Tumblr Cycle 5 Round 4


Judge’s Critiques


Velora- I love the colors in this shot, you come out so clear and gorgeous! You manage to keep the shot busy but still manage to keep yourself the main focus and manage to pull it off without taking away from you as the focal point, I love that! The lighting is well done, soft and subtle but adding warm colors to a dark area, the flowers were a lovely touch. My only concern is like I said last rounds, I’m not sure I would see this picture grace the front of a magazine. My only advice is to when choosing a shot ask yourself if you would see this be worthy of being in a magazine, or on a poster♥

Kitori- This is a very pretty shot! Once again the lighting and colors are contrasting very well and I love your color matching to the kings. You look beautiful and I love that you and your friend took the time to do things like dress the part with your weapon and her costume. 

Tress- Gorgeous shot, your lighting is amazing, the colors beautiful, you and Marik look amazing and who doesn’t love to see Marik! Though I wasn’t a fan of your expression in this shot the fact all three of you are looking towards the same thing and everything else in this shot made it a gorgeous shot to me. I also will add your chosen words for this shot changed my mind on my feelings of your expression. Keep in mind if you were modeling such a quote wouldn’t normally be there to explain things however so try to make your shot express the story you’re trying to tell without words. Great job Tress!

Stephen- Winner winner chicken dinner! You have really stepped your game up my friend! This shot is my winning shot this round. How can it not? I literally have nothing to say about this shot other than pure praise. I am extremely impressed with everything about it and can only ask that you continue to keep it up because at this rate I am so excited to see what you do for your next round! Amazing Stephen!

Kipih- Though you are a gorgeous model I feel that you had a hard time with this week’s choice. Don’t feel discouraged as everyone has rounds that just don’t seem to clique with them. God knows I had a few myself! I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table next week!

Eldaena- The hills certainly are alive with the sound of moogles!  This shot was wonderfully done and you should be proud! your colors, scenery, outfit are all so well done~ I do wish perhaps we had a different angle of you in this shot but im still very impressed with what you have going on here. Beautiful work! I can’t wait to see what you do next! Great job!

Katarh- I love the colors in this shot and how you chose to put yourself, the king, and the moogle guard. Your lighting is well done and soft, and it adds to really bringing out the gorgeousness that is you. As with Kitori the outfit and weapon choices do well to bring out your picture story. My only advice would be to be careful when a round comes to ask yourself if you think it’s likely other models will also do the same thing. Also I’d like to see you smile more!

Annouille- Though you make a rather dashing man in this shot I can’t say I’m really feeling this. Forgive me though part of it is that you’re the third shot of the same thing and I feel that’s not so much your fault as just bad luck.  As stated above try to ask yourself when you do your shot if you think it’s likely others will also come to the same idea because though one could do it better it can hurt your chances on votes. Also once again I don’t really feel the whole “Cover of a magazine” look that I look for when judging modeling shots.  You’ve still done a great job and i commend you on the same things I did for Kitori and Katarh with outfit, lighting and weapon choices.

Rivienne- This is cute and it makes me smile. Your choice in minion combined with the weather effects, outfit and area were wonderfully thought out. I love that you took the chance and were bold in your choice of expressions! Beautiful shot Riv. The only real advice I have is once again to stress, try to be a model, and model in a way that would be on a billboard or shot somewhere as modeling is the name of the game here and not so much a screenshot story time. Looking forward to your next round!


Velora Hunter – First off, Velora looks excellent here; your outfit and styling (hair, makeup, accessories) coordination is very well done.  My biggest complaint is that it feels like the moogles should be facing the opposite direction.  Right now it’s like you’re telling off the viewer, but if you had taken the shot with the moogle butts towards us it would have made much more sense with your description.  The centering doesn’t detract, in my opinion.  Your outfit subtly matches up with the rest of the shot; golden yellow – dandelions, reds with gradients – moogle wings, ears, noses, and stems, blacks – the background.  Your expression is alright for the concept.  Overall not a stunning shot but not bad.

Kitori Orihara – Biggest complaints:  The yellowy greenish white of your armor making you look like a sticker on an unrelated picture, and your strange position in the scene.  Your hair matches the palette of the location you chose and your decision to dress in white and use a moogle themed weapon were good.  The big empty dark spot doesn’t read badly I think because of the lines of sight fill it nicely.  If you’re trying to not draw too much attention with your infiltration why would you stand directly in front of the King as his primary guard (I’m assuming from the location that you are serving as the primary guard)?  The pose isn’t bad and the expression is fine.  Your friend kind of looks like a moogle sex slave that was just kidnapped and delivered to the King.  Not a strong execution of your concept, pretty lackluster overall.

