Renovation Cycle Round 1 Winner

One designer stood out a little above the rest and showed us a cozy room with a gorgeous window giving us a peak at the natural world. The room’s soft lighting and the moonlit, untamed garden really impressed the judges. Congratulations to Damien Montclair, winner of round one!

Stay tuned Saturday for the next round to see what our designers wow us with next!

Renovation Cycle Round 1: Wonderful Windows

Windows and window treatments are the design element that can transform a room from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming. Windows are the openings to the world from the real world to fantasy worlds! This is especially true in FFXIV interiors where designers are creating amazing windows that transform rooms into fantastic spaces, making them the central element of many designs.

Our designers were tasked to create a room with the focal point being a window or windows and making them truly stand out. The only restrictions were they had to be made in an FC room or an apartment, and their imagination!

Please view all of this week’s submissions below! Please then vote for your favorite shot in the Google poll that is linked at the bottom of this post! The winner of this round will be announced Wednesday! The pictures below will also be featured on the ENTM discord server as well as the judges’ critiques!

And introducing our guest judge this week! Forthyn!

“Greetings! I’m Forthyn, judge of a cycle and S-Rank winner of Fresh Faces I and Scenic Cycle I. While I personally am not invested into housing constructs, I enjoy it and Gpose, viewing the myriad of executions players are able to produce with their skill and creativity. My primary focus is the artistic field, and I’ll namely be looking at your composition and execution in your work as front-end presentation. May the shadows always guide you.”

September Challenge Voting 2021

For the September challenge, we had three entries. Please view each of them by clicking on the shot to view a larger size. Use your browser back button to return to this page. Then scroll to the bottom, and vote for your favorite using the Google Poll!

Voting will be open until September 30, 2021, at 11:59 PM.

Renovation Cycle: Meet the Designers

Introducing the designers for ENTM’s inaugural Renovation Cycle! Each designer will be working diligently on their respective rooms to create gorgeous images for us to admire and the public to vote on (be sure to vote on your favorite). Every week on Saturday, a post will go out with the room designs for everyone to vote; the images will also be up on our discord server. The judges will be weighing in on their favorite constructs and be critiquing all the designers’ work. They will be offering them tips and pointers in how to improve each round. Please look forward to it! And without further ado…our marvelous designers!

Arilyn Moonblade
Hollow Attrition
Netizen James
Scarleta Valkyire
Desya Moons

Killia Verenelle
Damien Montclair

Renovation Cycle: Meet the Host & Judges

Ready? Set! Renovate!

ENTM is thrilled to be kicking off our newest competition: Renovation Cycle! Pitting house designers against each other in an exhilarating test of design skill and expertise to create one room, then tear it down and begin again! Only the best will be crowned our first ever S-Rank designer! But before we get to the competition, let’s take a moment to meet our host, Elessia and our all-star panel of judges!

“Hi! My name is Elessia and I am so excited to host my very first cycle! Screenshot enthusiast and Gpose addict, I’ve been active in the ENTM community for a few years now! I have competed in and judged a few cycles including All-Stars. Housing is another passion, though I still have a lot to learn! I am eager to see what these talented designers can do, and the amazing feedback they will receive from this panel of judges!”

“My name is AkhRhai and I’ve been playing FFXIV since mid Heavensward, though I didn’t start doing housing until early 2019. Since then I’ve produced 30 something complete builds and a whole bunch of concepts, both of which I usually post to my YouTube channel. I’ve also made a few housing tutorials that relate to specific designs I’ve made in the past. I’m a big fan of the glam and screenshot game and have been a lurker with ENTM for a pretty long time, so I’m super excited to be part of the judges panel for this cycle and look forward to seeing what our contestants come up with!”

“Hey! My name’s Ashen Bride, and I enjoy decorating houses. When I first bought a house, there wasn’t a lot of guides or people sharing techniques, and it felt like the housing enthusiast world was so tiny! I made HGXIV as a little bridge for communication and transparency into the crazy world of furniture design. I like how decorating lets me express myself, and I love to see people’s personalities behind their own designs.”

“My name is Daiyu, and I have been fanatically interested in housing since Stormblood hit. A good friend got a house and gave me free reign. I’m always looking to try new things, and I love making dioramas and windows! I also enjoy making sets for photos and contests, and I look forward to seeing all the creativity!”

“I’m Synt. I’m one of the hosts for HGXIV, and I’ve been housing since the end of 2019! I like to focus on realism with my housing and I’m best known for Modern designs, kitchens and guides.”

And last, but certainly not least, our housing mentor, Alaura! She will be assisting the designers with their builds through-out the competition!

“Hello! I’m Alaura Danon and this is Fluffy! We are a team so that’s why we are pictured together….or at least that’s what I tell myself because I know he will just photo bomb if he isn’t included. Anyways, I got into decorating homes on ffxiv wayyyyyy back in 2016 when housing was first released! I’d kick my fc mates outside so I could decorate in peace! I took a long break a couple months after and that lasted til near the end of 2019. A friend kept begging me to come back and decorate his homes, so I finally gave in. I one day happened to find tutorials on FFXIV housing by Shei Cloudbank and found HGXIV! They all opened a whole new world to me and I appreciate it so much! I really love housing (decorating and doing visits)! I love to see everyone’s creativity! Fluffy and I started visiting homes and posting our adventures and that brings us here today! :). Very excited for this contest and am here to help and encourage everyone who is competing!”

