CopyCat Cycle 2 – Winner

Well the cycle has come to a close! We saw some amazing screenies again this cycle and I love how the models rose to meet each challenge. Some were super hard, some absolutely hilarious.

I haven’t done this in previous cycles but really wanted to show off, one more time, each model’s images for the cycle and then announce the overall winner. I guess there is a first time for everything…







These models look amazing in their screenshots! It has been an amazing cycle!

But now to announce our winners:









Your CopyCat Cycle 2 Winner:

Damien Montclair!!

Your images were top notch each week, and the win was well deserved! To all my beautiful models, I am so thankful for your patience and kindness and beauty this cycle! With so many things happening IRL and IG, it goes without saying how amazing our community is! I look forward to seeing you compete in the future!

For now, and always, Love from here…
– Ona


This was a hilarious round for me. I asked my models to become me, and they gave me some awesome shots. I could not have asked for a better showing to be honest. They really embodied my personality and provided you with images of me being loud and crazy, but I am a little disappointed with the marked lack of whiskey…

also there wasn’t any cheese sticks or appie juice… sigh.

But only one model came out on top being the best Ona they could be! And to that model I say…

Our OnaCopyCat is


Congratulations to you my darling! You look marvelous! <3

Stay tuned for our final results and overall winner of CopyCat Cycle 2!

And as always, love from here

Week 6 – The Final Week

Wow. The Cycle is over after this week??!?! I am not ok with this! I want to see the manager! There is no manager only Katarh

For real for real.

The final week. When I was planning the weeks, I said I want this to be light hearted, push some boundaries, force the models to really think about what they were copying and give me images that are fun, funny, and impressive. For the last five weeks we have seen these amazing shots and the models stepping up to themes that are a little strange…

So I figured, lets make the final week something everyone enjoys, a theme that no one can pretend isn’t amazing and awesome and probably would be drunk at 10:45 in the morning if there weren’t obligations and a mountain of clothes to fold and put away….

That’s right… this week’s theme was


I gave the models some images of myself, some commissions some IG. Provided them with things Ona likes, characteristics of her personality, and told them to become me. Some models found embodying me to be a strange situation and they laughed as they sent me their images, while others, nah they all thought it was hilarious…

First, here is a gallery of the images I provided to the models:

Now… here are the models as Ona…

Amalie Greene РSk̴l
Damien – Shenanigans
Hilda – Le Dancing Ona is the Dancing Queen
Kimiko – (Ona) Ceruleum Processing Plant!
Netizyn – Ona

Now comes the fun part — which model best captures Ona, in all of her Loud, Loyal, Supportive, Cheese stick-appy juice-chicky nugg loving glory? Which Bard, outbarded the Bard of all Bards?

Drop your little votey votes and we will have an answer for you next Wednesday!

And as always, love from here
– Ona

Week 5 – Zodiac – Winner!

Well here we are, sharing another winner!

I asked the models to share with me their best Zodiac image. They were given the choice of Western Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac

if they would have asked they could have done any other Zodiac there is but that’s all that was asked of me

As a Scorpio (Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, and Capricorn Rising) I am a cranky stubborn secretive grudge holding passionate human who will gladly take someone out for a friend (just say the word).

But I didn’t have to take a shot. My models did, however. From their amazing entries, we had an incredibly close contest this round. Places 2 and 3 tied, but there was a clear winner, and that was …


Gemini Horses

The use of both the Chinese Zodiac (Horse) and the Western Zodiac (Gemini) you encorporated dualing ideas and created a beautiful image, which earned you a well deserved win!

Next week is our last week, but probably my favorite week 🙂 As Yoshi P would say…

Please look forward to it.

And as always, love from here.

Zodiac – Round 5

When most people consider Zodiac, we immediately think of the typical 12 month calendar based on the stars, however one of my models noted that we also have the Chinese Zodiac, and those a pretty awesome ideas as well! So I was asked if they could also be included…


So they were given the chance to create an image that embodies their own zodiac signs. This round is the only round that isn’t based specifically on an image, but instead on the characteristics or feelings associated with the Zodiacs. So without further delay… Your models…

Alastor – Gemini

Amalie – Aries

Damien – Rabbit

Hilda – La Capricorn

Kimiko – Taurus

Netizyn – Gemini (and Horse)

Voting closes on Wednesday and the post will go up shortly after!

And as always, Love from here.

Round 2 – CopyCat – Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

I am not a Swiftie, but I cannot say I wasn’t happy to see her boyfriend played really well during the Usher concert and won the sportsball prize! Go Taylor’s boyfriend! However, I am fully aware of the bombshell of a superstar T-Swiftie is. As such, I figured why not bring the Eras Tour to Eorzea!

Our beautiful models were given free range of anything Swift. Album covers. Music Videos. Photo Shoots. Whatever worked to encapsulate the essence of their chosen Era. I think Taylor would be proud of what they produced!

Alastor – Folklore
Amalie – Folklore Cardigan
Damien – Reputation
Hilda – Folklore
Kimiko – Red
Netizyn – Karma

Voting open til Wednesday 8am EST – Winner announced at 12pm EST!

And as always, love from here.
– Ona

CopyCat – Cycle 2 – Model Introductions!

Oh My God, We’re Back Again….


It’s been some time since a full blown cycle has occurred but we are back and so excited to launch the second variation of CopyCat! I was so excited to host it last time and even more now! The themes this time, at least in my opinion, are SO MUCH BETTER than last time! So hopefully everyone enjoys them!

This cycle will run for 6 weeks with weekly winners announced and an overall cycle winner at the end of the 6 weeks! Models will receive weekly critiques as well! If you haven’t yet joined our discord please go here –>

Please check back next week for the first week’s submissions!