Tress Amell – I think this would have been better without Marik.  Sorry Mar, but you really distract here with your pose, expression, and bright palette.  I think this could have been a pretty amazing shot if you had cut him out; even though you’re centered, with the moogle it feels like you’re on either side of a thirds line.  The empty space on the right would have been nicely occupied by stormy scenery which would have strengthened your description’s impact and resonance with the shot.  Your outfit is fine.  While it doesn’t really match anything in the shot, being a set it looks coordinated, obviously, and you are filling the role of adventurer so your distinct look makes sense.  One complaint for your outfit is the mismatched red of the skirt.  It’s not immediately obvious because Marik has a lot of shades of red on his own outfit that keep the eye moving.  The lighting was verging on being too bright but it doesn’t bother me.

Stephen Fairbrook – A nice concept and not terribly executed except for some very awkward scenery positioning.  Your choco’s dandelion hat looks pretty cute, but the moogle’s snot tears are mildly terrifying.  You had the right idea here putting the moogles’ backs to us and letting us still see your cute lala face.  Good pose choice.  Good outfit, mount, and hairstyle choice.   Clever use of the light to disguise the differences in the colors of the dyes (why can’t they just make that dang hat dyable?!).  The all yellow lighting on you with mostly white lighting on the moogles is a bit odd.  Would it have looked a little better if you had used the sun minion at a distance perhaps?  Lowering the camera so that the shot is ever so slightly looking up at you may have looked good, but it could have thrown off the nice position of the moogles.

Kipih Lanbatal – Quite a few amateur mistakes here sadly.  That barding adds nothing to the shot (but a ton of colors) and is mismatched with the chocobo and even itself since you’re using pieces from two sets which really don’t match.  It might have still been alright but then you included the patch of glowing mushrooms which added a couple more colors that are nowhere else in the shot, plus with their brightness they draw the viewer’s attention.  Then your pose reinforces that by pointing right at them.  This wouldn’t be a problem but nothing in your description or shot tells me that they have anything to do with your concept.  Then your pretty green outfit (I really love those greens with gold) brings in two more colors.  The spot to the right is dead and the spot to the left is confusingly busy and eye-catching.  Nothing in the shot shows me moogles or even that you’re in Moghome.  Your eyes aren’t looking where you’re pointing.  You did manage to nicely coordinate your character with her outfit; those colors really look good with her cinnamon browns.  Pointing to the left was good (keeps the viewer from sliding off the right side) but you should have been further to the right to give the eye somewhere to travel.

Eldaena Voxandria – The colors here are fantastic!  Main distraction and detractor is the plume of smoke rising from your face.  The blown out glove is a bit distracting but not too much.  Although your body is facing out of the shot your limbs and gaze direct the viewer back into it.  With so many colors going on around you, choosing the white and dark brown Allegan gear was smart.  It coordinates with your character, but because of the checkerboard pattern the eye is drawn to it, plus the poof matches all the other white poofs in the background.  The grass is pixelated but you can’t really fix that, plus having grass close to the camera increases the depth of the shot.  Pleasant expression and suitable pose.  Even with his bright colors you managed to keep the musical moogle from stealing the spotlight.  That dang smoke though.

Katarh Mest – A nice glamour for being in the Pomguard.  Wish your eyes were pointing to the camera though; right now they’re off just enough to make it look like you’ve got a crazy eye.  You fell into the same trap as Kitori with the white you chose.  Because of the lighting in there it comes across as a sickly greenish yellow, especially next to the pale violet of the King’s poof and the paladin Moogle’s deep cream.  The off center was fine here.  The positioning of the elements of the shot feel a bit sloppy and you have a lot of colors going on.  Don’t know if it was possible but it would have slightly improved if you had inched the camera a bit further to the left to even out the space between you and the King.  That may have also made the sword tip land in a bit better spot. 

Annouille Andouillant – Why are you facing away from the King?  If you’re threatening him, you should at least be turning your head towards him or something.  The skill’s orange light looks nicely like flames about to burn the throne.  The moogle ax was unnecessary; your outfit isn’t related to moogles.  Your expression looks odd and the light wasn’t flattering to the noodle-sausage’s face.  This shot would have been very improved by putting the camera over the king’s shoulder with you facing him or even a daring back shot with the camera lowered to make you stand intimidatingly tall before him.  The color of your armor matches the background.  Centered works fine for a shot trying to convey power like this is.

