Forum Cycle 2 Round 7

Round Theme: Waterfalls
Round Winner: Yunie
Eliminated: Kaelah and Ronberku

Judges Scores and Comments

udge #1 and #3 did not submit any comments.
Judge #2 said overall a lot of the photos are a bit blah or too active. A few found the right mix of a nice serene look, and are pleasing to look at. 

Ciara – 32 + 11 = 43
I like it. The mist from the falls, the slight touch of humor doesn’t over do it.
So much Katy Perry in this shot! Haha, I love it.

Jayzan – 12 + 9 = 21
I don’t hate it. I actually LOVE the symmetry. 
With this pose and your frame, i think the cameras in the perfect spot. Closer and wed miss the waterfall farther and youd look out of place. 

Kaelah – 12 + 7 = 19
This is a beautiful spot, but just not where you are at. Maybe if you had panned the camera around?
I would have used the two waterfalls to frame my character and the crab instead.

Kin – 24 + 12 = 30
I love the background, but think it would have looked prettier during day time?
Kin!! I know I have given you grief for always having the doe in head light look, but this time I think you would have looked better doe eyed!! Haha. I just don’t get the pose. 

Kurri – 16 + 6 = 24
I don’t get it.
I want to give you a 3 and a 1 at the same time, so I am gonna give you a two. a 3 because its so risky and out there, a 1 because I couldn’t even find your head at first, and because the outfit and bow don’t do anything for you. You just happen to be wearing them. Maybe a wooden bow with a greener outfit would have worked better?

Maxwell – 31 + 11 = 42
Its cute and simple.
I think you would have looked better on the other side, instead of in front of the waterfall, but then again, maybe not, so take a 2!

Ronberku – 11 + 5 = 16
Is this a submission to ENTM? It’s really boring.
After your snow and library shot it pains me to see such a simple shot like this! I know you have more in you.

Tinsley – 20 + 7 = 27
Background is too boring.
I love that you matched your hair with your suit! xD

Vahn – 40 + 12 = 52
Wasn’t rainy shots a few rounds ago? It looks good though.
Rockin the cowboy hat! I dont think this shot screams out “Waterfall Theme” in any way though. Stil, it’s gorgeous. 

Yunie – 32 + 13 = 45
This picture is crafted masterfully, but the waterfall is just kinda -part- of it. That’s my only complaint. Maybe if you had used a more water-y type monster instead it would have fit the theme better?
Run Forest Run! It’s adorable on all levels. Good background, good foreground, good outfit. I love it. 

This round is a double elimination. Therefore both Ronberku and Kaelah have been Eliminated…