April Challenge

It’s April Fool’s Day for another couple of hours, but the theme for April is no joke! Or is it? Elessia has asked us for:

April Flowers! No Showers!

That seems pretty straight forward – so go out and take your best shot of a lovely April flower patch in Eorzea in any other weather but rainy or stormy!

Entries will be accepted for this challenge until April 17th at 11:59 PM EDT.

To enter, send your image in a direct message to admin Katarh Mest on our Discord channel! >>>>Click here to join the Discord channel.<<<< Voting will commence sometime on or around April 18th. The winner gets a minion from the Mogstation, and also gets to pick the next month’s theme!

ENTM monthly challenges are open to the general FFXIV screenshot community. You do not need to have participated in any other ENTM contests to play. The usage of Reshade, in game mods, or post processing edits are not allowed. Please include the FFXIV copyright notice as required by Square Enix to allow us to host your screenshots on our website. ENTM monthly challenges are judged solely by the community, so be sure to share the link with your friends when voting starts!

March Monthly Challenge Voting!

While I let our cast wait just a little bit more for the Classic Cycle 12 announcement, it’s time for this month’s voting for the challenge as well. The theme for March was:

Green, Gold, and Rainbows

We had four models rise to the challenge this month. Please review each shot below, and then vote for your favorite in the Google poll! Voting will be open until Friday, March 27th.

March Monthly Challenge

Spring is right around the corner, and March’s color is green since everything tends to turn verdant all at once at some point. So for this month’s challenge, Elessia is asking for a celebration of the season with the theme:

Green, Gold, and Rainbows

So go forth and wear your spring best to welcome the end of winter and the beginning of the warmer seasons. Or find us a perfect landscape that encapsulates this theme in a unique way. You have until Friday, March 20th to submit a shot for this contest! Voting will end on March 27th. The winner gets a minion from the mog station, and will also get to choose the next month’s theme.

ENTM Monthly Challenges are open to members of the wider screenshot community, even if you’ve never participated in any ENTM contest before. However, you must have a Discord account and join the ENTM Discord, or otherwise be able to send your image in a direct message to Admin Katarh Mest. The usage of image mods, post processing edits, and Reshade are not allowed for ENTM contests, but you can use whatever in-game tools you want. Shots may contain player characters, non player characters, or focus entirely on the landscape if you choose to omit people. Landscape or portrait orientation accepted. Please have the FFXIV copyright notice someplace on your shot.

>>>>>Click here to join the ENTM Discord channel <<<<< if you have not already joined us!

February Monthly Challenge Winner

For February, Kai asked our models to go out and give us their very best Warrior of Darkness. With ten models rising to the challenge and almost 40 community votes, the winner by a big margin was Elessia! Your warrior red mage showed off that casting top to demonic perfection.

Stay tuned for our March challenge, coming up soon! Also stay tuned for the announcement for auditions for Classic Cycle 12!

February Challenge Voting

Hi everyone! Kai asked the community to show us their Warrior of Darkness, and we had ten models step up for the challenge this week.

So check through the album below (click or hold to make bigger) and then vote for your favorite in the Google poll!

ENTM February Challenge

For February, Kai has provided us the following theme:

On The First everyone calls us the Warrior of Darkness, so show me how dark you can really get! This is a fashion shoot, baby! Show me your best Warrior of Darkness glam and strike a fabulous pose!

So that’s it everyone – go out and take a screenshot of your Warrior of Darkness!

ENTM challenges are open to the general community and do not require an audition. Entries must be taken using the in-game engine and Gpose, but cannot use Reshade, mods, or any post processing. Must display the FFXIV copyright information someplace on the screen. Voting is done via our Community Ranked Choice system and the shots are not independently judged.

Prize: Any minion from the mogstation or item of similar value
Entry Period: February 6th through February 21st at 11:59 PM EST
Voting Period: February 22-28

To enter, please join our Discord channel >>>>here<<<< and send your entry to Admin Katarh Mest via direct message. Please include your character name if it is different from your Discord name, as that is how voting is conducted. Your entry is considered accepted once you have received a confirmation.

January Challenge Winner

Hi folks! The votes are in, and unlike Iowa, we had a clear winner the moment they closed. Congrats to ENTM’s Fresh Faces hostess Kai Ulric for winning the New Beginnings theme to kick off the new year.

Stay tuned for the announcement for the February challenge, coming soon!


January 2020 Monthly Challenge Voting

Hey folks! Sorry for the delays for voting, but I finally have all my stuff together and we have five verified entries this month!

The theme was New Beginnings and that’s as open ended as it gets in ENTM, so we have some wonderful interpretations on this theme to show off what that phrase means to each person.

Please view the images in the gallery below, and then vote for your favorite in the Google poll! Voting will be open until Tuesday at 10:00 PM EST.

January Monthly Challenge

It’s a new year, and time for a new challenge! And what better theme to kick off 2020 with than with a theme celebrating a fresh start to the season?

Daiyo has selected the first theme of this year as:

New Beginnings

With such an open ended theme, anything is possible, so go out into Eorzea and give us something new to see!

As always, the winner will receive a minion or another item of similar value from the Mogstation of their choice, and can select the next month’s theme.

ENTM’s monthly challenges are open to the wider community, even if you have never participated in an ENTM contest before. Screenshots must be taking using only ingame tools, such as Gpose, without any mods or post-process editing like Photoshop. Screenshots can include player characters or be “scenic” without any characters or NPCs if desired. Screenshots can be any orientation.

To enter, join our Discord channel by >>>> clicking here <<<< and send a DM to Admin Katarh that includes your character name and the shot that you want to submit.

Entries must be received before 11:59 PM EST on January 25th, 2020.

2019 Monthly Challenge Winner(s)!

I just sat and counted up the 12 monthly challenge winners and… ya’lll. Y’all. This list.

Out of the 12 monthly challenges last year, the following models all won exactly twice.

Ni’ko Shae
Ninifipsi Fini
Yomu Kazul
Schan Starfall
Ona Greene

ENTM is truly a community effort and we’re so lucky to have everyone be part of the ENTM community. Every one of you gets to wear the crown of 2019 Monthly Challenge winner into 2020! (Psssst this means you can be badgered into becoming a judge, too!)