Forum Cycle 2 Round 3

Round Theme: Shipwrecked!
Round Winners: Jayzan and Vahn (tie)
Eliminated: Valentina

Critiques and Results

Ciara 8 + 12
A good shot but it doesn’t feel spectacular enough to be given a 3.
It’s an interesting angle, pose, and location. 
This was a nail biter in regards to the round detail. Your shot was so beautiful however it didn’t hit the scenic feature. If you were take this exact shot on the drop off after fighting the second boss, it could have worked.
I feel like you ignored the “scenic” part of the theme. But you are truly lovely. 

Jayzan 13 + 29
I love solar flares! More! MOAR!
RNG wasn’t in your favor or something? D:? It was a nice scenic shot of your character. If the sun was positioned between the ship and your character, it may have worked.
My favorite of the bunch. Perfect. 
Captures the shipwrecked look nicely. Great use of Lighting and setting to have an overall good storytelling mood. 

Kaelah 12 + 23
A nice tropical feel.
Cute, Tropical, Perfect!
Better improvement this round, the scenery and outfit worked well in this case especially how the sun hit the palm tree in the background.
You keep getting better and better! I would have positioned myself off to the side instead though. 

Kin 12 +20
You definitely have the lost waifish castaway look down.
I love the outfit you picked and location! Perfect Match!
Decent picture a little niche I could say is to wear darker attire than blending it in with the color of your hair/skin in future rounds. Good job though.
It’s not bad but it isn’t good. I would have angled the camera a little differently. 

Kurri 8 + 19
This shot doesn’t work for me. I am assuming you are trying for Pirate Ghost, but it makes it hard to actually see you.
I don’t know if I really like the ability being used. It came out looking odd. 
I wasn’t found of the perpective of this shot where it looks like you’re being possessed. 
Points for being risky, but it just didn’t turn out very well. 

Maxwell 9 + 11
The face doesn’t quite work. But god outfit choice!
It’s cute, but I want to know what is he afraid of?!
Interesting perspective of this shot when you have the mindset of walkin the plank and your refusing hehe. 
I would have liked to see what you are panicking about! Haha.

Ronberku 8 +9
You are definitely king of the pirates!
It’s fine, but I wish I could have seen more motivation in the pose. 
Better improvement this time around. First thing I got out of this was “Hello Mr Captain Jack Sparrow!” Excellent shot. Little niche of mine is if you panned the camera with more of the ship in the background.
One of your weakest shots so far. To me you are just…standing there. 

SQ 12 + 25
A nice outfit and layout. Good use of lighting. 
I don’t dislike this picture, I just feel this pose has been done SO much in this cycle..
Your attire, scenery, and pose worked well. This shot of yours especially how it blended in all together.  Love itttt! You are centered, which I usually hate, but being turned to the side and facing us makes it look good. Love the outfit as well.

Tinsley 9 +8
While the shot and composition of the picture are nice the outfit doesn’t exactly say I’m shipwrecked. I don’t quite feel it. 
I love it!!!!!!
The shot didn’t exactly appeal to me in regards to pose and attire. I’m sorry. ;-; Maybe if you wore something to cover your legs, timed a good /bombdance
I don’t know why you chose that outfit or pose. That’s my only complaint. It would have looked much better in absolutely any other piece of gear. 

Vahn 13 +29
Good feel. A nice I am exploring and trying to survive until the pirates on the island find me vibe.
This is cool. Looks like a scene from a movie!
I enjoyed the perspective of the shot with the background as well the look of your character. Interesting “anchor” of using the people in your party for this shot. 
Second favorite of the bunch. “Oh no, they’re following me!” Great camera angle. 

Valentina 5 + 9
It’s not a very scenic shot of the cave. Try angling the camera down the walkway to give it more depth. 
I enjoyed this picture in a way that in blends in with your attire. As well as the cave scenery as your background. Nice job!
I just don’t see a scenic shot here. The cave makes it very boxed in. Maybe a different angle?

Yuni 9 + 19
A good Robinson Caruso/Swiss Family Robinson feel. Fits the mood and spirit of the round very well.
It’s adorable. She looks like she is on vacation at an Island Hotel. 
Unsure about this resubmitted picture of yours. It looks like your hunching over, which didn’t appeal to me. ;-; Maybe if you were facing the ocean with a different pose, it could have worked.
I hate the pose. Background is great though!

Yunie 9 + 17
Cute sailor outfit. Good use of the emotes. 
Adorable as always, but I wish you’d interacted with the environment some how…
Cute picture, especially using the ship as your scenic backdrop and pose! Good job! 
Expected a Yunie-style scenic shot. A little disappointed in you this round. 

Valentina has been eliminated.