Classic Cycle 12 Cast

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for – the casting for ENTM Classic Cycle 12!

We have exactly 12 models making this a very nice and tidy little cycle for us. These models, a mixture of ENTM veterans and newbies alike, will compete for the crown of Eorzea’s Next Top – I mean, Next S-Rank Model! (Ahem. Please don’t sue us, Tyra.)

The models will be settling into their dressing rooms and given a couple of weeks to plan out the next two months. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to stay fashionable and keep posting those screen shots everywhere!

The Cast of Classic Cycle 12

Yume Aawkot of Ultros
Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn of Lamia
Djevh’a Frehtj of Siren
Marcelloix Axios of Gilgamesh
Tattl Tael of Midgardsormr
Crystalita Miah of Moogle
Reina Nymeria of Moogle
Minne Evershot of Famfrit
Yomu Kazul of Gilgamesh
Zylra Galcian of Mateus
Elessia Sedai of Midgardsormr
Alastor Izunia of Mateus

ENTM Classic Cycle 12 Judges

Before we announce the cast, it’s time to introduce our judges! Critiques were not part of the first ENTM but they have been integral to each cycle ever since they were introduced. Our judges will appraise each shot independently and rank the shots according to strengths. Judges are asked not to confer with one another until all votes are cast – so if more than one judge notices something in your shot, it means they came to the conclusion on their own and should be treated as such.

The Judges for ENTM Classic Cycle 12 are:

Haila Wetyios of Balmung: Winner of Classic Cycle 10 and a frequent recurring judge ever since then. She has a spectacular eye for detail and an honest voice in her critiques. Haila most recently judged for Fresh Faces Cycle 1.

Malkovich Malkovich of Faerie: Winner of Instagram Cycle 2 and master of light and shadow. Most likely to be sharing cool stuff on our Screenshot Fun channel. Malkovich most recently judged for Runway Cycle 1.

Odharnait “Ona” Greene of Goblin: ENTM Monthly Challenge winner of 2018 and Community Winner of Tumblr Cycle 10. Ona is a frequent judge and likes to experiment with formats for her critiques, including once writing poems for every round of Scenic Cycle. Ona most recently judged Runway Cycle 1.

Aelyria Windrunner of Siren: Our Fresh Faces second place winner is also our freshest judge! Aelyria did magical things with her ultra wide screen monitor and played with composition in a unique way we hadn’t seen before in an ENTM cycle. We look forward to what she has to teach us in this new cycle!

ENTM Classic Cycle 12 Auditions

Hi everyone! As promised, we’re throwing wide open auditions for Classic Cycle 12.

ENTM started on the official Square Enix forums as a fun little contest run by Rongi Pongi, done in the style of a reality TV show. (Check out our archives for the available screen shots from the very first contest!) After running the contest there for several years, the hosts for Cycle 4 moved to Tumblr, as the official forums couldn’t easily handle the spam generated by the chatter! Our contest remained there until March 2019, when we launched our new website to keep our content ad-free and retain creative control of our images.

Classic Cycle 12 is the continuation of the format developed for Tumblr.

  • Non-elimination (everyone stays in the contest the whole time)
  • Eight weeks, with one screenshot due each week
  • A mixture of previous contestants, new contestants, and even winners from previous cycles – no limits!
  • Community Voting and Judged Voting combined
  • Judges critiques on a weekly basis

To Audition for Classic Cycle 12, take three screenshots in Gpose under the following rules:

  • A portrait / vertical orientation shot of you in your favorite city-state enjoying the sites. Scenic, so no battle stuff (you’re inside a city state anyway.) Include your character’s whole body!
  • A Black and White, Monotone, or Sepia colored Battle Shot, of you visibly engaged with an enemy. Weapons out! Gimme that battle glitter! Vertical or horizontal is fine for this.
  • A head shot, shoulders up, in landscape/ horizontal orientation, using any of the in-game picture frames. This will also be used as our cast announcement shot, so make sure your close up is as pretty as you can make it!

Other requirements for ENTM contests: No ReShade or mods allowed to keep things fair to our PS4 contestants. Screen shots cannot be cropped or edited in post processing (save that for Instagram.) Please include the FFXIV copyright notice on each image, per the SE Media licensing terms and conditions (the thing that lets us host their copyrighted images on our private website. )

When you have your three shots ready, please either send them in an email to or send them in a direct message to Katarh Mest on the >>>>ENTM Discord (click to join!)<<<< While joining our Discord community is not required to enter the contest, we strongly recommend that you do join as our Cycle 12 models will have a private channel to chat – and ENTM is ultimately all about making new friends!

