Tumblr Cycle 5 Round 8

New Beast Tribes

Judge’s Critiques

Rivienne- Gorgeous! I love this shot, you look classy and rock that Elezen charm! the colors great and I honestly I’m not sure id change a single thing <3 Great job hun!

Annouille- What a neat idea for a shot, I love it! You like Rivienne really show off that Elezen charm. This is a cute idea and done in a lovely palette. Lovely, Annouille!

Kitori- So serene… So peaceful~ You seem right at home in this well done soft shot. caught at the perfect time of the night to start a campfire and get to know your new friends. Gorgeous Kitori!

Eldaena- Haha this shot is cute and the colors are gorgeous! I love all your expression and drive to show the Gnath a good time! Super cute and I’m really impressed at how you angled this and still managed to be the spotlight of the picture!

Stephen- So much love for the Gnath today! I’m sure you all have done an amazing job at helping to strengthen the bonds between beastmen and men! Stunning as always, Stephen steals the shot and light it softly but not overdone in any way. Great job Stephen!

Rivienne Cotrlaint – Great idea to use those legs!  Do you mind if I try to incorporate it into some of my own outfits?  Not a bad shot but I think you have some framing and placement issues with the picture being split almost in half content-wise.  There’s the half with you and the right Gnath and then a separate seeming shot of the area on the left.  I think a way to fix these issues would be to pull the camera back a bit more to get the far left Gnath more obviously in the shot, and scoot Rivienne over to the left and towards the viewer.  When I look closer I can tell the right Gnath is turned away a bit so you being deeper in the picture logically makes sense, but unless you really look she appears to be too far back and so slightly awkwardly placed as though she’s blowing a kiss to someone offscreen.  Good job on the styling and lighting.  Although I kinda like the choice to stick with all grey on the outfit, with you pretty closely mimicking the Gnath it may have been better to attempts to match their various color patches (their colors are a bit more like a dusty brown but I mostly meant darker hat, redder body stuff like that.)  Clever pose use to better resemble them.

Annouille Andouillant – Cute idea and nice outfit choice.  I really think this shot would have been improved with the use of /gpose because as it is it is very very busy visually, such that the foreground details are difficult to distinguish from those in the background.  A somewhat interesting concept and an interesting execution.  Something that I like about this shot is that you succeeded in creating the illusion that you were actually interacting with the shy little buggy.  Your lighting isn’t actually bad but with the busy background it isn’t able to do its job very effectively.  Not sure how intentional it was but I like that your earring matched the somewhat radioactive green of the Gnath fume plumes.  As I mentioned in the beginning good outfit choice.  You managed to keep the slightly dieselpunk aesthetic of the Gnath without being to costumey, almost like a Gnath that turned into an elf.  Your minimal styling doesn’t detract from anything and helps to keep the nicely toned-down Gnath-ish vibe.  Good expression and whatnot; matched your description.

Kitori Orihara – Nice job copying the cute, dorky smile that the birdies make.  One of the things I’m not digging about your shot is how you aren’t really interacting at all with the Gundu; you’re just sort of… there.  Your outfit isn’t terrible and I see what you were going for but I think there are other things you might have worn to more closely match the islander aesthetic of the Vanu Vanu.  Bikini tops, hempen tops, some of the flame hunt gear, possibly the summer yukata, taffeta/coliseum gear, there were a lot of clothes that would have been a better fit for the Gundu.  Your styling is basic but that’s fine; don’t be afraid to change up your hairstyle/color and makeup to better suit a shot.  Your lighting needs some work here.  The light hitting your face dead on is making it a bit flat; try for a more indirect three quarter angle accentuate your features.  Fires in shots are definitely not always a bad thing but in this case the flames are far too bright and distracting and make me want to squint when I look at the screen.  The current lighting isn’t helping Kitori be more distinguishable from the background.  To deal with this you could try making her brighter, choosing a different location entirely that has less well-lit extras, or take the shot at a different time of day that leaves your extras less noticeable and you delicately illuminated by the sun minion.

