Tumblr Cycle 5 Round 2


Judge’s Critiques

Ciara’s Critiques:

Annouille Andouillant (8 points):
Even though I haven’t played Undertale yet its all I hear about from my kids and tumblr! At lest enough to know you really pulled off Undyne to the t! Your outfit matches hers so well as does your pose and facial expression. Your background was very well selected to fit the whole underground lifestyle of the game. It adds a lovely mixing and blending of colors without pulling away from your character. Excellent job!

Eldaena Vonxandria (5 points):
This shot is gorrgeous, Im really looking forward to your pictures.  the focus, and slight softens are loooveely. Your outfit is spot on, and the lighting is gorgeous. The only thing that causes it to take less points in my opinion is that since the is technically a modeling contest, I feel like you aren’t really the main focal of this picture. I would have liked to see you a little closer in this shot and more of your face. Other then that theres really nothing else I can complain of. Fantastic shot Eldaena~

Iris Dawnshade (2 points):
Awww! You Lalafells always make the cutest shots! Your outfit is perfect, almost made for this cosplay alone, and your pose is darling. Your background did a lovely job of giving that wonderland feel to me. the colors and lighting  are great. I feel like your ready to meet the cheshire cat, while searching for that pesky rabbit. Great job!

Katarh Mest (6 points):
You did a lovely job matching Yoruichi’s fierceness in this shot! Your outfit matches great,  hair, well, everything! The background is gorgeous as is your pose! You did a amazing job at popping out on this shot aswell. Once again im at a lack of really finding anything wrong with this shot or areas to improve. Great job Katarh!

Kipih Lanbatal (7 points):
This is a anime I hadn’t heard of before and ill have to take a peek at it due to it’s very slayers like look about it, for that thank you! Your coustume seems to match well to the googled versions from what I can tell, you did a fantastic job~ Your background is lovely and clear, and you caught the spellcasting of your song perfect. Try as I might, theres not really a lot I could nitpick of this picture. Fantastic job!

Kitori Orihara (10 points):
Ahahaha this shot. Its ammmmaaazzing!!! Gastons theme imediately played in my head when I looked at this picture. Your expression is  soooo perfect for this shot. The background has the same feel as the bar in the movie and is spot on! Pose is perfect, damnit people it’s realllyy hard to bring any critisism to these shots…. No one overshadows you, I love that your slightly off centered(though models dont think i dont mind centered pictures because I do like them!) Bah, I give up. I honestly cant seem to critisize this shot. Amazing job.

Rivienne Cotrlaint (2 points):
It’s been a long time since I saw this series so I had to go back to google to get a better feel for it. I think you did a wondeerful job! Your background is lovely and carby makes a lovely replacement for Kyubey. Please understand this is a very hard round to judge, eveyone did so fantasically so I only really have tiny things I can attempt to nitpick. Truthfully even thats really hard to do. I think the only thing that I could even try to is to have pulled a little closer to your character so you didnt blend so much to everything else. Please keep in mind however that this is only a very minor thing due to how busy this shot is. Very well done!

Stephen Fairbrook (4 points):
Though I never really finished this series I saw enough to know that you really hit this one spot on. Being a lalafell you chose a great shot to really pass off as Ciel and using a second person to play as the butler was a perfect way to really pull this off. Your outfit suits this whole thing very well. So much creativity has come out of this round, and amazing shots, making this whoole round borderline impossible to judge. The only thing I could really nitpick here is a different angle to your room, and even thats not enough to loose points, it just seemed a bit more bland then some of the others. I also felt the lighting could have used a little more of a darker theme to make it really shine but it’s still so well done! Great job Stephen!

