Renovation Cycle Round 5: “I Need a Drink”

Sometimes SE surprises us and puts really interesting items for sale from the housing merchant: the disordered wardrobe, the really cool slanted walls and even some not-so-ugly wall coverings. This week, our designers were challenged with creating a bar scene using ONLY the items acquired from the housing merchants, including the NPC’s that sell…NPC’s. AND they had to take the photo using a Sepia filter from Gpose to give an old-time effect. They were also encouraged to use extras and NPC’s to complete the immersion. This challenge proved difficult because of the limited items they could use and the limited NUMBER of items they could use! How does a designer stand out from the rest? So scroll down and see how these amazing designers accomplished the task. And be sure to vote for your favorites this week!

*Two models are missing this week, Scarleta and Desya. Scarleta will be back for the final round. Unfortunatel,y due to real life circumstances, Desya will be withdrawing. But she will be here cheering her fellow designers on!

Our guest judge this week, the wonderful, MARVELOUS Ni’ko Shae!

Host of ENTM’s Runway Cycle, winner of ENTM Classic Cycle 11, and frequent judge, Ni’ko Shae is a longtime housing enthusiast. One of Ni’ko’s biggest housing accomplishments was finally defeating the final boss: getting a couch to float over the stairwell leading to a medium house’s basement (okay, he got help doing it, but he tried for a long time!). For housing Ni’ko favours far eastern designs, plants and trees, and a healthy blend of pinks and purples (with a dash of rainbow). As a judge Ni’ko tends to favour those who think outside of the box and delivers the unexpected (though a bit of pink and purple couldn’t hurt any, now could it?). Now then, may the best decorator … win!

Renovation Cycle Round 2 Winner

We traveled to the Far East this round where our designers created rooms straight out of Kugane. But one room caught the judges’ eye with her symmetrical room structure and the subtly lit window with the fog rolling in; she beautifully captured the night in Hingashi with her build this week. Congratulations Arilyn Moonblade, the winner of round 2!

Tune in Saturday for the next round of Renovation cycle!

Renovation Cycle: Meet the Designers

Introducing the designers for ENTM’s inaugural Renovation Cycle! Each designer will be working diligently on their respective rooms to create gorgeous images for us to admire and the public to vote on (be sure to vote on your favorite). Every week on Saturday, a post will go out with the room designs for everyone to vote; the images will also be up on our discord server. The judges will be weighing in on their favorite constructs and be critiquing all the designers’ work. They will be offering them tips and pointers in how to improve each round. Please look forward to it! And without further ado…our marvelous designers!

Arilyn Moonblade
Hollow Attrition
Netizen James
Scarleta Valkyire
Desya Moons

Killia Verenelle
Damien Montclair

Renovation Cycle: Meet the Host & Judges

Ready? Set! Renovate!

ENTM is thrilled to be kicking off our newest competition: Renovation Cycle! Pitting house designers against each other in an exhilarating test of design skill and expertise to create one room, then tear it down and begin again! Only the best will be crowned our first ever S-Rank designer! But before we get to the competition, let’s take a moment to meet our host, Elessia and our all-star panel of judges!

“Hi! My name is Elessia and I am so excited to host my very first cycle! Screenshot enthusiast and Gpose addict, I’ve been active in the ENTM community for a few years now! I have competed in and judged a few cycles including All-Stars. Housing is another passion, though I still have a lot to learn! I am eager to see what these talented designers can do, and the amazing feedback they will receive from this panel of judges!”

“My name is AkhRhai and I’ve been playing FFXIV since mid Heavensward, though I didn’t start doing housing until early 2019. Since then I’ve produced 30 something complete builds and a whole bunch of concepts, both of which I usually post to my YouTube channel. I’ve also made a few housing tutorials that relate to specific designs I’ve made in the past. I’m a big fan of the glam and screenshot game and have been a lurker with ENTM for a pretty long time, so I’m super excited to be part of the judges panel for this cycle and look forward to seeing what our contestants come up with!”

“Hey! My name’s Ashen Bride, and I enjoy decorating houses. When I first bought a house, there wasn’t a lot of guides or people sharing techniques, and it felt like the housing enthusiast world was so tiny! I made HGXIV as a little bridge for communication and transparency into the crazy world of furniture design. I like how decorating lets me express myself, and I love to see people’s personalities behind their own designs.”

