Upcoming Cycles for 2021

All Stars: Early 2021 – Winners of prior ENTM contests return for a chance to win the ultimate crown! Closed auditions, invitation only. Hosted by Katarh Mest.

Fresh Faces 2: April-June 2021- New models who have never competed in an ENTM contest before have a chance to show off their talents! Open auditions to the wider screenshot community. Host TBD

Classic Cycle 13: Currently planned for Summer 2021 – Katarh takes a break from football season (Go Dawgs!) to host our original screenshot contest, with old and new models alike. Open invitation for auditions to the wider screenshot community.

ENTM Doubles 2: TBD 2021 – Wanted: BFFs who love to take shots together. Or find a new buddy on your server and show us your beautiful new partnership! Either way, this team challenge hosted by Kai is sure to test your cooperation and coordination. Open auditions for the screenshot community.

Scenic Cycle 3: TBD 2021 – Our unique anonymously judged screenshot that tests your photography skills on merit alone. Open entry for all virtual landscape photography enthusiasts! Host TBD

Runway Cycle 3: TBD 2021 – Fashion is the name of the game in this outfit oriented red carpet ride. Host Ni’ko lets the models strut their stuff. Open invitation for auditions to the wider screenshot community.

Ona’s Secret 2021 Cycle: ???? ENTM is all about experimentation, and Odharnait Greene has an idea she’s been cooking up for a while…..