Upcoming Cycles

Scenic Cycle: ENTM without the models?! This is a Cycle for the landscape photographers that grace our Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram pages with glorious screenshots of Eorzea at its most beautiful. The twist: Since there are no PCs allowed in a shot, all entries will be anonymous. Judging will be performed by a panel of “blind” jurists without knowing who submitted what shot. Casting starts early May 2019!

ENTM will be on hiatus during the month of July 2019 to allow our models to enjoy Shadowbringers and deck themselves out in some fresh glams.

– your friendly hosts: Rongi, Kat, and Kai

ENTM – wait, what ???: A secret cycle being cooked up by Sakuraya Kai, previous host of Tumblr Cycle. Details to be announced later. Casting begins late July 2019!

ENTM All-Stars: A special invite-only Cycle run by Rongi Pongi, All-Stars will bring back previous cycle finalists and semifinalists for one big blast from the past. Unlike our regular cycles, All-Stars will be self-judged by the models themselves, since many of them have been models or hosts for ENTM before. Beginning August 2019.

ENTM Academy: A YouTube Cycle intended for beginners, run by Judge Terrini. Casting begins Fall 2019.

ENTM Decorators Cycle: The opposite end of Scenic Cycle, Decorators will task its contestants to take a theme and build an interior housing set to match it. This special cycle will be hosted by Ludovik and Eris from ENTM Instagram Cycle 1. Casting TBD.

ENTM Classic Cycle 12: Forum/Tumblr Cycle will be a contest reborn here on WordPress. Non-elimination, no mods allowed. Casting Winter 2019.

ENTM Fashionistas: Tumblr Cycle 11 winner Ni’ko Shae is planning on making a more fashion focused cycle as a complete 180 to Decorator’s Cycle. Are you ready to work it? Casting date to be announced at a later time.