March Challenge

After a few days break I’m ready for MORE SCREENSHOTS so it’s time to announce our March Challenge! Lore Rowena has decided to keep it simple so the theme for the month of March is a very open ended: Spring

Entries for the March challenge will be accepted until roundabouts March 24th.

To enter, send a direct message to Katarh Mest on Discord with your entry and your character’s name for voting.

Prize: The winner of the July challenge can choose a minion or an emote from the Mogstation! The prize for winning the contest also still includes the right to choose the next month’s challenge, and your winning screenshot as the banner on our web page.

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

ENTM contests are open to the general screenshot community. You do not have to have participated in any ENTM contest before. You must, however, be a member of our Discord community to see the winner’s announcement. ENTM monthly contest screenshots must be “vanilla” – no mods, no Reshade, and no post processing allowed. You must include the FFXIV copyright notice on the shot to allow us to post on our website for voting. Please submit one (1) original screenshot for this contest, not used in any other contest before or posted on social media. Also please include the character name for voting. No other restrictions apply beyond these and the challenge theme as described above. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

All Stars Grand Finale

We are at the end of a two month journey. A few of our models hit bumps along the road, but somehow we emerged at the end with all 14 models still participating and voting each week, which is incredible.

I want to thank everyone who agreed to Rongi Pongi’s crazy idea for self-scoring, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to bring this cycle to fruition. We probably won’t do an All Stars cycle every year, and the next time we do I’ll probably have a different formula, but it was definitely a fun experiment to try and a good excuse to get more screenshots from some of our best models since we started in 2014.

After a good bit of head scratching and a lot of helpful fill-ins from Google Sheets, I’ve got the data that you all were waiting for: the winners!

In third place, with a cumulative score of 186, we have Elessia Sedai!

FFXIV Screenshot

In second place, with a cumulative score of 182, we have Malkovich Malkovich!

FFXIV Screenshot

And our grand prize winner for our inaugural All Stars Cycle, with a cumulative score of 178, is Yomu Kazul!


Congratulations Yomu!

Community votes are also a crucial aspect of our scoring system. Sometimes the community disagrees with our judges, but most often the purpose of the community score is to break the ties when the judges can’t agree themselves. Our winners for Community Votes this cycle are Elessia Sedai, Odharnait Green, and Ninifipsi Fini.

ENTM will be celebrating the two year anniversary of our website now that it is March, so our next project (while we prepare the next contest for everyone) will be an all inclusive community refresh of the website. Please stick around for additional news about this project in the next few days!

All Stars Round 8 Winners

Last week’s challenge was to go hang out with a new beast tribe. We had our models frolicking with the pixies, tinkering with the dwarves, or chilling with the Nu Mou. Voting was pretty tight, but the top three from last week were Malkovich, Elessia, and Yomu!

Host Katarh is currently doing a lot of spreadsheet math to tabulate the overall winner of All Stars. Please watch this space for updates sometime today!

February Challenge Winner!

Our theme for the month of February was Agape and we had four entries for the challenge. Voting was quite close, but the winner by a single vote was Lore Rowena!

Congratulations, and we’ll have an announcement for the March challenge up shortly!

Lore Rowena