Tumblr Cycle 7 Round 6

Round 6 Theme: Cosplay

Round 6 Winner: Kusuh Valentine

Cycle 7 Winner: Doki Kadoki



Kusuh Valentione: This is a pretty spot on take of Takaya. The color filter and screen effect work nicely together and the pose and angle do work in your favor. The background looks wonderful in this picture and actually sets the mood for your whole entire set. All in all this looks like in belongs in the world of Persona. I’ve really enjoyed looking at your photos this cycle and have seen how much you have grown and you took the judge critiques and used them to your advantage.

Doki Kodoki: I remember being a teen when the first .hack// game came out and I loved every minute of it. Sadly that’s my only really knowledge of the franchise but I’ve always been drawn to the art style and overall feel of the series. Without even glancing at who you were cosplaying, your picture instantly reminded me of .hack and I was happy you brought two “MMO” worlds together. I wouldn’t have thought of this outfit and it works so well! The background and the staff give me a stronger vibe more than anything else.

Rivienne Cotrlaint: I have to admit I haven’t ever heard of this character nor the anime. But you worked it out and made the picture your own. The songbird outfit works well for the outfit your trying to capture in the picture and the dark background gives that extra eeriness. I think my favorite part of the whole picture would have to be the lanterns in the background. I’m instantly drawn to them and the background.

Noesis Phobos: So while this was not trying to be an exact replica, you make it your own and it looks totally awesome! I love the shadows and the mystery of the picture. The brightly lite background complements the red shade and the shadowy figure rushing off. This is creating a unique but also staying true to the original type of work.

Stephen Fairbrook: It’s a case of who wore it better, but I have to say you both rocked these photos. The Joker pictures were two of my favorite because while they are both of the same character, the bring their own unique looks and feels to them. I’m loving the ledge shot with all the people down on the lower floor. Makes the photo look busy with minimal effort on your part.

WoW Wie: Harley is one of my favorite DC comic characters. While at first, I didn’t like this photo that much it grew on me and you can see Harley and Joker’s dysfunctional relationship in this picture. I really like the outfit and thought you did a wonderful job.

Nadede Lasalle: Nice to see a King of Fighter fan. This is a really accurate depiction of Leona and I’m glad this hairstyle just came out so you could use it for her. The Miqo starting top looks really nice as well. Awesome fighting pose and background to tie the photo in with.


Kusuh Valentione

Despite the differences in body size, I think you pulled Takaya off quite well! The hair (even the forehead band!) and your outfit are accurate to your reference picture, and the green lighting mimics the eerie lighting while giving your shot a different twist! I’m liking the brilliant 1 effect; it adds some texture to your background and doesn’t stand out too much. The screen tilt along with the background adds to the eeriness mentioned before, and you even captured Takaya’s smug grin! The only thing I find a bit odd is your left hand; at first, I thought it was only your right hand up with your left hand by your side, but then I noticed your other hand and it looked somewhat out of place. I still think the angle and pose of your shot is fitting for the character!

Your shots had different and unique stories being told, and I really enjoyed reading them as I looked over your shots! I still can’t stop laughing at your beach shot hahaha! (It was definitely not expected but still very fitting for the theme!)

Doki Kodoki

The background in combination with the lighting is interesting! One half of the shot is brighter than the other, but it works well because the white of your staff balances the darkness out. Everything about your outfit is spot on with your reference picture, and the lighting on you helps you stand out while creating shadow on your face, giving your shot a more serious mood. Your expression in combination with the shadows on your face give you a worried but determined look, and looking towards the darker side of your shot helps to not wash you out. While I do like the screen tilt, I don’t like how it cut off your feet. Zooming out just a bit more would make some of the creeping darkness to the right more visible, which I think would add some intensity to the more serious mood of the shot!

You consistently came out with strong shots every week, and I was excited to see what your next shot would be for each week! I was entranced by your waterfall shot!

Rivienne Cotrlaint

This is a great use of the screen tilt! While it’s not too much, it gives the viewer a sense of uneasiness, and the dark lighting makes your background ominous. The lighting on you helps you stand out very nicely in contrast to the background, and the background itself practically wraps around you to draw the viewer’s attention straight to you. I am liking the combined outfit, but it doesn’t seem to stay true to the character. I feel the Songbird dress appears a bit too carefree in comparison to the more modest outfit displayed in your reference picture. However, I think the contrast of the black and white in your outfit is quite nice, separating the darker parts of your outfit while helping you pop out!

I loved the strong, yet gentle elegance you exhibited in your shots! I think your snow themed shot was the perfect balance of such!

Noesis Phobos

This shot has some nice action going on! The saturated linework gives the shot a layer of intensity in combination with the screen tilt. The red lighting outlining your back is just like your reference picture, and that is quite impressive! No doubt you’re Joker with your outfit, and I’m loving the mosaics in the Gold Saucer mimicking the windows in your reference picture. I understand that your pose is supposed to appear as if you’re running, but it looks like you had a mega sneeze and are using your elbow to catch it. Nonetheless, I feel the shot has a fun and fast-paced vibe to it with the lights and surroundings of the Gold Saucer!