We are still looking for designers to fill out the roster for this special cycle! Get your resumes over to Elessia! The deadline is looming!

New Housing Cycle Call for Designers!

Announcing ENTM’s first house decorating cycle with your hostess Elessia! Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management is home to many talented screenshot enthusiasts, but now we want to extend it to the very talented house designers! These decorators who not only can create that perfect dream home in FFXIV but can photograph it to show off those gorgeous details and style. For our inaugural Renovation Cycle, we are seeking house designers and guest judges. The cycle will run for 6 weeks with a different theme each week for our contestants to create the perfect space and capture it in a screenshot. Our house decorators will be limited to either an apartment or Free Company room and are not allowed to use third party tools or shaders for their compositions, just Gpose and the standard glitching allowed by the game. Each week, contestants will build the themed room, photograph it, tear it down and start over! Basically build a set. ENTM is also looking for a guest judge once a week to bring a different flare to the contest! Judges will decide their favorite rooms based on creativity, color scheme, photography skills, over all composition, use of space, keeping with the theme, and details. Also, in typical ENTM fashion, the community will also be able to vote on their favorites! Please note, space is limited to 12 contestants so get those resumes in ASAP! The winner will be crowned ENTM’s very first S-rank designer!!!

The contest is scheduled to run from September 24th to October 29th!

Each week, a shot will be shared to the community to vote, and judges will release their critiques as well. The judges will rank each shot, and a winner will be announced for that week. At the end of the cycle, all the weekly rankings will be tallied, (including the community vote) and a winner announced!

To audition for Renovation Cycle I: Please send Elessia Sedai a portfolio (via a discord DM) with the following:

  • Character Name
  • Server and Data Center
  • Judge or participant
  • Brief description of design expertise and any other details you want to share
  • Head shot of character
  • Audition shot
Audition shot is a Gpose screenshot of a room you designed. (This is NOT limited to an FC room or apartment). Please make sure to feature your favorite details! The Square Enix copyright must be visible on your shot. No Reshade or Gshade allowed. You may use any effects or filters you want in the Gpose toolbox!

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

Scenic Cycle III Grand Finale

ENTM crowns a new S-rank today! After six weeks of anonymously judged landscape photography, many very close weeks, and several weekly wins, the grand prize winner for Scenic Cycle III with a score of 61 is Schan Starfall!

Schan has been a regular for our monthly challenges, but this was their first full Cycle win. Congratulations!

In second place with a score of 70 was Kai Ulric, and in third place with a score of 77 was Simwell Waverider. Congrats to you both as well!

And thank you to all of the photographers who joined us for our unique mini cycle, as well as our table of judges for devoting their time to vote and critique every week. I hope that the photographers, as well as everyone following along with us for the last six weeks, learned something new about landscape photography or the world of Eorzea and its hidden wonders.

ENTM will be back soon with a different kind of contest, so please look forward to it!

Scenic Cycle III Round 6 Winner

The final round of Scenic Cycle III has come and gone, and while voting as close (as usual) the winner squeaking ahead by a single point this round was Schan Starfall for Twilight Vineyard.

I’ll be tallying up all the weeks shortly to announce the final winner for this cycle!

FFXIV Screenshot
Twilight Vineyard

September Challenge

It’s only a few days late, but the theme for the September Challenge is an ENTM classic – My Little Chocobo! Take a screenshot of your character next to your chocobo in a matching or thematically similar outfit. This is your chance to show off how fashion forward you and your bird both are.

Entries for this content will be open until Wednesday, September 22nd, at 11:59 PM EDT.

To enter, send your screenshot and your character name in a DM to Admin Katarh Mest on the ENTM Discord channel!

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

ENTM contests are open to the general screenshot community. You do not have to have participated in any ENTM contest before. You must, however, be a member of our Discord community to see the winner’s announcement. ENTM monthly contest screenshots must be “vanilla” – no mods, no Reshade, and no post processing allowed. You must include the FFXIV copyright notice on the shot to allow us to post on our website for voting. Please submit one (1) original screenshot for this contest, not used in any other contest before or posted on social media. Also please include the character name for voting. No other restrictions apply beyond these and the challenge theme as described above. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

Scenic Cycle III Round 6

We have finally reached the final round of our unique, anonymously judged Scenic photography cycle.

For this last round, I asked the photographers to take some inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and take a shot of Eorzea using Pencil #3 as the filter to give the setting an air of heavy impasto. Van Gogh was a master landscape painter, capturing field and farm alike with a critical eye, sometimes in colors bright and bold, others subdued and muted.

Here are the five shots from our photographers this final week! Click on an image to view in a larger size, and then use your browser back button to return to this page. If you have any feedback for our photographers, feel free to leave it in the public critiques channel.