Forum Cycle 2 Round 8

Round Theme: Company Chocobos
Round Winner: Maxwell
Eliminated: Kin

Judges Scores and Comments

Ciara – 31 + 14 = 45
-You can see the relationship between you two really well. The background and colors of the whole picture work wonders. 
-Its SO cute!! To chocobo’s purr????

Jayzan – 12 + 7 = 19
-Was your thought process “my chocobo is red…so I need to stand in front of fire?” Maybe if you had done it in a snow zone instead? 
-Dont get too close or youll get burned…

Kin – 7 + 8 = 15
-I think if a friend had taken then, centering you and your chocobo and also zooming in a bit more, this image would have worked a lot better. The best thing about it is the chocobo moving though. Had it just been standing there it would have been a 1.
-This is so boring Kin, what happened..?

Kurri – 24 + 9 = 33
-Chocobo overload, and not in a cute way, but a bad way. Its so busy. I did laugh at the costume chocobo though lol.
-Which one is your chocobo?
-The chocobo you are interacting with is a minion. Your chocobo (the green? the yellow in the back?) looks very lonely and sad. 

Maxwell – 36 + 11 = 47
-This looks like a job for Max and his Choco! 70s detective theme song plays.
-I love it. Background needs some work, but the rest is great.

Tinsley – 28 + 13 = 41
-That armor! That Kiss! Too cute!
-It’s hard to score a pic like this lower than a 3…but I am gonna give it a 2 because the background is just awful. Great relationship with the chocobo though!
-Actually interacted with the bird. Not crazy about the outfit, but the interaction is good.

Vahn – 35 + 11 = 46
-Posing Manly, and the bird just happens to be there. 
-Its so pretty against the blue skyyyy
-This is a very bros bro mans man chocobo lol. I love it. 

Yunie – 19 + 11 = 30
-I know it was a placeholder, so I wont judge it for real, but you lucked out with such a good one! The moon is pretty, the outfits and colors match. It’s a good shot.