Tress Amell (11 points):
Well done mother of the dragons! This whole round has me pulling out my hair trying to judge things! To me, this is my favorite shot right here. It’s lovely, your lovely, the minion is -perfect- and the background was beautiful, the fog really did it for me. Lightings spot on and you even have the prefect look to pull this cosplay off. Back to that awful trying to nitpic thing.. I cant really find much to say about these shots though I suppose if I had to say anything about this one it’s that I wish you had done it in a more desert like setting to follow where Daenerys was at the time her dragons were small. Hard to dock points for something like that though especially with such a pretty background. Amazing job! (Extra kudos on the cloth tents in the background!)

Velora Hunter (9 points):
Though Im becomeing a bit bored with this particular cosplay as it seems to be the exact same outfit and done a lot that I see, I can’t help to admit that you choosing the background you did really sold it on me. Your lighting is perfect, the mixtures of light and shadows are done so lovely. Your background is PERFECT, like the best background ive seen for this cosplay. Great job Velora!

Xelah Jakkya (1 point):
This is one of the FF series that got me in constant feels. I spent many days loving  this story and shed a few tears to boot. You caught Yuna’s vibe and feel of her sending the souls off the beach very well. The colors match up great and I can almost hear the song of prayer starting up with the drums. As mentioned above im having a really difficult time nitpicking these shots and though I wont dock marks to cosplays done in previous rounds, It would have been nice to have you set it to the sunset at the beach. I did find the background a little lacking though compared to the other shots so please keep in mind though magic effect -are- quite lovely, backgrounds can rally make and break a picture too! On a side not though this won’t cost you marks in my books but its good to take a look at past rounds because its hard to judge a shot when it was done before with a little more creativity. Please keep in mind that doesn’t cause me to mark lower though, im merly trying to give advice as a judge for the future. Lovely job aand thanks for the nostalgia!

Kai’s Critiques:

Annouille Andouillant (5 points): 
This is a great outfit, and I will admit I have no clue who this was – but looking into it you did a really good job. I love how you placed the darker colors that you’re wearing against the bright tones of the plant behind you – the weapon really pops as well against the dark. It’s well-lit and over all very nice image!

Eldaena Vonxandria (8 points):
I love this image – the way you used the dungeon, and the background are amazing. Also the outfit, you did a great job of imitation the one she wears. I feel that everything in this image ties together very well and you got some good light for being in a dungeon where you can’t use a sun minion for help! To nitpick, because the outfit is so lovely and it was done so well I wish you were just a bit closer so we could see you better. Lovely job!

Iris Dawnshade (6 points):
This is adorbs! You are the cutest Alice ever, and that Rabbit is being as pesky as always! This must have been hard, I know that rabbit only stays up for a few seconds, so bravo! I also loved the area you picked, those plants in the background (if you meant to or not) are reminiscent of mushrooms, lol – and the darker tones of the colors around you make your blond hair and light blue outfit stand out

Katarh Mest (7 points):
This is great, the outfit, hair, eyes everything is just goodness wrapped up in a warm ball. It is a great representation of the character! I admit I do not really watch this show, and didn’t know of this character but I had to look back and forth a few times because you did such a good job matching close to the outfit, only thing I can say is the background is very busy with the bridge, river, plants etc- while my eye does go to you – this might have been nice with the /gpose to soften out the background a bit.

Kipih Lanbatal (3 points):
Once again an anime I am not aware of – while looking into this I can say you seems to have done a very lovely job with the outfit over all (minus cape lol) and with the hair as well. You caught the instrument in a very nice spot where the notes and colors coming off are not overwhelming, but still give a nice effect. The only thing I can say about this is you do blend in a bit where the dark shirt and dark trees meet – but this is a minor detail of a beautiful shot.

Kitori Orihara (9 point): 
I love this shot – the outfit is pretty much spot on and the setting could be the tavern from the movie. Even the pose is very much Gaston, and I feel you did a great job with the feel here. I don’t really have much to nitpick here, maybe if you had had a few more people in the back cheering to make it look like a bustling bar where everyone is there to see Gaston in all his glory, but overall great job!

