ENTM August Challenge

Hi folks! Ona has chosen the theme for August:

Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot and we are all sweating and melting as the final full month of summer drags on. For the August challenge, show us how you are beating the heat! ‘Dog Days’ refers to the relative brightness of the star Sirius during the late summer. This challenge is free style, and open to interpretation.

Stay hydrated and go take us some sweet end of summer shots!

Entries for the August Challenge will be accepted until Friday, August 23rd.

ENTM monthly challenges are open to the public! If you want to enter, please join our Discord channel and send a direct message to Admin Katarh Mest. Include your character name and your server along with your shot.

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All images will be posted for voting on August 24th, and voting will be open until August 30th. The winner will receive a minion from the Mogstation (or any other item of similar value) as well as earn the right to choose the September theme.

ENTM July Monthly Challenge Winner

The July theme was “Postcards from the First.” The rules were – none! Free style, characters or no characters, taken anywhere from a 5.0 area.

Voting has closed and the community selected Odharnait “Ona” Greene’s submission as the winner for the month. This is definitely the perfect postcard to send to someone back in the Source after you’ve frolicked with the fairies in Il Mheg (and barely escaped their immortal clutches.) Congratulations!

The August challenge will be announced in the next few days, so stay tuned!

ENTM July Challenge – Voting!

Hi folks! The theme for the month of July was “Postcards from the First.” We asked our models and photographers to send us some of their favorite shots from Norvrandt, and this month we had a right eight entries for the contest.

Please take a look at the gallery below, and then vote for your favorite shot in the Google poll that is linked at the bottom of this post!

Voting will be open until 10:00 PM EST on Friday, July 26th. The winner will be announced some time on July 27th.

ENTM July Challenge

Hi everyone! The winners of the June challenge, Yomu and Freja, teamed up to think of our July theme. In celebration of the new expansion, for July we want you to go out and take your very best:

Postcards from The First

With ENTM now running our scenic cycle, you have the option to do this as an character selfie or to do a purely scenic shot without a player character as the focus. Frames or filters are optional and up to you, provided you adhere to the theme as much as you can.

Entries for this are going to be open from July 3rd 2019 to July 19th 2019. To enter, please send your screenshot to Katarh Mest via a direct message on the ENTM Discord. Voting will be open for one week until July 26th.

“Wait, Kat, why July 3rd? Why can’t I send it now?”

Because I haven’t gotten through the MSQ yet that’s why! I promise to slog through by July 3rd.

ENTM Monthly Challenges are open to the whole glamour and screenshot community. Reshade/Gshade, post processing edits, and mods are not permitted for this challenge. Gpose and other in game tools are allowed and actively encouraged.

Please join our Discord channel if you have not already! https://discord.gg/n4fe7VF

June Challenge Results

Welcome to Shadowbringers everyone! We have our first challenge results of the new expansion today. And of course, we get to start things off with a nice fat tie and two winners for June. The theme was Underwater (right in time to match the same theme from IG2) and we had four models rise to the challenge. Two shots had the same number of votes to win.

Congrats to both Yomu and Freja this month! Each of you will get your Mogstation prize, but I’m gonna have to ask you to team up together to think up a July challenge.


ENTM June Challenge Voting

Hi folks! The theme for June’s ENTM challenge was coincidentally the same as one of the IG2 Cycle Rounds – Underwater! After the extension this weekend, we had four models rise to the challenge of taking a shot while swimming in the deep.

Please vote for your favorite! Voting will be open until 10:00 PM EDT Thursday, June 27th 2019. The winner will be announced as soon as possible afterward since the expansion is launching the next day :O

ENTM June Challenge

Hi folks! The theme for the June Challenge has been decided!

Please take a screenshot Underwater. As always, how you interpret this theme is completely up to you. After the community votes, the winner will receive a minion or another item of equal value from the Mogstation – and they also get to choose the next month’s theme.

Entries will be open until June 21st, 2018. Voting will then be open until June 27th, and the winner will be announced on June 28th – just in time for Shadowbringers.

Entries for ENTM Monthly challenges are open to the public. You do not have to have ever entered any ENTM contest before. To enter, please join our Discord and DM your entry to Katarh Mest (found under admins.) Or send your entry in an email to eorzeasntm at gmail dot com. Please be sure to include your server and your character name.

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ENTM May Challenge Winner

Hi folks! For the May Challenge we had three models submit shots inspired by the dialog of Gilgamesh. With almost half the votes, the winner this month was again:

Schan Starfall

Schan Starfall: “Slippery little devil, aren’t you?”

Congratulations! Please stay tuned for our June challenge, which will be announced in a few days.

ENTM May Challenge Voting

Hi folks! The challenge for the month of May was to take a screenshot inspired by the dialogue of Gilgamesh! This was a tough challenge, but three models rose to the challenge this month and have submitted a shot.

Please take a look at each of these in the gallery below. Then scroll down below for the Google poll, and vote for your favorite! Remember that monthly challenges are entirely based on community votes, so we’re counting on you to participate and help pick a winner.

Voted for this contest has closed as of 6/1/2019.

– Moderator Katarh

May 2019 Monthly Challenge

Hi folks! Welcome to ENTM’s shiny new website, and welcome to our first official Monthly Challenge outside of Tumblr!

The rules for monthly challenges aren’t changing, just where we post the announcements. You do not need to have any social media account to participate in our monthly challenges. You also do not need to have ever competed in an ENTM cycle! Monthly challenges are the only ENTM contest that has a tangible prize so we throw this wide open to the whole FFXIV screen shot community. New people are always welcome.

May Monthly Challenge: Gilgamesh

Schan Starfall, the April challenge winner, loves the character of Gilgamesh – and she especially loves his quotes! For the May challenge, take a shot inspired by any part of Greg’s zany in-game dialogue. (Gamer Escape has the full script of many of the Hildibrand quests, if you need some refreshers.)

Will you perform a summoning after a requisite beating, or will you fight like men – or ladies – or ladies dressed like men?!

Entries will be accepted until May 23 2019.

The Rules

  1. Each month, we will post a new theme, which is chosen by the winner of the challenge during the previous month.
  2. You have approximately 3 weeks to come up with a shot that expresses this theme. Any style of shot is accepted, however no Reshade or Mods are permitted for the monthly contest, to keep things fair to our PS4 players. All in-game tools are allowed.
  3. To enter, submit your shot via direct message to Katarh Mest on our Discord channel or send an email to Katarh at eorzeasntm@gmail.com.
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  4. After the entry period is over, all shots will be displayed in a gallery here on the ENTM website, with a link to a Google Poll for anonymous voting. Monthly votes are decided entirely by the community vote. We strongly encourage you to share these on your favorite social media websites to get more votes!
  5. The winner will be announced after one week of voting.
  6. The winner gets to choose the theme for the next month, as well as select a minion or an item of similar value from the Mog Station as their prize.