The staff members of ENTM are comprised of the three administrators, who manage the operations of ENTM behind the scenes, and Cycle Hosts that take on the management of each independent contest within ENTM.

Questions regarding specific contests should always be directed to the Cycle Host. Feedback regarding the general operations of ENTM should be directed to an administrator on Discord, or via our anonymous suggestion page.

ENTM Administrators

  • Katarh Mest: Website Manager and Cycle Host
  • Kai Ulric: Discord Manager and Cycle Host

Other Cycle Hosts

  • Ni’ko Shae: Runway Cycle Host
  • Odharnait Greene: Scenic Cycle Host

Other ENTM Staff

  • Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn – Social Media Outreach
  • Aelyria Windunner – Social Media Outreach

Inactive Hosts and Staff

  • Tyriont: Former Tumblr Cycle Host (inactive)
  • Rongi Pongi: ENTM Founder (Inactive)
  • Misia: Instagram Cycle Host (Inactive)
  • Momoko: Instagram Assistant Cycle Host (Inactive)