Tumblr Cycle 6 Round 7

Round Theme: ENTM The Musical

Winner: Gangly and Team Ty



Sorry if I keep it short this week, fall hitting Germany hard this week and cold bug bit me >.<

I want to preface this that similar to cosplay some references here are clearly easier to get and some are not. However, I interpreted the brief as specifically a musical number, so your goal should have been to make sure the viewer knows you are singing or somehow performing at a single glance. I felt some of you shot past that goal a bit.

Bastien Felicieux of Balmung

Similar problem to Shayera’s, where I’d rather see you performing than posing. Though here I feel the reference game is completely off, since the Wizard was rather different from your interpretation here. ^^; The problem with the use of NPC extras is always that you have to watch how you frame your picture to have their poses & lines of sight work with you. I keep staring at the Lalafell next to your butt, staring into space…

Gangly Zilla of Cactuar

One of the few in the bunch not referencing anything specific and oddly enough to me, one of the strongest. An iconic setting, pose… anyone would know you just made a marvelous performance for the ages. I would almost wish for a slightly more even angle, less from below, so we can see more of your face, but still, it’s simple and stunning, well done.

Iris Dawnshade of Hyperion

Composition wise, lighting wise… it’s great… but… it’s a cute Lalafell eyelevel with shiny Roe crotches. As a comedy this is great. XD But I feel there were some entries that just had more flair and class that transmitted the “performing” vibe more than you did. You’re treading a fine line between joke & performance here.

Jester Ehrenfeld of Balmung

You’re getting veeeery lost in the picture. I think one seedling would have been enough, plus, similar to Nadede, I get the Homage but not sure if you are in a musical number here or just in despair over the fact that you got VA in Leveling roulette AGAIN. ._.

Mackayla Lane of Balmung

This is a shot I was hoping for with this brief. One glance and you know we’re looking at a stage, at a performance. It’s wonderfully set up, the costuming, the extras…you are still the centerpiece in a group performance I would have loved a frontal angle here to see the symmetry of the stage set and/or maybe a bit more zoom because you are getting a little bit small.

Nadede Lasalle of Hyperion

I felt this kind of missed the brief. Cheeky idea but you were supposed to be singing a number, not throwing a diva fit on the stage. 😉 Very odd location for a stage as well, there is a stagehand on the right cut off (always keep an eye open for such things when framing your shot). Also if you are fighting with an extra, the emote would make much more sense if you direct your anger at them, not at the camera.

Shayera Tano of Faerie

Good reference, though the afro might be a little bit strong. 😉 I would have liked a less static image for an impressive character like Frank N.Furter, or at least your character moving their lips – again, the brief was singing. Also the image feels a little dark overall, while the indirect lighting items are nice, they are a bit weak here.


Shayera Tano – I didn’t expect to see this, but really glad that I did! I laughed really hard when I scrolled and saw this at the bottom of the images for this week. Easily identifiable, great pose, and background. Good job!

Gangly Zilla – Encore! Encore! This is so great! It actually reminds me a bit of the opening from Parasite Eve (bit of an obscure reference.) Lighting and pose are amazing and it’s the perfect background for what you were going for here. Great work!

Mackayal Lane – Your lighting aspects are amazing here. I haven’t seen this musical before, but I looked up some references and can see the similarities. I think this was a great use of extras and I’m sure it took a lot of time to get it together this way. Bravo!

Jester Ehrenfeld – This also made me laugh! I haven’t seen this musical in such a long time, but I instantly knew you were Seymour! So funny and cute, excellent work!

Bastien Felicieux – Very creative! Probably one of my favorite images from you. I like the use of the thaumaturge’s guild for your background and your facial expression is really cool, but reminds me of David Bowie from the Labyrinth a bit more than the Wizard from Oz.

Nadede Lasalle – Another creative idea for this theme! This is pretty funny too and I like both of the expressions and poses. The only thing that I could think of that would make this better would be like a stage background with better lighting. Good work!