I love the aesthetic of your character and how you managed to create such interesting concepts that helped your character shine through! I adored your waterfall shot; I would love to go on an adventure like that!

Stephen Fairbrook

I love how clear this shot is! The saturated linework is just barely visible around the edges of the shot to give it a nice focusing effect while not appearing cartoony. Your location in the shot gives you a nice distance between the others on the lower level, and I feel your character is incredibly cunning perched on such a high ledge. Your outfit remains true to Joker, and the hint of your smile under the mask is just great! The screen tilt gives the shot a nice energetic feel, but I think you are too far to the right. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to see the others down below if you moved over to the left, but you’re facing down to the right which makes the shot feel unbalanced. I’m just itching to see a confident smirk directed right at the camera!

The colors of your shots are one thing I won’t forget, and the simple but meaningful concepts for each theme were executed well! I am absolutely in love with your beach shot!

Wow Wie

The background you chose is perfect for Harley Quinn! The lighting gives the shot an animated quality and helps you stand out. Your outfit screams Harley Quinn with the color palette, and your friend in the back is a nice addition to the morbid theme you have going on! The lighting on the spiked rollers really catches my eye, and makes them look dangerous. I like your pose as it is playful, but your expression reads differently to me. You look too worried to be having a fun or casual conversation with your partner. I do like what the screen tilt does for the shot though; it adds to the crazy, bizarre mood of the shot!

You had such fun and playful concepts, whether alone or with friends, and each shot was something new but completely fitting for your bubbly character! I loved the confidence and playfulness of your raidin’ tombs shot!

Nadede Lasalle

Watch out, Nadede’s coming through! I’m loving the intensity of your expression, and you look like you’re not only flexing your muscles, but you’re about to beat someone up with your pose! The lighting on you is nice; I can still see some undertones of green light, but the rest of the light appears whiter which helps you stand out against your background. I think your current distance from the camera is nice, but I also would have liked to see just a bit more of your body to have a better context of the background. With that said, your proximity to the lighting creates some nice shadows, giving your body a more toned look!

Your shots were so adventurous and exciting, and I was always curious what your next one would be! Your snow themed shot was a beautiful and calming respite to your adventures!


When I was unfamiliar with a character, I gave them a Google image search so I could make sure I got the appropriate “mood” and feeling for the character. Because of in game limitations, I didn’t judge the outfits to be exact, just that the feeling of the character seemed right.

Kusuh Valentione – One of your strongest shots yet with this cosplay. I love how you managed to find pants with almost the exact belt! The character is lean and powerful and the angled back shot you chose with your highlander manages to capture that mood despite being a bit heftier. I’m trying to place where the background is… the incredible use of the filters obscures it, but I think it’s Gridanian? I love it. You’ve transformed the location into something else entirely.

Doki – The original MMO anime always brings a smile to my face. I think you did a fabulous job matching the feel of the character here, especially with the clever use of make-up and that wonderful staff. Strengthened effects and the location feel lifted straight out of the series. The usage of the camera tilt is appropriate, and the entire composition actually made me start humming the theme song in my head.

Wow Wie – Harley Quinn – with a bonus joker! I really like the background choices here. The Joker extra laughing manically in the background, her timid pose, with the extreme camera tilt and the obvious torture device, really drives home Harley’s unstable mindset. You captured the essence of Harley incredibly well, and did a pretty darn good job getting her outfit depicted within the game’s limitations.

Noesis – One of our two Jokers. I love the way you managed to get the red outline of the character shot you chose. The line work and camera tilt add the appropriate action to the shot. The outfit is a great match as well. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of that mask, but since I’m unfamiliar with this character… maybe he does the face hidden thing a lot? But it definitely adds to the mystery of this character.

Riviene – Homura is one of my absolute favorite anime characters. The embodiment of a strong, powerful female character who has grown through trials and hardships (and many redos from the save point, so to speak.) Your outfit selection is very good, and conveys her sense of elegance and pride. You’ve done well matching the background to the shot, but considering who the character is and what she represents, I wonder if a more action oriented shot might have been more appropriate, especially with a colorful and … shall we say, witchy background.

Stephen Fairbrook – One of our two Jokers. I’ve experimented with railing shots in the Gold Saucer myself, and I must save you pull it off far better than I managed to! The linework and camera tilt add the appropriate action to the shot. I really love the perfect red gloves. Even the lighting on the hair is a great match.

Nadede – Your Leona is spot on! I really like the clever usage of the Miqo top here, to make it an outfit that no other race could even pull off as well. Great choice for hair, too. I think I get what you were going for with the background, since she’s often depicted in front of swirling purple things, but I wonder if an explodey or actioney background might have suited the character better.