not too bright or dim. The one thing I do wish I was seeing was more people dancing perhaps or a more festive background. Though you look beautiful your background makes the shot a bit blander. Still lovely!

I think you picked a glorious background for this shot! You match the scene so well. The fact you matched yourself dancing the opposite step with the cactuar was well played sir! I’m definitely feeling the happy vibe from your shot this round and love it! way to go!

Lookin for some hot stuff baby tonigghhttt~ and boy did I find it! you make Foxy Cleopatra proud in this shot and glam it right up there with those foxy divas! I also especially love how you’ve transitioned from the angrier style to pure out pure fun. You are my poster girl of this week honey and let me tell you you’ve earned it! You go girl! Keep it up it’s fantastic!

Ooo who’s that gorgeous lookin babe turning eyes? Its Eldaena! Gorgeous mixed with an elegant touch of gold and white you not only match the colors of the gold saucer but perfect them. I hate to be that gal but I’m not entirely sure your elegance really fits with the round however being that we want to see you having fun at the gold saucer. This more looks to me like your posing for a tourist then actually having any real fun! I’d have pulled in closer to the arcade or found picked a different location. I look forward to seeing what you do next run!

Looking at this shot brings the good old manderville song right back into my mind! The person and their minion do well to remind me of hildys sometimes obliviousness as if the bad guys running away as you show off your talents (and muscle) Very quiet but I think it could have been excited a bit better. This shot though cute as it is doesn’t really do well to make you the focal point of the shot, perhaps closer in with your camera if you could. Still cute and humorous and I look forward to seeing your shot next week!

*best mafia voice I can sum up* Tress baby you put me in a spot!
You look stunning girlfriend, but put me at odds with myself! In one hand I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to read a round as “Show us what you find fun about this haven in the desert” and turn it into a shot of them working. On the other hand, just because /I/ don’t personally feel working is fun doesn’t mean you might not enjoy the thought of working at your own personal casino! With that I’m holding back on some critique though will warn in a mind that some people might also feel work is not that much fun and it could cause you votes! Your shot however, is lovely, soft and colorful. You also manage to fill my prerequisite of making a shot look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine~ Looking lovely Tress!

No whammy no whammy no whammy stop! Looking fabulous being the high roller of the casino this week, decked out in those gamblers glamour and working that lady luck! 
Your spell effects are cute and your mood fits the bill! I do see where some might wish you were facing the lottery itself but appreciate how difficult it can be to put both the cactpot and yourself in the shot at the same time. Here’s hoping you win big! If you do, share the wealth!

How can I not look at this shot as a chibi sized Jasmine after being asked, “Do you trust me?”  You are handsome, charming and also manage to look like your about to take that mini jasmine or aerith on a fantastically good time in the big old GS.  Will you share a kiss on the Ferris Wheel? Inquiring minds want to know! Love the shot Stephen!


Rivienne Cotrlaint – I’m sorry if this comes across mean.  Your face is fucking terrifying in this shot.  Lackluster setting with a sad reminder of the low popularity of the Gold Saucer nowadays.  Your description doesn’t actually make sense to me for a variety of reasons but more importantly you seem to have missed the challenge; you guys were meant to show how you have fun at the GS but instead we get employee here.  Your outfit is just the GS uniform so no points there from me.  The blue hair and lipstick don’t contribute to the shot or your overall look positively and the lipstick makes you scarier.  Watch out that the sun minion doesn’t wash out your face; the angle you have the light shining here makes your face come across very flat.  If you can’t convince people in the background to move out of your shot (afk or whatever) you should try to block them out with your body so that they don’t become a distraction.  Please try to give us a compelling story in the future – with your shot, not your description.