Rivienne Cotrlaint (2 points):
This is a lovely image and I feel it is very well lit. I will be the first to say I did not know this show so I had to research this a bit. While I see what you were going for and applaud you on getting as close as you can, I’m not sure if it reads 100% like her outfit. That aside, the only other thing is that Carby did vie for my attention with his sparkly cuteness – so maybe if you had been a bit closer so more of the picture was about you… with the light skin/hair and ton of the shirt it does blend slightly into the furnishings behind you. 

Stephen Fairbrook (4 points):
Bam! Knew this right off the bat and this was an excellent job of representing the character – you even have your butler to server your every whim. Brilliant! That said – while the cosplay is spot on, everything else is a bit plain, you’re defiantly the star of this – but I wish there was something a bit more interesting going on in the scene, maybe outside a fancy house that could be his etc… so while I adore you, the image over all cries out for just a little more umph!

Tress Amell (10 points):
I love almost everything about this image – while I have never seen this show, I know this character and I feel you did a lovely job with replicating it while still making it your own. The softness of the background – and the tents as if her camp is just across the water added with Midgardsormr playing over of her sweet baby dragons sets the picture up very nicely. It is a complete story. Only thing I can nitpick, and this is just me – the clipping, its making her look as if her had has been cut off and has metal pieces sticking out. Unfortunately, it’s a flaw in the game lol, but once I saw it I couldn’t un-see it. XD

Velora Hunter (11 points):
This is lovey; it fits her – the whole thing fits her. I really don’t have much to say about this because I just love it. The outfit, pose, background and temple ruins in the distance make me feel like she’s in Egypt or some far away land looking for that treasure. Great job!

Xelah Jakkya (1 points):
This is a lovely Yuna, and I like that you went for something a bit different other than classic images that people know of her. I will give you props for that, but that said – while the overall image is nice be aware of your face – with so much brightness and flashes around you, the darkness of your face gets washed out a bit. Unfortunately, us with darker and lighter skin run into this issue of making sure not be over or under lit because it can make us looks like blobs of color and hide our lovely features. Remember to make the eye come to you first and everything else second.

Xev’s Critiques

Annouille Andouillant (8 points): 
Why, here’s our hero now standing in a heroic stance as his gaze stares off into the distance. It isn’t easy being beautiful but by golly, someone has got to do it. This is a fun costume complimented by the eye patch and red hair. The vivid reds and orange in the backdrop contrast well with the dark costume. My only suggestion would have been to have our hero stand in front of the bland rock rather than blocking the fun part of the scenery.

Eldaena Vonxandria (1 points):
It was an ordinary day in the Duty Finder when the sky suddenly opened up and one of the stars fell into the Lost City of Amdapor and after it exploded, Eldaena emerged victoriously from the smoke. While that bit may or may not have happened, here she stands, tall and fierce against a rain of glimmering spores. From what we can tell, the costume looks pretty darned sweet. I do think if we could see it at another angle, it might better let us indulge in all of its glorious details.

Iris Dawnshade (7 points):
My mother warned me there was no Wonderland in the random holes in the backyard. But did Yours Truly listen? Much to the surprise of nobody here, gophers do bite. Unfortunately for you, my dear readers, I lost neither life nor limbs on that misadventure and lived to write you more illustrious reviews today. Unlike me, our adorable little potato is out living the dream. She has found the Wonderland and looks cute as a cupcake in that blue ruffled dress with the Disney styled white apron and blonde hair. This screenshot opens up the imagination to a world of wonder, giant mushrooms, singing flowers and of course, tricksy white rabbits.  It’s a simple costume but Iris brings it to life with the moody location. The rabbit minion is the final icing atop the cutesy potato cake.

Katarh Mest (3 points):
Not many can pull off orange; especially paired with purple. This shot is a fine example of why Katarh is not like the rest of us mere mortals. Not only does she work the impossible, but she looks incredibly fierce doing so.  Between the battle stance, the costume and Katarh’s natural coloring (She even has those golden eyes!), this shot makes great tribute to the character.  Because the scenery is a bit dense, this scene might have benefited from the background blur of the /gpose but it still looks great regardless.

