Runway 2 Week 4: Results

Our winner for Week 4: Steampunk Realness is simply a-Mez-ing. Congratulations…

Meztli Kagon!

Our victor Victorian really spun our gears this week. She showed up fully ready to werk, ready to make sure that squeaky wheel gets the grease it so well deserves. Our judges were riveted by how you took your whole look into consideration from matching your hair with your pants, and matching the gold trim with a splash of creative lighting on your top. Well done.

Now then, Meztli may have engineered herself back to the top this week, but the journey to the center of Eorzea is only half over. Now is not the time to feel gob-smacked. This week was a bio-shockingly close race, and the best is full steam ahead.

Stay tuned next week as we begin the Zero to Hero Ball. Let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 4: Steampunk Realness

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, welcome once again to another fabulous week of ENTM’s Runway Cycle! This week we challenged our models to let off some steam, and take us back to the OG TikTok. Welcome to the intersection of science, fashion and fantasy. Whether you’re journeying to the center of the earth, or travelling 20,000 leagues under the sea, one thing always holds true: you gotta look good. From sky pirates above to Rapture below join us on a grand adventure, won’t you?

So, who loco-motivated you the most? Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

September Challenge Voting!

The theme for the September Challenge was Marvel Comics Universe. We had three entries this month celebrating the comic book characters which have brought us so much joy over the years.

Please view each entry by clicking on it to see it full size, then fill out the Google poll at the bottom to vote for your favorite! The winner will be announced September 30th.

If you are unable to vote on the Google Form above, you can find it by voting directly on the Google website. Note that you must be signed in with a Google account to vote, to prevent ballot box stuffing. >>>Click here to open the poll<<<<

Runway 2 Week 3: Results

Our winner for Week 3: Off to See the Wizard was really follow, follow, follow, follow, following the yellow brick road. Congratulations…

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn!

Our ravishing Roegadyn really clicked her heels three times, and found herself anywhere but Kansas with this look. Our judges really enjoyed your choice of different green tones, and how you made them really mesh together well with this presentation. A splendid example that somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, you’ve brought us to a land that we’ve heard of once in a lullaby. Well done.

Now then, Rymm may have stolen the show brick by brick, but you can take off your emerald glasses now and see that this is no time to surrender, Dorothy. Whether you’re a good witch, a bad witch, or not a witch at all there is plenty of time to let your true self soar like the hot air balloons that you are! Okay, perhaps not the best analogy. Anywho, until next week’s great and powerful awes!

Now then. Let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 3: Off to See the Wizard

ENTM’s Runway Cycle is in full swing, and this week our models have gone somewhere over the rainbow. Our models were challenged to follow the yellow brick road and dress as a citizen of the fabled Emerald City. They’ve donned their gaudiest of greens, but don’t worry, they have not forgotten those ruby slippers.

Which of our models had enough heart, courage, and brains to pull off this week’s challenge? Now is no time to traipse about in a field of poppies! Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

Now then. May the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 2: Results

Rejoice! For our winner of Week 2: Eikon’t Believe It is wild, and pure, and forever free…

Yomu Kazul!

Rising to the occasion our reveler unleashed the spirit of Susano upon us, a memorable dance indeed! Our judges loved how you popped against this background, and really embraced the look and feel of this primal. You really showed how just the right pose can really sell the outfit, and help embody the subject you’re emulating in these types of challenges. Well done.

Now then, my little aether shards. The seas may have parted for Yomu, and Yomu alone this time, but oh how our hearts sing in the chaos. Resilience shows, and for that I salute you. Next week may just harken you to the tumultuous heavens!

Now then. Let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 2: Eikon’t Believe It

Welcome back to another eikon-ic week of ENTM’s Runway Cycle. From the aether our models rise this week, a desperate prayer made manifest. Each model was to choose a primal to become inspired by, and summon forth an outfit worthy of a hoard of crystals. Feel the fury, and be tempered by this week’s submissions.

Which of our models embodies your glitzy, glammy prayers? Let us know! Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 1: Results

Our winner of Week 1: Comfortable, and Easy to Wear is in big trouble, and I’m tellin’ on her! Congratulations…

Meztli Kagon!

The epitome of comfort our capri sun kicked back, relaxed, and let her fashion do the talking. Our judges were living with her attention to detail here and there, from the flower in the hair to the earrings and even opting for bright lighting to really draw out the best of this outfit. Well done.

Keep up the terrific work my trainers. Meztli may have turned this round into a Naadam, but she won’t be Khagan forever. This week showed us the direct impact of community voting, so get some good participation going! Gotta catch all the votes! Next week is anyone’s win!

Now then. Let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 1: Comfortable, and Easy to Wear

Hello, and welcome ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, to another fun-filled run of ENTM’s Runway Cycle. Each week our models will be given specific cues, and will create an outfit befitting the hautest of the haute. This week we challenged our models let us Pikachu a little bit, and show us they can be the very best, like no one ever was. Wearing an outfit focusing on a yellow top and a pair of blue shorts which of our models can be crowned this week’s regional champ? Whether you’re a youngster, a bug catcher, or just blasting off again you gotta admit they’re comfortable, and easy to wear.

Which of our models tossed a Pokeball into your hearts? Let us know! Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

ENTM Dazzles the Official Square Enix Contest: “Everything’s on the Line!”

Congratulations to all of our participants in Square Enix’s official American/Canadian contest for, “Everything’s on the Line!” Ever up for a challenge our folks submitted shots going solely on the cue to use the ‘Saturated Linework’ option in /gpose.

Several folks submitted entries, and we’d like to take a moment to enjoy the shots participants have allowed us to post here. You’re all wonderful, and keep on participating for future contests!

First up, one of the top ten entries in the contest, Ni’ko Shae’s “Scaredy Sprout.”

Next we have a top 100 entry, Yomu Kazul’s “Run!”

And next another top 100 entry, Yume Aawkot’s “A Mischievious Meal.”

Next we have our honorable mentions. Though you didn’t place you certainly placed in our hearts! First, Aelyria Windrunner’s “Me and My Mameshiba.”

And finally, Forthyn S’yel’s “An Afternoon Snack.”

You can view all entries at Final Fantasy XIV’s official Facebook Page!

And, a special shoutout to Schan Starfall and Khloe Jaab who placed in the top 1000 of their region for the 7th Anniversary Digital Scrapbook, available in parts of Europe and Oceania. They received their very own print of their submission!

Congratulations to everyone on your incredible display of enthusiasm for all things /gpose. Until next time, keep on shining!