Tumblr Cycle 5 Round 3


Judge’s Critiques

Kipih- You look wary and tired in this shot, like anyone stepping in those gates for the first time in MSQ should be. Your face managed to reflect the real vibe I had while going through this myself and that’s pretty awesome considering all we have is emotes that offer not as much emotion as id like. I do wish your sun minion wasn’t quite so close, though I can pass it to be someone walking with a torch so I won’t doc anything from it just ask that you reflect lighting to reasoning’s there is light there. or just drop it back a yalm and it will make it softer. Great shot Kipih!

Stephen-  When I look at this shot I am instantly smiling. This shot immediately made me think of Maxwell, the winner from my cycle and his amazingly talented shots. You captured such a perfect range of emotion, great lighting and your pose is adorable. I suddenly want to go back and read a Christmas carol. This shot is model ready and I would put this on the front page! This is a shot that would sell, keep it up Stephen I’m really proud of you this round, and looking forward to more! Beautiful!

Katarh- I am loving your outfit, glamour, pose and weapon, very beautiful! But as mentioned above I feel the lighting in this is off. Though on the same hand I can chalk it up to your weapon glowing as I think you had been going for. The background is beautiful to match your elegance though standing on a table in the AST guild just doesn’t sell this shot to me. You do however look lovely darling and I look forward to seeing your next round 🙂

Velora-  You really stand out in this picture and I love that. You have a beautiful smile girlfriend, don’t stop letting us admire it! Your glamour is one I’ve always quite liked, being rather unique in design but still very fashionable and classy to boot. Your lighting is wonderfully done and you really caught that puff of breath spot on to give this picture a special touch. Make Ishgard proud Vel! Great job!

Annouille- Not to give away spoilers but I really felt the city could use some new preachers! You pull off the look of a true elezen in his city, bringing on the true feelings needed to lead the people with your voice. Your background is GORGEOUS for this shot and your light glow off your weapon really adds a touch of magic to the shot. You stand out in your choice of colors not blending but rather, popping out of the shot. Id listen to your sermons any day!~ Lovely shot Annouille.

Rivienne-  I love the scholarly feel to this shot, libraries and the such have always been very charming for me. You are an incredibly gorgeous looking character though I wish you had added more books or a different camera angle to the shot. Also please keep in mind this is a modeling contest, and though telling a story usually sells a shot it is still modeling. I don’t really feel like this shot really captured that… Make sure to always make yourself the center of attention. In my rounds I tended to try to stick to shots that I feel could be graced on a magazine, or book cover. So though I might have come across harsh in my criticism know that I still think you are a beautiful model and can’t wait to see what you do next<3 Impress me Rivienne 😉

Tress- This shot is gorgeous. It tells the story of the well to do woman with the large heart spreading love and comfort to those on the streets. This picture wins the “Story telling” award for me this week. It not only manages to get you on the level of Ishgard but that of the Christmas were going through and those heart filled people who go out of their way to help. This is also a great use of the sun minion in my opinion. It was placed high enough not to focus a large amount of faked light and yet really added to the gleam in the cold night vibes going on here. Gorgeous Tress very impressed with you this round!

Eldaena- Lovey and almost a touch haunting. You keep pulling amazing shots Eldaena, please don’t stop! Your outfit blends to this shot but not in a way it dampens you thanks to your lighting. The slight glow on the pieces also helps to ensure you pop out in this shot. I do wish your sun minion wasn’t quite as close as it is, and the one side is a little empty compared to everything happening on your right, but this shot would still rate as a lovely shot to me. Lovely as always Eldaena!

Kitori- You look so calm and peaceful, dressed warmly for the winter night. I could almost hear Christmas songs playing in the background when I look at your shot. Everything looks as calm as you express yourself to be and ill even give kudos on taking the risk of closed eyes shots (knowing them to sometimes make or break a shot in voting). because you did it perfectly. You stand out in your red jacket and warm demeanor. Lovely shot that could pass for a lovely Christmas card. Great job, Kitori.

Iris- Awww! Poor Iris! The timing on this shot is so perfect, and wonderfully done~ I love the innocent feel this shot gives of a simple snowball fight between friends. Lighting is beautiful and you are soooo adorable! I am loving your outfit for this shot and glad you chose the colors you did to stand out and really draw the attention to your character. Lovely shot Iris!


Kipih Lanbatal – I really like the top you’re wearing.  I think I would have preferred the gates be a bit more to the left here, as it is it feels like you’re looking at something we can’t see and the they just kind of fall into the background.  As gloomy and plain as the palette feels I think it was probably the right choice for your outfit and clearer weather may have reduced the bit of focus that is on the gates.  You did a good job bringing yourself forward in the shot with the lighting and the warmth it adds (a warmth the echoes your bittersweet memories of the location), but your sun minion is almost making your hair too bright (almost).

