Tumblr Cycle 6 Round 8

Round 8 Theme: Do It With Face (Paint)

Cycle 6 Winner: Caimura Rathe

Critiques and Cycle Notes


You have shown that big things can come from small packages, and you are the Cycle 6 Winner!

Each Judge wrote a little something for each model this week, so here are the critiques etc…


First off I’d like to say Carbuncleulations to all our models! You guys gave a spectacular performance this season on Eorzea’s Next Top Model! This has been a fantastic cycle, and I’m so happy and impressed by each and every one of you! Thank you for taking me on a journey with each of you and allowing me to see how creative and special each of you are.

Bastien Felicieux:

Right out the gate I knew this Elezen guy was going to be something special, and frank you quite were! What a handsome and gentlemanly performance. Each week you gave me something intriguing and yet very sophisticated and I enjoyed it all! For this week, I’m getting that same sophistication as always, with a bit of playfulness. I really enjoy the pose and lighting. It definitely speaks model to me, and you did an excellent job. Great work!

Caimura Rathe:

Starting out strong this cycle, winning the first challenge! I was quite impressed and I always looked forward to what this small package could deliver each week! You took me on a magical journey and one I didn’t realize I wanted to go on. Quirky, cute, and full of pizazz! Phenomenal! This week, sassy as ever and very Caimura, I literally was in a novella with this shot! Wondering… “This face… has a story!” That is always a plus, to draw in the viewer! Everything is on point, and you my dear are very much a star! Superb job this week!

Gangly Zilla:

My dearest Gangly. Watching you grow, and just flourish in this competition, I was so impressed and amazed, even stunned! I was so happy to see returning faces, and yours was one I was intrigued to see where you’d take me. I was pleasantly surprised by the journey and each week’s results! You truly have risen up as a true model and star! For the challenge this week, it’s very Gangly and very fitting. You have such an innocence to you and your face. You have the ability to be fierce, but it’s always refreshing seeing a vulnerable or soft side of a fierce competitor! Just splendid work and impressed as always!

Iris Dawnshade:

Sweet lil’ Iris! Another seasoned model come back to compete and not a dull moment! You always were able to put a smile on my face or give me a hearty chuckle this cycle. Seeing you exceed even your own expectations though was astounding! I loved how serious and somber some of your shots were, and you sold them to me! Just amazing work and I loved every single second! Well this week, very cute and very you. I love the wink and everything is rather good, a bit more zoomed in for my taste, but it still works. Always great to see your wonderful smile puts a smile on my face. Wonderful work this week!

Jester Ehrenfeld:

Such a playful and energetically playful kitty! Seeing you at first, I knew I was in for a good time, and I was not disappointed in the least bit! Every week I knew I’d have such a playful and fun piece with you and it definitely played to your own strengths. Something very charming about the fun you seem to have with your shots and that’s always something every model should remember is to have fun! So, this week’s shot is very cute. I really like the side angled profile you are giving me, very model-esque. I would have like to seen maybe a bit more emotion, just playful smile I might usually see from you would have been very fitting. Regardless just a very cute shot and very much a good shot indeed! Good work this week!

Katarh Mest:

Another ENTM alum, and one I was quite anticipating to bring something fierce! Oh boy was the fierceness brought this cycle! Such a thrilling sight every time your shots came up, always so elegant and gorgeous! Something other worldly about all of your shots during the cycle. Okies, this week was very fun and adorable! I just absolutely love your face paint and hair color. Everything just contrasts so beautifully with each other and that expression, oh yes! Definitely a face of a ENTM model, and well deserving of praise. Beautiful work as always, nice job!

Kimberlynne Highwind:

Such a cute a sweet Miqo’te! Through-out this competition it was such a breath of fresh air to see your shots! I really enjoyed your very sweet and alluring shots. I always enjoyed seeing what you were going to bring next, and it was always such a treat! So, for the week, I really love the sweet and cute look and fit you quite well. I love the purple against your light tone hair and skin, and really compliment you. Good hair choice as well, just really good job. Way to go!

Lior Xanthos:

What a unique presence and sense of adventure! I was so intrigued with you right out the gate, and was always left guessing what was coming next? I loved how you always seem to take risks, and try something new each time. Pushing one’s limits can be a testing yet rewarding thing. For the shot this week, wow! Such emotion and I love it! It really captures you and what you bring. I really enjoyed it a lot, nice job!

Mackayla Lane:

Beautiful and bold, another familiar face with such an eloquence. I expected big things from you this cycle and I was not left disappointed in the least bit! I enjoyed the beauty and grace each of your shots held and was always such a thrill to see! The attention to detail always caught my eye and I loved scoping it all out when I saw it! Well this week’s shot is beautiful and eloquent as always, and I’m very happy for that! You always hold yourself with such grace, and it truly shows here! Just another smashing success!

