November Challenge Voting

Thanks to our beta test of Discord Events, the monthly challenge never fell off the radar and we had seven entries this time for the theme of Sweater Weather. Please look at each of the entries below, and vote for your favorite in the Google poll below.

Voting will be open until 11/30/2021 at 11:30 PM ET.

To view each image in larger detail, click on the middle of it, and then use your browser’s back button to return to this screen.

November Challenge 2021

It’s a new month and time for a new challenge! For the month of November, let’s celebrate mother nature cranking down the temperature and show us a shot with the theme of Sweater Weather. This theme is completely open ended (no actual sweaters need be harmed in the making of your screen shot.)

Because of Endwalker, submissions for this challenge will be open for a shorter window than normal: You have until the servers go down and early access starts on or around November 18th to submit a shot! Don’t wait until the last minute for this one because that last minute is going to be in just two weeks!

As always, the prize for the challenge includes a minion from the Mogstation (or item of similar value), your shot on the banner of our front page, and the right to choose the challenge for the next month.

ENTM contests are open to the general screenshot community. You do not have to have participated in any ENTM contest before. You must, however, be a member of our Discord community to see the winner’s announcement. ENTM monthly contest screenshots must be “vanilla” – no mods, no Reshade, and no post processing allowed. You must include the FFXIV copyright notice on the shot to allow us to post on our website for voting. Please submit one (1) original screenshot for this contest, not used in any other contest before or posted on social media. Also please include the character name for voting. No other restrictions apply beyond these and the challenge theme as described above. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

Renovation Cycle 1 WINNER!

It took a lot of effort and skill every week to design, build and tear down a room to take one amazing screenshot that conveyed the theme and wowed the judges! All of the designers grew and showed us some amazing rooms this cycle! Every single designer had real talent and unique style! AND I appreciate every one of these designers joining us for a first ever housing design contest on ENTM! I think it was a huge success! Thank you judges for your wonderful feedback and to the community for voting! It actually did come down to the community votes!

The winner of the inaugural Renovation Cycle and our new S-Rank Designer, Damien Montclair! Congratulations!

Second place AND the recipient of the community choice award having received the most community votes, Arilyn Moonblade! Great job!!!!

In third place, our beautiful Hollow Attrition! Her builds were unique and so full of detail! The community votes put her just ahead of our fourth place designer!

Please stay tuned for ENTM’s next fantasic cycle! Maybe YOU can be the next S-rank model!

Renovation Cycle Round 6 Winner

You know, Harry Houdini used to use lots of trap doors in his magic act. He’s stopped now, he was just going through a stage. Ha ha. Ok Ok! It’s time to announce the winner of our last round! But first…Last week I saw a magician walk down the street. He turned into a drugstore. I swear I’m done. Congratulations Damien Montclair!!! The judges loved your witchy build and ode to Snow White. We love how you stuck that little Easter egg in there!

The winner of Renovation Cycle 1 announcement coming soon!!!!

October Challenge 2021 Winner

Happy belated Halloween, everyone! All of our entries for October were a very seasonal color, but there was a clear winner this month. Congratulations to Daiyu Elani!

The November challenge will be announced shortly, so please look forward to it!

Daiyu Elani

Renovation Cycle Round 6: Magical Mayhem

Ready to go on the Magical Mystery Tour of the rooms our designers built? For the very last round of Renovation Cycle 1 our amazing judge, Daiyu Elani (AKA Daiyu-rama), wanted to start the round with a theme fitting for the spooky nights ahead: MAGIC! Many of Daiyu’s builds are magical, with her open windows and cute dioramas, it did seem fitting she would choose such a fun theme. So, to kick off the Halloween weekend, here are the magical builds this week from our designers ranging from Wicked to magical Fairy Tales! Please view the entries below and vote for you favorite at the end of the post!

And introducing our guest judge this week, the unforgettable Malkovich!

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a two-time S-Rank model and ENTM Renovation Cycle guest judge. He’s whatever ENTM needs him to be. You’ll condemn him, set the dogs on him… because it’s what needs to happen. Because sometimes the medium plot isn’t good enough. Sometimes people deserve the mansion. Sometimes people deserve to have their hours spent making a stuffed tonberry float in mid-air rewarded. He’s the hero ENTM deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, you’ll show him screenshots, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Malkovich Malkovich.

Renovation Cycle Round 5 Winner

The votes are in and the judges and community adored the steam-punk speakeasy created by Killia! Congratulations! Though she was limited on what items and gpose filter she could use, it didn’t deter her from making a very cool looking bar.

Tune in on Saturday when we reveal the final round of gorgeous (maybe even spooky?) rooms from our talented designers!

October Challenge Voting

It is time once again to vote for the Monthly Challenge! For October, the theme was Orange is the New Black and our contestants were asked to come up a fabulous fall glamour using orange!

Please view each of the shots below and then vote for your favorite in the Google poll below. To view each image in a large size, click on the picture, and then use your browser’s back button to return to this page. (Your email address is not stored, but voting is limited to one per account to prevent ballot stuffing.)

Voting will remember open until 11:59 PM EDT on October 31st, 2021.

Renovation Cycle Round 5: “I Need a Drink”

Sometimes SE surprises us and puts really interesting items for sale from the housing merchant: the disordered wardrobe, the really cool slanted walls and even some not-so-ugly wall coverings. This week, our designers were challenged with creating a bar scene using ONLY the items acquired from the housing merchants, including the NPC’s that sell…NPC’s. AND they had to take the photo using a Sepia filter from Gpose to give an old-time effect. They were also encouraged to use extras and NPC’s to complete the immersion. This challenge proved difficult because of the limited items they could use and the limited NUMBER of items they could use! How does a designer stand out from the rest? So scroll down and see how these amazing designers accomplished the task. And be sure to vote for your favorites this week!

*Two models are missing this week, Scarleta and Desya. Scarleta will be back for the final round. Unfortunatel,y due to real life circumstances, Desya will be withdrawing. But she will be here cheering her fellow designers on!

Our guest judge this week, the wonderful, MARVELOUS Ni’ko Shae!

Host of ENTM’s Runway Cycle, winner of ENTM Classic Cycle 11, and frequent judge, Ni’ko Shae is a longtime housing enthusiast. One of Ni’ko’s biggest housing accomplishments was finally defeating the final boss: getting a couch to float over the stairwell leading to a medium house’s basement (okay, he got help doing it, but he tried for a long time!). For housing Ni’ko favours far eastern designs, plants and trees, and a healthy blend of pinks and purples (with a dash of rainbow). As a judge Ni’ko tends to favour those who think outside of the box and delivers the unexpected (though a bit of pink and purple couldn’t hurt any, now could it?). Now then, may the best decorator … win!

Renovation Cycle Round 4 Winner

Congratulations to Damien Montclair for creating a beautiful attic room with lots of layering and structure which gave her the edge this week. It was a tough challenge to create a structured room in a small space!

Stay tuned for Round 5 revealed Saturday!