Stephan Fairbrook – No clue how much of it is intentionally but you and your outfit’s colors are masterfully echoing your surroundings!  The green of your eyes and socks in the bushes, the warmly lit stone beneath you and your hat, the cool blue-grey earring and the tile.  A sweet shot concept that plays well with your default lalafell adorableness. Are you going for mechanic or urchin with your outfit?  Doesn’t matter, either works well with the concept of Ishgard.  I assume this was the clap pose; excellent thinking using it this way.  The lit window to the left had the potential to pull focus away from you but the inclusion of the bit of another window at the top and your face and hair being well lit and golden instead makes it reinforce you fitting into the shot. The warm light from it brings to mind simple pleasures like good company and happy homes-which works just right with your description!

Katarh Mest – Excellent technical use of that silver dye.  The near monochrome of this shot gives it a very artistic feel and the warm, aged parchment yellow reinforces the description of being right at home. You managed to keep the frigid cold of the city in mind (and subtly reinforce the comfort of the location) with the icy blue-grey of the windows in the background.  Why are you standing on the table?  Using an extra here might have improved the shot; a person interacting with yours in a way that implies you’re loved here or are a regular in this place.  I don’t think the starglobe (weapon) necessarily takes away from the shot but being a bit less obvious (heavy-handed) and figuring out how to still convey your job could have been cool.

Velora Hunter –  A sun minion here could have been nice.  I think using clear weather for this shot would have improved it and reinforced the awesome sights you speak of.  Your pose puts you just slightly off-center but I think pushing that more and going further to the right would have made more of the sights visible and the caption (and therefor concept) make more sense.  You almost managed to keep a primary color scheme for the shot but your sash and face sort of disrupt it; this kinda makes the color choices for your outfit and background disjointed.  No dead space, which is great!  A more awed expression would be fitting for this.

Annouille Andouillant – From a purely aesthetic point of view this shot is amazing.  Not sure exactly what you were going for with your pose but it almost makes me think you’re giving some sort of sermon.  While the colors of your outfit and spell don’t obviously match the colorful stained glass behind you they don’t feel out of place because of the setting.  Your expression is a bit lackluster but I know you can’t change it while you’re casting.  Your personal lighting is very well done with your face and left arm clearly illuminated, but not blown out, with the light fading as your body recedes until the (still fairly subtle) pop of light around your book keeps it from being forgotten.  The Halone statue in the background is almost menacing here and serves to place you firmly in Ishgard and remind the viewer of the darker side of the city.  Nitpicks are the bottle-shaped light yellow thing on the lower left and the barely visible thumbs.

Rivienne Cotrlaint – A nice enough concept but the surroundings don’t make it very obvious that you’re in Ishgard; you’re mildly saved on that point by your styling and description.  The dark blue in your hair is a bit distracting but so is Ser Charizard’s ganguro look.  You’ve managed to keep your character from blending into the background; would it have improved the shot to have added an extra in the back doing something like examining the bookshelf maybe?  Your pose and expression works well with your concept; you look focused but a bit glassy eyed as people intensely reading often do.  The lower lighting on your character doesn’t take away from the shot here since you managed to bring her to the foreground using other methods and with the location it fits,

Tress Amell –  Decent concept but not executed as well as it could be.  The guy on the lower left kind of resembles a sack of popotos until you study him more and the placement of Tress is a bit awkward for the shot.  The lighting is well done and the background is really stunning.  Putting Tress more to the left would have made the shot more balanced; as it is you could hack off the left half and not miss anything.  You want to insure that every part of your picture is essential for making is successful; if a part isn’t helping, it may end up hurting.  The pose is rather awkward, kneeling would have possibly worked better.  The expression doesn’t feel right either; a gentle smile would have felt more welcoming and angelic.  Using the default red of the bustle is an easy way to make sure your character stands out here.

Eldaena Vonxandria – Another haiku I see.  A pretty shot for sure, and that it’s Ishgard is obvious but something about it seems a bit lackluster.  Not 100% agreeing on the use of the void ark set here; sure it glows and the light color nicely sets you apart from the background but it’s almost too ‘spooky’ to match (on top of just being a full set).  You managed to keep a balance between you and the spires.  I’m tempted to say that your personal lighting is too dramatic but I think if it had been more diffuse you would have lost a lot of presence in the shot.  It seems more like a pretty picture than something that really says ‘Ishgard’.  The snow is good in this shot and keeps the upper left corner from feeling empty.  I like the off center decision.

Kitori Orihara –  No dead spots!  The even distribution of the lights in the background works well here and the lack of sun minion lighting doesn’t diminish the shot.  The red brings you forward but I don’t think it’s necessary and its shape isn’t very exciting.  The purple tint to your hair looks a little bit out of place here.  Not loving the angle of your body to the camera; I think a nice back shot could have worked better actually but this is better than head on and places you into the scene (which works with your description.) The way you’ve set up your background convinces me of the validity of your description.  I see both an overall beautiful place and also several small spots that look good.  Night worked well here, I think better than day would have.  Perfect expression here, closed eyes don’t detract.