Nadede Lasalle:

Perky and charming! I really adored every time you were on screen, and you always seemed to enjoy yourself! I was always enamored by what was going on in your shots, and seeing all the nice little details come to life. Great work and especially from someone who is green in ENTM! So for this week, you really shined quite well! I love the lens flare, it’s quite charming. I’d love just a little bit more light on your face, but otherwise just another sweet shot! Well done as always!

Sangriah Valere:

So chic and stylish! Another one that is well versed in the ENTM ways, I always enjoyed your looks and destinations! You always seemed to dress to impress and I was very much impressed! I adore your look and your presence you brought, always just fabulous! As for this week, there is something so beautiful and art like about your shot. It’s so theatre like and very high fashion. Really impressive work this week!

Shayera Tano:

Glamourous and radiant! I could always appreciate the poise and way you held yourself throughout this competition! Always seeming to enjoy each shot and always showing me a new side of yourself and Eorzea! I really just had such a wonderful time when I saw your shots, thank you. And for this week, we have such a strong and suited shot for you! I really love the paint and your glamour. Though I do wish you had left your weapon up, detracts a little from your face, but honestly still a beautiful shot! Wonderful work yet again!


Gangly Zilla: I enjoyed seeing what you came up with week after week. I think you had some fun and imaginative shots. Your cosplay of Sakura Haruno was my favorite photo you produced.

Bastien Felicieux: You have a very handsome and unique Elezen. This worked in your favor and you brought us some very sensual shots. Your Dark and Stormy Night shot was my favorite from you.

Sangriah Valere: Not only is your Elezen very beautiful, but you gave us something versatile each and every week. For me, your Week 2: Wicked Ways made me wanting to see what you would come up with next!

Katarh Mest: Girl you are a fierce competitor and a force to be reckoned with! I enjoyed watching you turn those pictures out week after week. The Week 5 Monochromatic picture you submitted was my favorite from you. Simply stunning!

Caimura Rathe: While you are a very adorable Lala, you brought us very fun and serious pictures while staying true to the cute image you Lalafell folks have to keep up with. Your Week 6 Starry Night shot was my favorite from you.

Kimberlynne Highwind: I loved watching you grow week after week and giving us fun and energetic photos. Your Week 6 Starry Night shot was so beautiful and I’m sure filled a lot of people with emotion.

Nadede Lasalle: Another one that i enjoyed seeing week after week. Always gave us something fresh and different. I enjoyed your Week 4 Dark and Stormy Night shot the most.

Lior Xanthos: A cool looking Au Ra that seemed to have a lot of fun in this competition. You grew a lot as the weeks went by and it showed for sure. My favorite from you was the Week 5 Monochromatic. And also, one of my favorites from this whole cycle.

Iris Dawnshade: Iris you made me laugh week after week with your witty and brilliant photos. You Lala always look mischievous and we all love you for it! I enjoyed your Week 6 Starry Night shot the most and felt like it told a nice story.

Mackayla Lane: Since week one you’ve been a strong contender and I’ve enjoyed your work week after week. You held my attention and I applaud you for that. I loved your Week 5 Monochromatic shot for being simple yet mesmerizing. One of my favorites from the whole cycle.

Shayera Tano: Even though we mixed you and Sang up a lot, you held your own in this contest and delivered memorable pictures week after week. For me, your Final Shot just shows the strength you have as a model and is a fitting last picture for you!

Jester Ehrenfeld: Another one that got better week after week and never held back. Your pictures had minor details that made them stand out. Your Week 3 Cosplay of Harry Potter was my favorite shot from you.

Each and every one of you should be proud of what you accomplished in just 8 weeks. I enjoyed judging you and all of you surprising me week after week. You didn’t make it easy, not by a long shot! I look forward to seeing and hopefully working with you all again in the near future.

For the Veteran Models: Keep on shinning bright!

For the First timers of Cycle 6: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!


Iris Dawnshade

The topless shot with a cheeky wink gives this an excellent charm. I’d have chosen a different colour for your make-up however, since the light colour gets very washed out by your skin tone and the lighting.

You’ve come a long way Iris, and to me you have always been one of the consistently brilliant models with an excellent track record and I hope this cycle will be your cycle.

Gangly Zilla

That face paint always reminds me of Skyrim. With your pale skin, I would have liked to have seen slightly stronger colours though. Your lips are almost invisible, which makes the smile a slight bit awkward looking. Very charming nonetheless.

Out in the first round in my cycle, but coming back with a vengeance! I think I mentioned before that I often see a certain artless beauty in your shots. You don’t overcomplicate things and try to simply show us the brief. You are the poster child this cycle that less is often more and your consistency in that makes you one of my favourites this time around.

Caimura Rathe

Very thematic and expressive. Only slight – once again – I have for this is the lipstick. Try a bold red for the Egypt look!

