ENTM Forum Cycle 4

Refining the process

Forum Cycle Four was the first cycle to introduce the idea of a judge’s audition (as opposed to asking former models, or just grabbing random FC members who swore they were available for a few months.) Cycle Four was also the first cycle to include non-elimination for the first round, but three models dropped out unexpectedly in the first week anyway.

Cycle 4 was the first cycle to feature all male models as the top three finalists.

Forum Cycle 4 Winner: Nozomi Kei

Forum Cycle 4 Host: Tyriont

Forum Cycle 4 Cast List

Aoeon Rakshasa
Alexion Skylark
Arrelaine Fashonti
Brun Hilda
Epsil Ion
Katarh Mest
Kaya Solimar
Nozomi Kei
Hopelle Losstoam
Stephen Fairbrook
Sunny Day
Tinsley Tr’uhart

Forum Cycle 4 Round Galleries

Round 1: Free Style
Round 2: Cosplay
Round 3: Beast Tribes
Round 4: Garleans
Round 5: Mor Dhona
Round 6: FATE

Original Casting Thread