Iris Dawnshade – Alright execution of your concept but maybe not worth choosing as your submission piece.  Feels very simple.  Your outfit is fine and doesn’t take away from the shot, expression works well.  Is that an npc or extra behind you?  A smart choice to have the thrower be a Lalafell; anything else would have felt like bullying.  Red makes you the focus of the shot and doesn’t feel out of place because of the warm lights behind you.  No dead spots. Important items in the shot land on the rule of thirds grid.  Your minion lighting isn’t overbearing and works okay.


Velora Hunter:
Before I get to Velora’s keen winter fashion sense, I want to acknowledge how perfectly staged this picture is. It’s like the poster for a movie about a small time bard that moves to the big city of Ishgard and makes a difference with her smile and winning personality. AKA: It’s perfect! The bold warm colors of Velora’s stripy ensemble set her in perfect contrast to the wintry steps of The Architects behind. The smile, the hint of breath, it all works. In this imaginary movie of mine, not only must Velora win hearts and triumph over evil, but also overcome those salty, jealous statues in the background. Their attempts at throwing literal shade have been foiled by Velora’s A+ lighting game making this film uplifting and great holiday fun for the whole family.

Annouille Andouillant:
Annouille here is serving up some hot preachy realness while letting Halone serve as his guide. The dramatic lighting set against the dark, somber cathedral really makes this a striking shot. The book and robes bring this scene together nicely. With one arm up to the heavens, I am genuinely fearful of the judgement he is about to strike down upon us all. May the grace of Halone have mercy on us all and smite the less glamorous fools of this great city!

Stephen Fairbrook:
Oh Popoto
Pa rum pum pum pum
Playing with snow
Pa rum pum pum pum
Vagrant scholar?
Pa rum pum pum pum
Gold Hue colors
Pa rum pum pum pum
I have no critiques for
Pa rum pum pum pum
Just give us more of your
Pa rum pum pum pum
Rum a pum pum pum
Rum a pum pum pum

Tress Amell:
There are streets I avoid at night. Dark alleys where public urination and random robberies occur are generally something I avoid in my travel itinerary. Tress however, will not only boldly go where people like me refuse; she lends a kindly hand to the poor and downtrodden. Despite possibly setting herself up for a late night mugging, she is dressed in a rich gown of beautiful reds that helps warm up the cool tones of the shot. Girl’s got a heart of gold and the lighting to prove it. Gpose is also working its magic here lending a subtle blur to the foggy night. All in all, this shot is beautiful.

Kitori Orihara:
You better watch out.
You better not cry.
She’s standing in snow.
And closing her eyes.
Kitori’s standing flawless in town.
The scenery’s dramatic.
Her breath is all abate.
This shot is symptomatic
of our queen most captivate.

Kipih Lanbatal:
I don’t want a lot this Starlight Celebration. 
There is just one thing I need. 
I don’t care about the heathens underneath the Arc Worthy. 
Kipih makes this sweet Yuletide, Standing off and to the side.
Sweet illumination too; Kipih, all we want for Starlight is yooooou.

Eldaena Vonxandria:
Ishgard can sleep well tonight knowing it has a fashionable healer keeping watch. Eldaena cuts a fine figure standing in contrast to the dark and snowy night. The way the sun minion is placed gives off the feeling that she is standing partially under a foggy street lamp while her pose looks pensive or even sad. The random city lights break up the darkness of this picture nicely though I will admit; it still has a somber feel. But would it really be a true Ishgard shot without at least one heaping teaspoon of the glooms?

Katarh Mest:
On the 12th day of Starlight, my dear Katarh Mest gave to me:
12 gods a judging.
11 different world maps.
10 in perfect lighting.
9 books a sitting.
8 constellations
7 random dark spots.
6 weights a weighing
4 full sized globes
3 lit windows
2 adorable for words
And a star globe for great astrology.

Iris Dawnshade:
Twas the night before The Starlight Celebration and all through the plaza; Not a creature was stirring, but two little Lalas. The snowballs were thrown through the night without care. With ice cold velocity, they flew through the air. Iris looked cute in her fluffy ball cap, while the rest of all Ishgard settled in for a nap. The backdrop was bleak and somber with snow, while our sweet little Lalafel was lit all aglow. The stage was all set, the fierceness was brought, with overwhelming cuteness in one little shot.

Rivienne Cotrlaint:
Some folk like to tell stories with their screenshots. Rivienne one ups them all by not only telling a story, but reading one at the same time. I enjoy the colors and profile in this picture. Rivienne is stunning as always and her dark, scholastic robe and cool tones fit wonderfully in this environment.  The pose, the lighting, it all works. The only thing I could want for is more of the eye-candy of Saint Eladim’s Scholastic. And by eye-candy, I mean the delicious Elezen beauties that decorate the various hallways of that zone. One can never have enough scrumptious Elezen in their visual diet.