When I talk to screenshot beginners I usually say “Lalafells can have a hard time with screenshots because of their size”. You and Iris are the living proof that that can be overcome. Where Gangly shows us an almost shy elegance you show us a bold confidence. You have a knack for strong colours and composition and that was obvious from round one! No matter how this cycle ends, I hope we see more from you!

Katarh Mest

This almost feels like a throwback to ugly pretty, because I came looking at this searching for beauty shots and while I must give props for the consistency of colour composition, it’s a bit too jarring to me to be truly beautiful.

However, you have definitely shown us your experience over this cycle. We have seen your skill in composition, colours and lighting. Looking back at your portfolio I guess sometimes you may have played it a bit too safe, which ultimately did not push you to the top for me. You have the potential for it though!

Mackayla Lane

Very nice shot and glam, but slightly off the brief, considering it was shoulders and up to focus more on your face. This is a medium shot, not a close up.

Similar to Katarh, your performance has been great this cycle. Your biggest challenge I think was lighting, since I do remember sometimes you were so dark you disappeared almost and sometimes you were starting to wash out. You bring great ideas to the table; I hope we see you again!

Sangriah Valere

I have to be frank, the 2 entries with the Mr. Face make-up had me ask Kai if you guys HAD to go with assigned face paint. Personally, for me this face paint belongs on a black naked Roegadyn and it will always be associated with that in my mind. That said it’s a very nice shot with the light tones in stark contrast to the blue background.

You’ve consistently shown us good work and that you have a great feel for composition. In many cases I feel your shots just need a little bit attention to detail, a touch more boldness to get that wow effect (your musical one definitely had that) and you are set to climb into the upper ranks!

Nadede Lasalle

Interesting angle that definitely sets you apart from the rest of the pack! I like the contrasting colours and the play of the light. Great shot!

Your history in my rankings is probably the most odd. You have had shots that were literally across the entire board from excellent to tanking. I think it might be because you are a risk taker alternating with a safe route. Some pictures are rather safe and very in the norm (starry night) and others are very out there, skirting the boundaries of your briefs (musical). Sometimes the risk pays of, sometimes is doesn’t and the safe route tends to put you in the middle field. For some shots seeking a second opinion on the concept and details might be good, at least if you do the shots as contest entry.

Jester Ehrenfeld

The face paint definitely integrates well with your facial markings and the colouring overall works together really well. Sad that you took the optional smile truly as optional, because the blank face does make it a bit hard to find any expression in this picture. Angles and any type of facial expression can liven up a picture a lot!

I think you were probably my favourite underdog in this cycle. I see great potential in your shots and ideas. I think some refinement and you can definitely take on this crowd full force!

Shayera Tano

Definitely out there this pic, glam and make-up wise great job. I am a little put out by the globe, since it is contesting with you for attention and the brief was to keep the focus on you without any distractions.

You have some really good shots and sadly some that were just shooting past the brief. Be careful with that in a competition. On their own they are all still great shots, you do have potential, work at the small details like framing and light! Your final shot shows that you have a sense for it, just needs refinement!

Kimberlynne Highwind

Very cute, though context wise I would have loved to see a different background with this, like the blue sky or maybe even the night sky, ready for some fireworks. While you were supposed to use as blank a background as possible, ultimately even the blankest background adds into the composition.

Looking back at your portfolio, I almost feel you’re where Gangly was back in my cycle. Someone with potential but not enough practice with screenshots yet. Keep practicing, studying past cycles and so on, and I bet we’ll see you back, taking the floor like Gangly did this cycle!

Lior Xanthos

Expression wise definitely one of the front runners this round, though similar to Katarh’s odd colour choice, I find myself troubled finding the “beauty” the brief asked us to look for. You went with a soft purple as colour scheme here and that works well with your pale skin, I think you may have wanted to take advantage of the fact that Au Ra can change their eye ring colour. Pure white may compliment your skin, but is quite jarring, almost scary to look at.

My impression of your shots is that a lot of the time you had quite complex, artistic ideas, but at least to me they tended to fall a bit short on the execution, and often I felt that may have been because of the complexity. I can only reiterate what I said about one of my favourites this cycle: sometimes, less is more.

Bastien Felicieux

Similarly, to Sangriah, I look at the face paint and a burly Roe flashes in my mind… Interestingly you also went with the curtain as background, just as she did. Though where Sangriah went minimalist I am getting a bit confused by your glamour choice. Face & neckpiece are matched colour wise and then it goes into a completely different direction from there.

Looking back at your portfolio I noticed a handful of times where I was a bit confused by your glamour and on other occasions where I felt you missed the brief. Similar to Lior and Kimberlynne I think my best advice I can give is that sometimes, less is more and look to past cycles – especially higher ranking contestants to look for what makes a great composition. Good luck!