Tumblr Cycle 8

A New Working Formula

Tumblr Cycle 8 was the final Tumblr cycle with Kai as the primary host. This cycle repeated the same format and formula as Cycle 7, with six rounds. Rongi Pongi returned as a judge, joined by several previous contestants.

Tumblr Cycle 8 ran from October to November 2017.

Cycle 8 Winner: Zetsumei Tsunarashi

Cycle 8 Host: Kai

Cycle 8 Final Cast List

Samuru Lantis of Balmung
Destiney Delvanguard of Balmung
Gangly Zilla of Cactuar
Leviathan Seagreen of Balmung
Linmei Quan of Balmung
Nicol Grunenberg of Balmung
M’telihgo Feilyon of Faerie
Azalea Sol of Faerie
Amelia Amber of Malboro
Zetsumei Tsunarashi of Sargatanas

Cycle 8 Judges

Katarh Mest
Vaughn Antain
Nadede Lasalle
Rongi Pongi

Cycle 8 Round Galleries

Round 1: Minion Madness

Round 2: Kugane City Post Cards

Round 3: Double Trouble

Round 4: New Zones New Tribes

Round 5: Cosplay

Round 6: Underwater