ENTM Forum Cycle 3

The Family is Growing

Forum Cycle 3 continued an experiment in the format of the contest, this time having separate early rounds for male and female models, then pitting them against each other head to head once the top three in each was settled.

Previous contestant Tyriont took over Forum Cycle, which allowed Rongi Pongi to focus on his new concept for YouTube Cycle 1.

Forum Cycle 3 ran from October 2014 to January 2015.

Cycle 3 Winner: Adeline Urusa

Cycle 3 Host: Tyriont

Cycle 3 Final Cast List

Men’s Cast List:

Adam Fylrmyn
Aiden Weaver
Epsil Ion
Fate Lhas
Flare Raulbel
Jinx Fireboot
L’yhan Nuhn
Marik Destiel
Rho Bhigs
Ronin Woofcub
Sera Alaric
Sienna Moonlux

Women’s Cast List:

Adeline Urusa
Eirwen Mackenzie
Ferah Isis
Iris Dawnshade
Kaiyoko Star
Lowena Fae
Miki Hoshi
Overlord Rhikkustrife
Rhaya Relenah
Sakuraya Kai
Sangriah V
Xev Bellwyn

Cycle 3 Judges

Men’s Judges

Women’s Judges

Cycle 3 Round Galleries

Round 1: Grand Companies
Round 2: Cosplay
Round 3: Building Revenent’s Toll
Round 4: Lost in the Desert
Round 5: Beastman Tribe Ambassador
Round 6: The Bismarck is understaffed! Get to work!
Round 7: Haukke Manor
Round 8: Raidin’ Tombs
Round 9: Farming the Realm
Round 10: Relaxation Time
Round 11: Stargazing
Round 12: Free Style

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