Auditions are open from March 8th to March 21st. The cast will be announced on or around March 22nd.

ENTM Classic Cycle 12 will run for 8 weeks from April 3rd to May 22nd. If you are auditioning, please either plan to submit shots early for weeks you’ll be out of town or busy, or otherwise make arrangements to have them submitted on time. Missing one week won’t disqualify you, but if you miss two weeks you’ll be withdrawn from the contest.

Models are also asked not to use a Fantasia for the duration of the contest. All changes in makeup and hair permitted by the aesthetitian are allowed and encouraged!

Prize: Bragging rights. The winner receives the title of S-Rank model. (For those folks more interested in contests with prizes, we run a monthly challenge that does not require an audition. Join our Discord to learn more.)

Announcing ENTM Classic Cycle 12

Hey models! I know a lot of our previous contestants and winners have been sharing in the joys and tribulations of Fresh Faces 2020 (which has one final week to go), but now it’s YOUR turn to take the spotlight again!

ENTM Classic Cycle 12 will be running from April to May this year. We experimented with some different cycle formats over the last 12 months, introducing our unique anonymously judged Scenic Cycle, our fashion forward Runway Cycle, and Fresh Faces for new models only. Classic Cycle is based on the format that evolved from our days in the Official Forums and then Tumblr (although it took us a couple of cycles to get there.)

  • 8 weeks of competition
  • Non-elimination (so plan to stick around the whole 8 weeks)
  • New models and previous models (including winners) are both welcome
  • No mods, edits, or Reshade allowed (to keep the playing field even for PS4)
  • Entries evaluated by a mixture of open community votes and internal judges, who are previous winners or other community screenshot experts who join us by invitation
  • Weekly critiques to help you grow and improve as a photographer

In one week, I will open up the auditions – March 8th is when it will all begin! Until then, spread the word and build yourself up a fanbase, because we’re going to find out who will be on top as the S-Rank Model for the 12th time here at ENTM!

Please >>>>join our Discord channel<<<< so you don’t miss more details!

Katarh Mest is looking out over a landscape, trying to find the next S-Rank Model for ENTM.
Katarh Mest is looking for the next S-Rank Model! Could it be you?

Fresh Faces Week 5: Cosplay!

It is Week 5 and we only have 1 week til the end of our cycle!

This weeks theme was Cosplay and our models were asked to do the following:

A classic for our cycles, it’s ENTM EXPO!! Use existing gear in the game to create a cosplay look that will remind us of a superhero, villain, tv character, comic book character, or even a gaming character. The sky’s the limit, and there are so many to choose from! Note, the full gear sets like Cloud, Squall, and Yuna’s outfit (etc) are off-limits with this challenge. If you have a question on what can be used, let me know. With this week’s image, you must also send a photo of the character you are trying to be!

The poll has the 6 models listed, please rate from your favorite (1) to least favorite (6)! Polls will be open until Tuesday night at Midnight (EST)!

You can vote here:

And you can see the models images, followed by a reference image of who they are cosplaying, here:

Escher Strange – Jesus
“He looks just like Johnny Depp!”
Jesus, from Saint Young Men
Forthyn S’yel – Geralt
“Silver is for monsters”
Geralt from the Witcher 3
Aelyria Windrunner – Kiki
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Istolin Saillonaux – Rufus Shinra
“A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There’s no reason to waste money on them.”
Rufus Shinra FFVII
Khloe Jaab – A2

Items: YoRHa Type-51 Jacket of Striking, Leonhart Gloves, Skallic Bottoms of Striking, No.2 Type B Boots
Poro Pupperbean – Nezuko
“All humans are your family. Protect humans.” -Sakonji Urokodaki

Fresh Faces Week 4 Winner!!

Hello everyone! It is I, Host Kai!

Week Four, and we only have… two weeks left! Soon, we will be crowning our first ENTM Fresh Faces S-Rank Champion! But with so many people stepping up their game, who will it be?!

This week we asked our models to think outside the box and come up with a new job they would want to see in FFXIV. They certainly didn’t disappoint, but the Community and Judges have spoken!

This week, the model who fought their way to the top is…

Aelyria Windrunner!!

Voters really dug your Archaeologist!

But, can you remain on top?!

We will find out next week!

Fresh Faces Week 4: New Jobs!

It is Week 4 and we are getting to the end of our cycle!

This weeks theme was New Jobs and our models were asked to do the following:

It seems that every expansion that comes out, new jobs come with it! Use existing gear and weapons/tools to create an all-new job that you would love to see in-game. Give it a name, and the role it would play as well! Yes, you can make an outfit for a job that appeared in another FF game, but isn’t represented in FFXIV.

