Tumblr Cycle 6

Team Rivalries

Cycle 6 changed up formats a little bit internally. Instead of all the models being in a single group, they were split into two “teams” each led by a former ENTM Host, who acted as their mentor during the competition. Sakuraya Kai kept up as the overall host this cycle to handle the scoring portion of management.

This also marks the first cycle that went Non Elimination, allowing all models to stay throughout the entire competition.

Tumblr Cycle 6 ran from late August to October in 2016. Team Ty had the overall highest score, but Team Rongi Pongi had the winning model.

Cycle 6 Winner: Caimura Rathe of Balmung

Cycle 6 Host: Kai

Cycle 6 Final Cast List

Team Rongi Pongi

Caimura Rathe of Balmung
Katarh Mest of Lamia
Keaira Onepunch of Shiva
Kimberlynne Highwind of Malboro
Lior Xanthos of Gilgamesh
Poppy Milkweed of Cactuar
Sangriah Valere of Excalibur

Team Tyriont

Bastien Felicieux of Balmung
Gangly Zilla of Cactuar
Iris Dawnshade of Hyperion
Jester Ehrenfeld of Balmung
Mackayla Lane of Balmung
Nadede Lasalle of Hyperion
Shayera Tano of Faerie

Cycle 6 Judges

Yamimarik, Flare, Masha, Eldaena

Cycle 6 Round Galleries

Round 1: Ugly Pretty

Round 2: Wicked Ways

Round 3: Cosplay

Round 4: Dark and Stormy

Round 5: Monochromatic

Round 6: Starry Night

Round 7: ENTM The Musical

Round 8: Do It With Face