Zodiac – Round 5

When most people consider Zodiac, we immediately think of the typical 12 month calendar based on the stars, however one of my models noted that we also have the Chinese Zodiac, and those a pretty awesome ideas as well! So I was asked if they could also be included…


So they were given the chance to create an image that embodies their own zodiac signs. This round is the only round that isn’t based specifically on an image, but instead on the characteristics or feelings associated with the Zodiacs. So without further delay… Your models…

Alastor – Gemini

Amalie – Aries

Damien – Rabbit

Hilda – La Capricorn

Kimiko – Taurus

Netizyn – Gemini (and Horse)

Voting closes on Wednesday and the post will go up shortly after!


And as always, Love from here.