Upcoming Cycles for 2020

Fresh Faces of Eorzea: A cycle for newbies to ENTM. Only new models allowed! Coming January 2020. Hosted by Kai.

Classic Cycle 12: A return to the tried and true format pioneered on the forums. Classic Cycle 12 will allow previous models, previous winners, and new models alike to compete for the title of Eorzea’s hottest new S-Rank model. Coming in Early Spring 2020. Hosted by Kat.

Scenic Cycle 2: Don’t like selfies but love gorgeous landscapes? ENTM’s scenic cycle is the contest for you! This contest is anonymously submitted and judged, so the judges have no idea who is submitting what shot and only have your gorgeous work to base their scores on. Hosted by Kat.

Runway Cycle 2: The cycle for people who love to make and show off new looks. This cycle is pure portrait style and you are judged on your outfit first and foremost. Hosted by Ni’ko. Coming in mid 2020.

Classic Cycle 13: Fall 2020

All Stars: Previous S-rank winners and runner ups of all ENTM contests compete in a long form cycle. Hosted by the original, Rongi Pongi. On Hold.