Runway 2 Week 4: Results

Our winner for Week 4: Steampunk Realness is simply a-Mez-ing. Congratulations…

Meztli Kagon!

Our victor Victorian really spun our gears this week. She showed up fully ready to werk, ready to make sure that squeaky wheel gets the grease it so well deserves. Our judges were riveted by how you took your whole look into consideration from matching your hair with your pants, and matching the gold trim with a splash of creative lighting on your top. Well done.

Now then, Meztli may have engineered herself back to the top this week, but the journey to the center of Eorzea is only half over. Now is not the time to feel gob-smacked. This week was a bio-shockingly close race, and the best is full steam ahead.

Stay tuned next week as we begin the Zero to Hero Ball. Let the music play!