Week 5 – Zodiac – Winner!

Well here we are, sharing another winner!

I asked the models to share with me their best Zodiac image. They were given the choice of Western Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac

if they would have asked they could have done any other Zodiac there is but that’s all that was asked of me

As a Scorpio (Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, and Capricorn Rising) I am a cranky stubborn secretive grudge holding passionate human who will gladly take someone out for a friend (just say the word).

But I didn’t have to take a shot. My models did, however. From their amazing entries, we had an incredibly close contest this round. Places 2 and 3 tied, but there was a clear winner, and that was …


Gemini Horses

The use of both the Chinese Zodiac (Horse) and the Western Zodiac (Gemini) you encorporated dualing ideas and created a beautiful image, which earned you a well deserved win!

Next week is our last week, but probably my favorite week 🙂 As Yoshi P would say…

Please look forward to it.

And as always, love from here.