Iris Dawnshade – I’m not sure if this is supposed to be inspired by a specific musical, but it’s kind of funny. I can’t get over the fact that it looks like everyone is wearing diapers under their tights, but I guess that’s my problem! lol You look really happy, keep having fun!


Caimura Rathe: This is great picture and you as Jasmine is super cute. You and the pillow are my center focus with the background giving the beautiful scenery. Pretty much everything is even and

well put together. One thing I’ve noticed week after week is that you like really dark backgrounds, which is fine and I actually prefer them myself. With that being said, I felt like your face is very dark and could have benefited from the sun minion, (Could have got a friend to help with that) or I believe that there were new filters with /gpose introduced.

Katarh Mest: Visually this is a stunning picture. The outfit is well put together and the background has a nice balance with the lighting. The lighting on your character is perfect as well. I must admit I’ve never watched “My Fair Lady” and when I googled it, I got a different vibe then the picture you sent in. However, I actually watched the video for the song and instantly got what you were portraying and I must say you did very well! One minor thing I would have included was some extras to make the picture livelier since there are extras interacting with Hepburn’s character throughout the whole song.

Kimberlynn Highwind: As a few of the models recreated some of their favorite musical numbers you seemed to create your own original. I admire your picture, but for me it falls a little short with no clear identity of what story you are trying to tell with this picture. There seems to be a lot of dead space which could have been cured with some extras maybe dancing behind you or even a background story going on. This picture had a lot of potential.

Lior Xanthos: This is a more personal picture that hits home for all of us. I love your expression, the tie-in with Les Miserables. I love how your mourning two of our dear friends, and how there are only two empty chairs in the shot. While there are better visually looking pictures, I think the simplicity and homage to two favorites of XIV really makes this picture stand out from the rest. Super nice work!

Sangriah Valere: This is one of the pictures that you instantly know where it’s from just by looking at is. Outfit is on point, the singing expression with the music notes coming out adds something extra to it. Even your pianist is involved with the picture. I love the dark background and the spot light that’s on you. Nice work.


Caimura Rathe of Balmung:

♫”I can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid! Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide?” ♫ You took Broadway productions and gave me movie productions instead! I’d gladly duet with you any day Caimura! Everything is just so fluid in this shot, from your lighting and background to your expression and glamour! I love how the natural moonlight just pops so well off of you. Too bad there wasn’t a dashing Aladdin nearby, hehe. Great work this week and splendid job as always!

Katarh Mest of Lamia:

Stage is set, lights are up, and you my dear are the star! So eloquently executed and so beautifully done. I really love what you’re giving me here; a sense of stage presence, with amazing background (only Broadway dreams of having lol) and your glamour is spot on! Expression and lighting are really well, though the lighting is a tad bright, it still works and well! Overall great job, if you don’t get the Tony I’ll be shocked!

Kimberlynne Highwind of Malboro:

I really like this shot, and I definitely see what you were trying to go for. I’m not entirely sure it conveys “ENTM: The Musical” as the theme implies. I feel as if there is a lack of emotion, and the pose itself is sort of a bit awkward, but I really love the glamour and definitely hits high notes for me. The stage just feels so vastly empty, maybe some back up people or even different lighting? It just is missing something to really make you shine and sparkle like the Broadway star you are!

Lior Xanthos of Gilgamesh:

Brings a tear to my eye… ::sniffles:: Such emotion such stage presence! This is definitely such a powerful piece, and I love everything you have going on! The background and all of your props just work wonders for what is going on here. I really adore your glamours it is spot on! My one issue is maybe having a bit more lighting on yourself. You almost blend in with the background, but thankfully our skin tone and horns pop! Just really great work this week Lior! I definitely smell a nominee for the Tonys!

Sangriah Valere of Excalibur:

♫ “Come on babe, why don’t we paint the town, and all that Jazz.” ♫ Just stunning and gorgeous!! I’m in absolute love with this shot so much, has to be one of my favorites this week! Everything is just on point with your glamour, lighting, effects, background, and even your extra! It all just fits and works so beautifully! I definitely see another nominee for that Tony!