Rivienne Cotrlaint – A nice concept, although the wording is a big awkward.  A pleasant cool palette that looks good, even though it doesn’t help with conveying warm fuzzies.  Good expression and pose.  Very good use of that minion.  I really like that blue on that gear and I think it looks good for the shot.  The crispness of you and the sharp contrasts in the shadows of your clothing could have pushed you out of the shot too much but the little moogle down front roped you in perfectly.  Not necessary but perhaps just the tiniest bit of sun minion lighting on your face could have looked good.

I shall preface this round by noting that the only good Moogle is a cooked Moogle, and have included some ways our lovely and glamour models can improve their shots this round with some tried and true home recipes.

Rivienne Cotrlain:

Moghome Moogle Gumbo
    Start with 3 cups stock of cerulean stormy skies
    Toss in an assortment of musical moogle friends
    Blend with a finely matched dress in pastel blue
    Add a heaping cup of pure joy with an Elezen /chuckle emote

Stir all ingredients together in a pot and simmer with a soft /gpose and cook till joyous, browned perfection. 

Eldaena Vonxandria:

Twice-Baked Moogle Risotto
  Bed of wild grass.
  A rainbow swirl of dancing moogles
  Generous helping of allagan gear
  Two dollops of perfect lighting that works with the sunset.

This meal could feed the entire Pomguard with its warm hues cooked to perfection and great use of flouncy poses.

Katarh Mest:

Candied Moogle Cakes
    One heaping handful of Moogle Poms
    3 parts of perfectly coordinated Moogle attire
    One scalloped bowl of moogle dressing
    Quick spritz of roots for seasoning
    Pink tassels and glaze to finish.

These saccharin cakes might be too rich for the common palate. Mincing the moogle meat to a fine pulp might improve the general consistency. 

Tress Amell:

Baked Marikian
    Start with sautéed reduction of stormy weather
    2 scoops of contrasting red attire
    Dump in a fully pommed Moogle
    Liven with 1 full serving of Marik Destiel
    Dash of /huh

Whisk ingredients until they reach a fine contrast in color. Bake under fine lighting and garnish with a superstar extra.

Stephen Fairbrook:

Sunny-Side up Moogles
    2 full dandelion stems
    1 full rack of dark chocobo meat
    2 bloated moogle dumplings
    1 centered and tasty popoto friend
   Spoonful of gold lighting

Beat moogle dumplings into a creamy batter. Fold in Dandlion stems, chocobo and popoto friend.  Serve with a homemade glaze of golden light. Pairs nicely with a chilled glass of Moogle Tears.

Annouille Andouillant:

Pom-Pom Moogle Puffs
   One large, content moogle dumpling
   A Freshly sharped moogle axe for dicing
   A handful of mushrooms for flavor
   10 pounds of cotton candy
   Small jolt of lighting
   Pink tassels to garnish

The only things that could spice up this dish any more would be a more flattering pose for our gorgeous main course, and perhaps a quick dash of moogle slaughter.

Velora Hunter:

Upside Down Dandelion Moogle Cake
    2 moogle dumplings
    2 full stalks of dandelion
    1 irritated adventurer
    A pinch of finger waggling
    2 glowing candy poms (Optional)

Frame your pan with the dandelion stalks and pour in the rest. Twirling the camera about to capture either night skies or foliage may enhance the overall piquancy of this dish. Pair with a nice vintage of Moogles blood for an optimal flavor profile.

Kitori Orihara:

Moogles and Cream Parfait
   1 cup drowsy Moogle King
   An extra handful of Moogle extras
   One battle hardened Miqo’te ready for a moogle massacre
   One freshly sharpened moogle knife for quartering
   A garnish of pink tassels

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and then whip to a froth. Pull the camera in tighter to mute any overly moogle aftertaste and finish with a fine dusting of lovely miqo’te.

Kipih Lanbatal:

Moogle Fried Steak
    1 part chocobo breast (Light meat)
    2 parts chocobo thighs (dark meat!)
    1 teaspoon of colorful mushrooms
    An entire gallon of hopelessly lost Kipih Lanbatal.

Similar to the way chicken fried steak lacks any actual chicken, this Moogle Fried Steak lacks any actual moogles. Some may call ground up moogle beef an ‘acquired taste’. While I’d generally agree, this shot might retain some of that down home, Moghome flavor with a tiny smattering of Moogle on the side. Top it all off with a spritz of light from a sun minion and it’s read to serve.