But for now… let me introduce my amazing models!

Alastor Izunia – Mateus – Miqo’te

Amalie Greene – Goblin – Hyur

Damien Montclair – Odin – Au’ra

Hilde Garde – Odin – Hyur

Kimiko Naeuri – Phoenix – Hyur

Netizen James – Balmung – Miqo’te

Let’s wish our models luck and laughs! Here’s to an amazing Cycle 2 of CopyCat!

And as always, Love from here
– Ona

Classic Cycle 14 Winners

Six week contests are just long enough, we’ve found over the years, through trial and error. Long enough to give our models enough of a challenge and inspire learning and growth, but not so long that the models and judges get burnt out and have the contest stop being fun.

We started with 8 models this cycle, and finished with 6 (IRL always comes first.) And while we had some incredibly close rounds, we have a clear top three now that we’re at the end of the cycle.

I want to thank all the models who stuck with us throughout the contest. Without models, our contests wouldn’t exist. Through nine years of ENTM, we have helped coach hundreds of models, but each contest starts with you guys taking a risk and putting yourselves out there, sometimes having never done a screenshot contest before. Even if you didn’t win, I hope you learned something from the feedback, and are inspired to keep taking more screenshots (and if you want, please send me a screenshot of chocobos for the monthly contest ASAP.)

I also want to thank the judges for contributing their wit and wisdom each week. Judges like Ona and Elessia are the backbone of our contests. Outside community members like Judge Blix bring in a crucial, fresh perspective (because we can sometimes get a little bit too cliquish in ENTM without a new pair of eyes.) And Judge Escher provided valuable back up services to our primary judges, prepared to step in at any moment should something go awry for our main three. Thank you guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And now, it’s time to announce some winners!

In third place…. Gadriel Nephilim!

In a sea of Au Ra and female characters, Gadriel’s unique Elezen male definitely stood out week after week. Gadriel won second place multiple weeks, and consistently scored well from our judges. Congratulations!

An FFXIV screenshot. An Elezen is talking with a bartender.
Gadriel Nephilim

In second place and also our Community Winner, Damian Montclair!

Community votes are an important part of ENTM. They act as tiebreakers when the judges are divided (and that definitely happened a few times this cycle) and also allow our models a chance to share their work with their friends and followers on social media. Damien is an ENTM veteran and brought that fierceness week after week.


An FFXIV screenshot. An Au Rais dressed in a red hood and a cloak, and is walking down an empty road.
Damien Montclair

And now, the end of six weeks of screenshot torture, drunk ramblings from Judge Ona, a new perspective from Judge Blix, and quietly kind recommendations from Judge Elessia, we have a new S-Rank model in the ENTM family.

The winner of Classic Cycle 14 is Val Viscera!

Val came in as a newcomer to ENTM and knocked it out of the park on the first try. Throughout the cycle, Val was neck and neck with Damien, but at the end of the scoring, had enough of a boost from judges votes to claim the crown. Judges praised the careful attention to composition, color, and light in each shot from Val. Some of the submissions were right up against the deadline as Val worked hard to make them as polished as possible.

The results speak for themselves.

Congratulations, Val!

Meet the judges of Cycle 14!

We have two veteran judges and one new community judge for a fresh perspective for this cycle.

Judge Ona

Odharnait Greene – Pronounced “Ona” (it’s a Celtic name) – Initially a model in the Classic TUMBLR Cycle, Instagram Cycle 2, and All-Stars, Ona has been a part of ENTM for several years acting as a part-time admin/judge/Elessia’s co-mentor/host/Bard-only/village crazy lady/local drunk. Though she has never won an official cycle, she is always happy to cheer on the models and provide advice on how to win a cycle. Classic “do as I say, not as I do.” Ona looks forward to acting as a judge and bringing back her classic critique style which is 2/3 actual advice and 1/3 drunkenly telling the models how absolutely beautiful they are and possibly making inappropriate comments about how hot they are.
Married to her amazing Wife- Amalie Greene (Fresh Faces 2 Cycle S-Rank Winner), she is an IRL social worker and photographer.

Judge Elessia

Elessia Sedai – No stranger to judging for ENTM, Elessia started out as a guest judge; from there, she participated as a model in various cycles, including All-Stars. Elessia has mentored alongside Odharnait and judged a few cycles as well. She is the host of Renovation Cycle and loves housing almost as much as glamour. “Keep calm and blame the healer” is her favorite motto (she has been healing in XIV for what feels like forever) and is trying out White Mage this raid tier. IRL, Elessia loves to write and take pretty photographs.

Judge Blix

Yvesoix Sellemontiere (Blix) – Blix is new to the Gpose scene, but is no stranger to art critique! In their spare time, they enjoy researching different techniques and styles to broaden their understanding of photography and art in general. They bring an impartial, quality focused view to the team. When they’re not hyperfocusing on what makes art art and other pointless philosophical questions, you can find them running their own venue, The Bloody Bastard Dive Bar (colloquially known as “Brume Bar”) and building an Ishgardian RP community centered around stories of Ishgard’s lower classes.

Host Katarh

Katarh Mest has been a participant in ENTM since the old forum days, when she was a community judge for YouTube Cycle 2. She threw her hat into the race in Forum Cycle 5, where she was promptly eliminated. Undeterred, she kept entering, until she finally won her own S-Rank crown in the first Runway Cycle. She has been the ENTM webmaster since 2019 and together with Kai Ulric helps to herd the cats on the ENTM Discord channel. When not in Gpose, she can be found fishing, dabbling in endgame content, or grinding out relic weapons. IRL, Katarh is a business analyst for a small software team, and is married to a professor who doesn’t play MMOs but admires her enthusiasm anyway.