The poll has the 5 models listed, please rate from your favorite (1) to least favorite (5)! Polls will be open until Tuesday night at Midnight (EST)!

You can vote here:

And you can see the larger gallery here:

Forthyn S’yel
Job: Abjurator – Melee healer.
Weapon: Bludgeon
Khloe Jaab
A Necromancer and her skeletons.
Aelyria Windrunner
Job: Archaeologist
As an archaeologist, scour the hidden ruins and dungeons of Eorzea for ancient artifacts and tomes – but beware the dangers that lurk within!
Escher Strange
Job class: Orator
“Your mother was a goobbue and your father smelled like the inside of Estinien’s armour!”
Poro Pupperbean
Class: Mandragora Tamer [MDG] Healer
The mandragoras allow different kinds of healing depending on which one/how many are present/summoned!

Good Luck to All our models!

ENTM Fresh Faces Week 2 Winner!

Hello everyone! It is I, Host Kai!

Week Two is now complete! Only four more weeks, and we will be crowning our first ENTM Fresh Faces S-Rank Champion!

This week we asked our models to make it a fight to the finish! Who could pull off the best battle shot? All of our models battled their hearts out, but the Community and Judges have spoken!

This week, the model who fought their way to the top is…

Istolin Saillonaux!!

Your battle brought everyone to their knees!

But, can you stay on top… again?!

Find out next week!

Welcome to ENTM Fresh Faces Cycle One!

Hello everyone, First off, I would like to announce the Judges for this cycle!

-Fellow Admin, Host Extreme and S-Rank Winner: Katarh Mest
-Our own Pink Kitty, Host and S-Rank Winner: Ni’ko Shae
-Three Time Model, and S-Rank Winner: Haila Wetyios

With that said, it is time to announce the ones that will be joining us for ENTM: Fresh Faces! I am super excited about this, and I hope everyone enjoys the ride!

This cycle is made for new models who have never participated in a cycle before. I am so happy we can bring more people into this fun little competition, and I am so glad they have decided to try out. I want to welcome them to the ENTM Family!

With that said, please give the models your love and welcome them to ENTM: Fresh Faces Cycle One!

Istolin Saillonaux of Mateus
Khloe Jaab of Louisoix
Escher Strange of Zodiark
Poro Pupperbean of Leviathan

L’chai Tia of Exodus
Forthyn S’yel of Adamantoise
Aelyria Windrunner of Siren

Congratulations to you all, and good luck!!

The first week images will be up, starting January 25th, 2020!

Welcome to ENTM: Fresh Faces of Eorzea!

Since this is a cycle that is aimed towards new models, I will explain a bit about ENTM and how it works! ENTM was started back in 2014 by Rongi Pongi, and started on the FFXIV Official Forums. We have since spread to Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and have an active Discord group. Everyone here loves this game, and loves glamours and /gpose. If you do as well, you’ll be among good company!

I run this as a non-elimination style cycle, which means models will have to commit to 6 weeks of themed photoshoots. Of course, if you get them done early you are more than welcome to turn them in early as well. I also need the models to join the discord group since this is where the critiques are posted, and where I keep in contact with the models.

The basis of ENTM is (and always will be) to provide a friendly, supportive and fun competition while giving constructive critiques to improve the model’s overall /gpose skills. Mostly, we just want this to be a fun little competition where you can show off your amazing skills, make new friends, learn some new techniques, and possibly be crowned the new S-Rank cycle champion!

Who can try out?
– If you have never been in an ENTM cycle before, you’re able to try out!
– If you tried out but never made it into any cycle, you’re able to try out!

And just to cover a question that might pop up: If a player has been in a cycle before, this also covers all their alt’s as well, and cannot try out on a different character.

Basic Rules:
Players trying out cannot use cropping, photoshop (plus any programs like it) or any 3rd party program that betters their graphics or changes the way their character looks in the game (adds muscles, changes the way gear looks, etc). This is so, regardless of the player being on a PC or PS4, everyone is on an equal playing field.
Players cannot fantasia, their character must remain as it is in the tryout photos. But, this does not include anything that can be done using the Aesthetician! We encourage the models to change their looks for every shot using our friendly Elezen fashionista!

How can you try out?
First, join our Discord! (don’t forget to go to the roles channel!)
Then, do the following 3 shots!
Portrait Shot (shoulders up)
Your Favorite Glamour (full body)
Your Favorite Place To Hang
Once done, DM Admin Kai (me!) with your Name, Server and the three shots listed!


The Judges will look them over to decide, and I am hoping for a total of 8-10 models for this cycle! If you have any more questions, feel free to @ me in the Discord group, or DM me!