Annouille Andouillant – Although you didn’t exactly follow the challenge you at least linked us some reasons for an emotional connection to the place.  You look like you’re having a great time here and your pose has a lot of energy keeping you from being overwhelmed by that very very busy background.  That top hand has the potential to take away from the shot but because the lighting fell so nicely on your face and torso I actually didn’t even notice it for a while.  Dying your top one of the metallic colors that you can see in the mosaics behind you may have livened you up even more but this blue wasn’t terrible.  Because El Coloso was mentioned in your description he had the potential to steal some of your spotlight but you made sure any viewer looking for him in the shot would immediately be made to focus on you by blocking his body with your own.  Next time please make your shot tell us a story – and let the description just be the title of the book.

Katarh Mest – Amazing use of the waymarks to create your own background without losing the Saucer!  My one complaint is that there is no disco at the Saucer, but that is totally irrelevant, you made your own story with what you’ve given us.  Great outfit choice that gives us a strong disco vibe without going too costumey/cliche; the gold accents all over fit perfectly.  Those pants were a really good choice since they feel like cargo bellbottoms or something.  Great choice with the eyeshadow and the aqua color you gave it; it is echoed in the waymark light.  A lovely energetic pose and happy, excited face that really convinces me that you have an awesome time doing this.  The centering works well here.  Lovely job with the lighting; your skin looks completely amazing.  Not sure I love your necklace but it isn’t a big thing.  I like that you aren’t looking at the camera here.  Thank you for coming up with a really unique concept!  

Eldaena Vonxandria – A beautiful outfit but it doesn’t work for the setting because we already have a context for bunny ears in the Saucer – the employees!  You went for your usual serene energy but that just doesn’t really match the GS.  Although, saying that, you managed to find a great location to echo your serene vibe with the toned down lights and gentle glows.  Buuuuut, my first thought on seeing this is that it’s just like everything else you’ve submitted, not fresh.  Off center wasn’t a bad choice per se but your other shots have been off center as well which strengthens the ‘seen it already’ feeling.  The lighting on Eldaena is lovely and echoes the background while the white keeps you the focus.  The lower right is too empty.  Framing the background, a bit differently would have been better.  Like many others this round you missed the challenge theme; I have no idea how you have fun at the Gold Saucer from this shot.  As a matter of fact, you could put pretty much any background behind you here and it would be the same story.  No story.  Not in the shot itself anyway.  Please work on telling a story with your shots that could stand up without a written description; just let that be the arrow to point the viewer in the right direction.

Kitori Orihara – Overall this shot feels like it should have been in your first round discard pile.  Aside from the awkward extra wobbling away in the background you have myriad other issues making this shot less than stellar.  Starting with the background I suppose.  Not sure how you managed it but you captured about the least flattering location in the building to show off the Gold Saucer.  Not much interesting to the right (kinda reminds me of a parking garage or convention center) and a disappointing crop of the formation on the left (I really love this particular section of the GS).  Then your pose, while vaguely making sense for the location, prevents us from seeing your expression and doesn’t combine well with the Senor.  Perhaps a cute wave would have matched nicer.  Moving on to overall impression.  Weirdly zoomed out for no reason that I can tell.  It feels like your slightly off-center because of the placement of Senor Sabotender; not enough off to seem intentional, but enough that it feels uncomfortable to look at.  Your suit color bugs me but I concede that it isn’t truly wrong in any way and helps you to stand out.  Also you missed the challenge; I can’t gather from this shot what you do at the Saucer to have fun.  Please be more selective with the shots you submit.

Tress Amell – Not a bad shot compositionally but not unique or exciting either.  You didn’t do the challenge at all; you were supposed to show how you have fun at the GS.  No creativity shown with your outfit but the small styling details like the nails, gold eyeshadow, and overall tasteful makeup work nicely for the shot.  Gpose really helps this shot look like an advert for the GS.  Your lighting is pretty good; almost too bright on your bangs and the head-on direction has the potential to make your face too flat but it isn’t quite bad.  Your expression looks unenthusiastic but I think that’s possibly just your character’s face.  The few distant extras are not detractors since their impact is diminished by the distance, lighting, and gpose blur.  Please work on meeting the challenge guidelines and telling a unique story with your shot, not your description.

