October Challenge

Hi folks! The theme for the October challenge is going to be:

Monster Mash

Put on your favorite monster themed costume and go forth and haunt the towns! Or just have a really good dance party.

Submissions for the month of October will be open until Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019. The prize is your choice of a minion from the Mogstation, and also the rights to choose the November 2019 theme.

To enter, please join the ENTM Discord if you haven’t already, and send your entry along with your character name to admin Katarh Mest. Gpose is allowed and encouraged. Reshade, mods, and third party post processing are not allowed for ENTM monthly contests.

Click >>>> HERE <<<<< to join the ENTM Discord!

September Challenge Winner

Hi folks! For the month of September, we asked you to go out and show us your best Neon interpretation. We had four models rise to the day glow challenge, but the winner this month was Yomu Kazul!

Congratulations, and stay tuned for the October challenge!

September Challenge Voting

Quite a bit late and it’s 100% my fault – but these fabulous entries were worth it! The challenge theme for the month of September was Neon without any further qualifications. Four models went as shocking as they could this round. Enjoy these splashes of color and then vote for your favorite in the Google poll!

The poll will remain open until 10PM October 4th, 2019. The winner will be announced on October 5th!

(Voting has closed and the poll was removed.)

September 2019 Challenge

Hi folks, sorry for the delay! Entirely my fault as Ni’ko picked this theme out a week ago.

For the next two weeks, I want you to send me your best interpretation of the theme:


That’s it! The sky is the limit. You are allowed to use a character, or go full landscape. All gpose tools are allowed and encouraged. Go forth and give us a burst of beautiful color for September! (No mods, no Reshade, and no post processing edits please.)

Entries will be accepted until September 20th, 2019. Voting will be open until September 27th, and the winner will be announced sometime on September 28th.

To enter, >>join our Discord channel<< and/or send a direct message to Katarh Mest with the full resolution image, and your character name.

Good luck!

August Challenge 2019 Winner

Hi everyone! For the month of August, we asked you to show us how you were beating the heat during the Dog Days of Summer. Three models took to the beach (one even had a faithful canine in tow) but overwhelming you all selected S-rank model and current judge Ni’ko Shae as the coolest cat of the month.

Congrats Ni’ko! Stay tuned for the announcement regarding the September challenge in the next few days!

August Monthly Challenge Voting

Hi folks! For the monthly challenge of August, we asked you to go out and beat the heat with Dog Days of Summer. After an overnight extension, we had three last minute entries for the month.

Please vote for one of the following!

Ni’ko Shae
Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn
Schan Starfall

(Voting for this closed on 8/30 and the poll has been removed.)

ENTM August Challenge

Hi folks! Ona has chosen the theme for August:

Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot and we are all sweating and melting as the final full month of summer drags on. For the August challenge, show us how you are beating the heat! ‘Dog Days’ refers to the relative brightness of the star Sirius during the late summer. This challenge is free style, and open to interpretation.

Stay hydrated and go take us some sweet end of summer shots!

Entries for the August Challenge will be accepted until Friday, August 23rd.

ENTM monthly challenges are open to the public! If you want to enter, please join our Discord channel and send a direct message to Admin Katarh Mest. Include your character name and your server along with your shot.

>> Click here to join our Discord Channel <<

All images will be posted for voting on August 24th, and voting will be open until August 30th. The winner will receive a minion from the Mogstation (or any other item of similar value) as well as earn the right to choose the September theme.

ENTM July Monthly Challenge Winner

The July theme was “Postcards from the First.” The rules were – none! Free style, characters or no characters, taken anywhere from a 5.0 area.

Voting has closed and the community selected Odharnait “Ona” Greene’s submission as the winner for the month. This is definitely the perfect postcard to send to someone back in the Source after you’ve frolicked with the fairies in Il Mheg (and barely escaped their immortal clutches.) Congratulations!

The August challenge will be announced in the next few days, so stay tuned!

ENTM July Challenge – Voting!

Hi folks! The theme for the month of July was “Postcards from the First.” We asked our models and photographers to send us some of their favorite shots from Norvrandt, and this month we had a right eight entries for the contest.

Please take a look at the gallery below, and then vote for your favorite shot in the Google poll that is linked at the bottom of this post!

Voting will be open until 10:00 PM EST on Friday, July 26th. The winner will be announced some time on July 27th.

ENTM July Challenge

Hi everyone! The winners of the June challenge, Yomu and Freja, teamed up to think of our July theme. In celebration of the new expansion, for July we want you to go out and take your very best:

Postcards from The First

With ENTM now running our scenic cycle, you have the option to do this as an character selfie or to do a purely scenic shot without a player character as the focus. Frames or filters are optional and up to you, provided you adhere to the theme as much as you can.

Entries for this are going to be open from July 3rd 2019 to July 19th 2019. To enter, please send your screenshot to Katarh Mest via a direct message on the ENTM Discord. Voting will be open for one week until July 26th.

“Wait, Kat, why July 3rd? Why can’t I send it now?”

Because I haven’t gotten through the MSQ yet that’s why! I promise to slog through by July 3rd.

ENTM Monthly Challenges are open to the whole glamour and screenshot community. Reshade/Gshade, post processing edits, and mods are not permitted for this challenge. Gpose and other in game tools are allowed and actively encouraged.

Please join our Discord channel if you have not already! https://discord.gg/n4fe7VF