Kipih Lanbatal (5 point):
One of the pitfalls of getting old is no longer recognizing half the anime characters that are popular at any given time. Researching this character took me not only a google image search, but also a Bing search. (I know, don’t judge.) That said, the costume looks pretty accurate and we’ve got us a bright sunny screenshot here complete with some magical music. Standing to the side with a little more contrast might have made the musical effect pop more, but it really isn’t necessary. Overall, this is a lovely shot full of life and color.

Kitori Orihara (9 points):
“No one’s slick as Gaston, No one’s quick as Gaston. No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s! For there’s no man in town half as manly. Perfect, a pure paragon!”
 I seriously cheered at my monitor for a few seconds upon seeing this shot. Love the costume, character choice and background to bring it all together. All I want is more of this. And who wouldn’t? He’s everyone’s favorite guy! The only suggestion I could think of is that if you pulled in ever so slightly, you might be able to hide the NPC chilling in the back behind your inspiring manliness.

Rivienne Cotrlaint (4 points):
This week it’s our Elezen beauty that’s bringing on the hunger pangs rather than our usual resident lalas. Looking at this picture, I can’t help but wonder what kind of cakes those are: Lemon? Pumpkin? At any rate, I sure hope Rivienne brought enough for everyone. Sitting poised across the table from the Topaz Carbuncle, Rivi’s use of yellow on opposing sides of the screen creates some nice symmetry. As far as costumes go, this is also one of my favorites: The purple thigh-highs, the pigtails and the bright canary petticoat all come together to make a beautiful cosplay. This is a darling shot and the only thing that would make this confection any tastier would be some more contrasting colors in the housing décor.

Stephen Fairbrook (2 points):
Previously on Stephen Fairbrook, we had us one sharp dressed little lala. This week, Stephen is stepping up the game by bringing us not only one, but TWO Dapper-Dan kinda mans. The only problem with this kind of upgrade is that next week, I’m going to be terribly disappointed if there are not THREE handsome man honeys to up the ante. This is what happens when you start spoiling us, Stephen. We come to expect things.  After doing an extensive google search, I can’t help but feel completely enamored by this adorable rendition of quirky eyeball dude. The background leaves us a bit to be desired in the color palette, but with two fine dressed fellers like that in the front, who really cares?

Tress Amell (10 points):
Take what’s yours with fire and blood! Tress is winning the Game of G/Pose this week by using it in combination with the foggy weather to create a wonderful misty effect. The muted backdrop still resembles a place we could believe really existed within the Seven Kingdoms while bringing the focus in on our lovely dragon queen. This shot utilizes great colors, great contrast, a fab costume while also accessorizing flawlessly with a minion. It is known Khaleesi; this shot is wonderful.

Velora Hunter (11 points):
Most people avoid the Southern Thanalan like the plague. Very few can appreciate the cacti, The Amal’jaa, random bee swarms and the roiling sands. However, it is obvious these people lack taste. Southern Thanalan is an exquisite desert jewel that doesn’t get half the respect it deserves nor nearly as much love. What other zone could crush a man in half with its weather effects alone? If the scorching sun in that region were not already enough to melt bricks, Velora Hunter just made it that much hotter. All the elements of this costume combined make the character instantly recognizable and the location just accentuates that. Great lighting, great pose, and great use of the overwhelming force of nature that is Southern Thanalan. It’s all the mystery and intrigue of exploring a forgotten city with none of the clumsy pitfalls of platforming.

Xelah Jakkya (6 points):
If this explosion of sparkly fabulousness isn’t enough to expel all things non-fab from the Final Fantasy world of Spira, than I don’t know what is. Standing center stage under a rain of glitziness, Xelah executes a perfect water dance as Summoner Yuna. The costume and pose are perfect and come together to make a shot that’s instantly recognizable while still putting a unique spin on it. As far as those pesky suggestions go, a little light on our heroine’s face would have helped just a bit.