Velora hunter – Good job on your background but I’m sorry to say that’s one of the few things I liked here.  The biggest, most grating thing here for me is that you are facing the opposite direction of what you should be logically based on your description.  Back shots are acceptable in this competition.  Back shots are acceptable in this competition.  You aren’t the only one to have not taken this to heart this Cycle, but I’m tired of seeing it so I said it twice.  If you’re hoping for a win why would you not be facing the wheels???  Also this lighting and hairstyle combo isn’t doing your face any favors in this shot.  While your jacket isn’t completely bad I don’t like it here for the same reason I didn’t like 

Eldaena’s bunny ears; we already have a context for that piece of gear in the Gold Saucer – the wandering dude with the neat hair.  You wearing it doesn’t make sense.  That stuff said, you chose a good skirt for it and your hair color coordinates well.  Centered shot was a perfectly fine choice here.  I think using a sun minion would have brought you more forward in the shots and reduced the unflattering yellowness of the light on your skin and clothes.  Please pay attention to the challenge guidelines, you didn’t follow them here.

Stephen Fairbrook – Unfortunately yours is the most washed out shot of the bunch and not even for any reason.  Washed out in more than one way actually.  A meh pose, dusty clothing palette, uninspiring concept.  You didn’t follow the round guidelines; I have no clue what you do at the Saucer for fun.  The choice of centered worked for the idea you were going for.  Using the sun minion would have brought you forward more which I’d have liked.  Like your Ishgard shot you managed to capture the colors of your surroundings in your outfit.  The green, the brown, the yellowy, and pops of red.  Your jewelry matches the background even better.  Lackluster concept and execution.  Why would you even be welcoming the viewer to the Saucer?  You could replace your background with anything, that’s how little you interacted with your surroundings.  Please work on coming up with a unique and interesting concept and then telling a story with your shot, not your description.


Katarh Mest:

They say what happens in the saucer stays in the saucer. Until you take screenshots of it and share it with the universe. Either that or the local busy body finds you. You all know the guy; He’s the self-satisfied prick standing at the top of Mt. Corel mocking you every time you fall off the edge. Dude’s also right there with the unwanted commentary every time you fail to the Fungah. Luckily for us, this screenshot is everything the world needs to see and nothing they don’t. Katarh seems to be channeling Beyonce while dancing under an array of fun colored lights. The color and composition here might even be so remarkably bright; it could potentially break the very fabric of the Saucer itself.  Everything in this shot from the hair, the outfit, the gold accessories and blue eyeshadow are slaying me right now. This is possibly the best use of waymarks I’ve seen in a screenshot to date. May your reign be long and glorious as the Disco Queen, Katarh. You rock girl!

Annouille Andouillant:

My darling Annouille, when some people /dance, the whole world wants to /dance with them. You my dear, are one of these people. In fact, might I suggest you take your dancing skills to the next level and start your own Eorzean reality show. Collect all the stars from across the servers, including one exceptionally sparkly, blonde, Elezen screenshot judge *Wink wink, nudge nudge*, to compete on a journey to artistic dancing perfection! Annouille waltzes through this week’s submission with mosaic glass, floating baubles and tops it all off with my favorite Gold Dance. I love it. Though, I will note that you and Stephen are wearing the same Thavnarian bodice. I’m afraid one of you are going to have to change or duke it out to the death. My money is totally on one of you!

Tress Amell:

A challenger has appeared! Rivaling Rivienne for Employee of the Month, Tress welcomes us to the saucer with outstretched arms and a beguiling smile. This shot is a veritable smorgasbord of everything I imagine when I think of the saucer; we’ve got a gilded cactuar, casino bankers, snazzy searchlights and a nice panorama of colored glass setting the stage. It’s wonderfully lit and showcases quintessential Saucerness. My only suggestion would be for Tress and Rivienne to wheel out a vat of mud to fight to the death Thunderdome style, for that elusive crown of Employee of the Month.