Eldaena Vonxandria – An unexpectedly energetic shot for you but certainly not unwelcomed!  Eldaena looks as lovely as ever but with a very different, sparkling vibe.  Your outfit picks up on the organic, handmade, but slightly mechanical side of the Gnath aesthetic in a nicely subtle way.  You color choices were good.  The metallic green gives you the color variations of the gnaths’ fabric and resonates well with the energy of the realm reborn spraying action and the sparkles it created.  Going with a bright sunny day ties in nicely with the other happy, lively elements.  While your lighting doesn’t especially set you apart from the background your framing and image element arrangement does the job just as nicely.  On closer inspection it is obvious that you’re just firing wine into the side of some unsuspecting Gnath who’s in the middle of a conversation’s head but it isn’t a big deal and not a real detractor for me.  I’m very glad to see some life in Eldaena’s face this round and glad to see some variation from your usual style.  While it’s lovely and you generally use it very effectively I was starting to worry that that was all you could do so it’s very nice to see that your skill extends beyond what we’ve seen so far this cycle.

Stephen Fairbrook – A sweet concept as usual for a sweet Lala.  I’m very glad to see that you utilized the darkness of the night to massively tone down the busy texture of the landscape surrounding the Gnath.  This also meant that when you used the sun minion to light yourself up your Gnath friends got the beneficial buff of gentle light that seems to be subtly radiating out from your tiny potato body and even more subtly reinforcing the implication that you’re the star of the shot.  You picked the ever popular red to set yourself apart from the background and it worked as well as it did because the rest of your outfit compliments it and makes you come across as being an adventurer in his casual clothes because he is comfortable around the Gnath.  You still managed to settle yourself into the shot with your well-chosen green necklace.  You did a great job of looking like you are actually interacting with the buggies.  Your pose and line of sight make it quite convincing.  Your framing works well and thoroughly directs the eye towards you but because of your gaze going to the left our eyes are set on a path that continually bounces from one person to the next in a pleasing way.

Stephen Fairbrook:
*Dark clouds roll across the scene as ominous music plays.* Opponents of Stephen Fairbrook want you to believe they’ve brought their A-game this week, but anonymous sources say some of them are nothing but shady, shameful tater haters.

*The music swells to a sunshine harmony as we are bestowed the gorgeousness of Stephen’s screenshot.* Unlike his opponents,  Stephen Fairbrook is an equal opportunity potato lover that can use his low center of gravity and cutesy wiles to win the hearts of shorty beastmen everywhere. While other diplomats are only willing to work the 9-5, Stephen works around the clock to conciliate the Gnath in this nicely lit night shot. A vote for Stephen is unanimous with a vote for good taste; A good taste for taters!

Kitori Orihara:
If you’re gathered here today, it’s because like us, you care about quality costumes. Impressive, rich colors are important to you and to screenshot fans everywhere. Kitori is here this week not to placate us with empty promises of glitz and glamour, but to serve as an official ambassador of the fierce. If we vote for Kitori this week, not only will it serve as a win for Vanu fans everywhere, but it will also be a decisive strike against bland and basic coloring everywhere. So go ahead, vote Kitori and let her razzle-dazzle your world with her savagely perfect fashion ensembles.

Rivienne Cotrlaint:
This battle of the shots has come to a crossroad and the time is now to vote for high-heeled (without the heels) elegance. Rivienne has hatched the perfect plan to win the votes. First, she will stand center stage against a backdrop so bleak that she shines like a fiery beacon of gorgeousness against the bland. Second, she knows what it takes to win over even the most gnarled and twisted beastmen and that something is shameless smoochies. When will your faves ever? Lastly, she will use her lithe Elezen grace paired with high fashion shoesies to blast your eyes with a burst of fashion glamouring so strong, its amazing Loth Vast Ath is not a smoldering hole on the map.

Annouille Andouillant:
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for considering Annouille for ENTM’s top model of the week. Reaching out from higher altitudes than any of his contemporaries, he works a mount pose to serve us up some sassy diplomat realness while still gifting us a handsome screenshot. I have full confidence that if we vote for Annouille this week, not only will he refrain from cooking the Gnath in that very convenient cauldron, but he will also continue to grace us with fab costume accessories that complement touches of green in the beastmens coloring to cultivate a pleasing palate. Annouille is a visionary like that and if he earns your vote today, he can continue to color our world with stylish splendor.

Eldaena Vonxandria:
Are you tired of the same stale beastmen content day after day? Eldaena understands. That’s why she’s busting out the bottle to bring us the party in an ensemble so vivacious, even the drab, rocky outcrops of the Gnath are illuminated by her presence. Voting for Eldaena is a vote for fun. I’m sure if we cast our votes for the shimmering Au Ra, not only will all of our wildest dreams come true, but that she will continue to bewitch us with her bold fashion choices and penchant for perfectly placed panache. Vote for Eldaena today and let her share that bubbly magic with the world; Or at least me. Are any of us really above bribes of the sparkly drank?