Velora Hunter:

Every now and then I’ll come down with a terrible case of the stupids and take my gullible arse on over to the Saucer to gamble all my MGP away. It generally starts with an innocent round of Triple Triad and ends in a week long bender through the Thanalans. Unlike me and my never-ending losing streak, Velora is playing hands and taking names. Dressed to kill in a coat that costs more MGP than I’ve ever seen, Velora breaks her poker face to show us fools what’s good; And what better way to flash that flash and get dat cash than to pose in front of the golden wheels of fortune themselves? All bling aside, I must admit the spell effect is both hypnotic and confusing in here. Sure it breaks up the color nicely, but why is it there? What does it mean?!? Perhaps the ghosts of losers past have finally come to exact their revenge on Velora for her frivolous gloating. You in danger girl! Best take those winnings and split.

Rivienne Cotrlaint:

Some folk will line up for hours in the Golden Saucer waiting for that special GATE: Any Way the Wind Blows. Is there truly a better way to spend one’s Saturday night than standing on a stage while a blubber demon hurls you off the saucer in a whirlwind snot storm? I guess you could always be that smug person that lucked out and lived to tell the tale: like our lovely Elezen Rivienne.  Dressed like an employee of the month, (Maybe that’s the secret to FUNGAH?!) Rivienne is celebrating her victory with a triumphant cheer and winning smile. We are getting a lot of suspiciously green shapes on the floor in this shot however; doubly worrisome considering this is where the Fungah LIVES. Tilting the camera up to capture some background sparkle might have done more to enhance the jubilance of the moment while also setting our minds to rest about the work ethics of the local maintenance staff.

Stephen Fairbrook:

Previously on Stephen Fairbrook, we enjoyed a tasty plate of Sunny-Side Moogles in a rich hollandaise sauce. This week our token Popoto airs out his hammer pants out from the back of the closet, taking us on a magical journey through the Golden Saucer. With one hand outstretched to invite us in, who could resist wanting to frolic up and down the saucer with this fashionably scrumptious tater salad?  The only thing that could improve things would be for someone to dump a literal bucket of colorful glitter overhead. Not only does glitter make all things better but a shiny pop of color or two might help to diffuse a bit of those overwhelmingly brown walls.

Eldaena Vonxandria:

The Golden Saucer has always been the go-to place when you need that extra dose of high class fab injected directly into your eyeballs. Dolled up like a Bugs Bunny Oscar statuette, Eldaena reinforces stereotypes that the Saucer is THE premiere place for the elite and well-dressed. The only problem with this shot is that there is an entire row of lonely Moogle’s Paw games going unplayed along the horizon. Sure those smug moogles will laugh in your face as they intentionally drop your plushy back into the pit, but I want to believe the lie that those events are fun damnit. Use that exquisite beauty to make the Saucer fun again. I believe in you!

Kitori Orihara:

It’s been a long running debate amongst the locals which icon fully embodies the very essence of the Golden Saucer: Godbert Manderville or Senor Sabotender.  On one hand, Senor Sabotender is a staple around these parts; he works 168 hours a week to ensure every guest enjoys the Saucer to its fullest. On the other, there are legends that say Godbert Manderville built the entire saucer with his bare hands. More outlandish rumors say he did it all wearing nothing but some sandals and a thong. Kitori here is serving up some epic fan service to both Team Godbert and Team Sabotender by posing in traditional Manderville style with the Senor, himself. Dressed in a flashy crimson suit, she looks ready to rumble with the high rollers of the casino. The only reason this shot wouldn’t hang proudly over the casino walls might be the fact we see some random person’s crescent knickers in the backdrop. If we could pull the camera in away from the panties to focus on our stars, this would be a shot of Saucer legend.