“My name is Daiyu, and I have been fanatically interested in housing since Stormblood hit. A good friend got a house and gave me free reign. I’m always looking to try new things, and I love making dioramas and windows! I also enjoy making sets for photos and contests, and I look forward to seeing all the creativity!”

“I’m Synt. I’m one of the hosts for HGXIV, and I’ve been housing since the end of 2019! I like to focus on realism with my housing and I’m best known for Modern designs, kitchens and guides.”

And last, but certainly not least, our housing mentor, Alaura! She will be assisting the designers with their builds through-out the competition!

“Hello! I’m Alaura Danon and this is Fluffy! We are a team so that’s why we are pictured together….or at least that’s what I tell myself because I know he will just photo bomb if he isn’t included. Anyways, I got into decorating homes on ffxiv wayyyyyy back in 2016 when housing was first released! I’d kick my fc mates outside so I could decorate in peace! I took a long break a couple months after and that lasted til near the end of 2019. A friend kept begging me to come back and decorate his homes, so I finally gave in. I one day happened to find tutorials on FFXIV housing by Shei Cloudbank and found HGXIV! They all opened a whole new world to me and I appreciate it so much! I really love housing (decorating and doing visits)! I love to see everyone’s creativity! Fluffy and I started visiting homes and posting our adventures and that brings us here today! :). Very excited for this contest and am here to help and encourage everyone who is competing!”

We are still looking for designers to fill out the roster for this special cycle! Get your resumes over to Elessia! The deadline is looming!

July Challenge 2021 Winner

We had a lot of votes for the month of July, so thank you to the community for giving us your voices! The winner for the theme of Lost In Time was Daiyu Elani, with a fantastic custom set that immediately gave us a full episode preview in one picture.

Congratulations, and please stick around for the August challenge soon!

Daiyu Elani

May Challenge 2021 Voting

It’s time to review the entries for the May challenge, and vote for your favorite! We had seven submissions this month on the theme of Sunrise, Sunset with no other restrictions other than matching the theme!

Please review each entry below, and then vote for your favorite on the Google Poll below. Click on the center of an image to view it in more detail, and then use your browser’s back button to return to this post.

If you are having trouble using the embedded Google Poll above, please click on this link to open the poll in a new browser window instead:

February Challenge Voting

After a few delays because Katarh is forgetful, here are our entries for the February Challenge! The theme was Agape – unconditional love.

Please click on each image to view it in full size, and then use the back button on your browser to return to this post. Then scroll to the bottom, and vote for your favorite in the Google Poll! Voting for this round will be open until Feb 28th, 2021.

If you are having trouble voting on the form above, please click this link to open the form in another tab:

Runway 2 Week 8: Rainbow Connection

Welcome, welcome, one and all to this, our final week of ENTM’s second run of our Runway Cycle. It has been an incredible journey, and I am so proud of all of our models for their creativity, sportsmanship, receptiveness, and, of course, tenacity. You have all done well over these past seven weeks, and I look forward to what you bring in the time beyond, but for now this is the final curtain.

There have been so many songs about rainbows, and what is on the other side. Our models have already gone somewhere over the rainbow, and we’ve seen their true colours as they took us on a hero’s journey. But rainbows are visions, only illusions, and they’ve nothing to hide. My dears, our technicolour twelve has nothing to hide as the vibrant visions they are. Now, take a wish on the morning star with me, and watch our our models bend light itself to bring Mr. Roy G. Biv to life.

You don’t have to look any further to find the rainbow connection; we’ve got it right here, baby. Now an important note, our models were tasked to represent each of the seven colours of the rainbow in their look. Hair and make-up were optional canvases for helping to complete their look, and fulfill criteria. Now then, get out there and vote, because we can’t do it without the lovers, the dreamers, or you. Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 7: Zero to Hero Ball: Become What You Must

The Zero to Hero Ball enters it’s final number here at Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management. Our terrific twelve have shown you humble beginnings and new undertakings, but how are our models doing as the true champions of the realm? This week we tasked our Warriors of Light and Darkness to become what they must. To outshine, outlast, and outfabulous one another with high fashion worthy of the burdens they bear. The rules were simple: make it formal, make it couture, and rely only on items of a high level to complete the look.

From humble beginnings to grand adventures our models have grown to become beacons of hope for Eorzea and beyond. Who is your inspiration? Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 6: Results

Our winner of Week 6: Grand Company, Represent! has us seeing red in a whole new way. Congratulations…

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn!

Our Roeg en vogue churned out another victory for herself with this take on Maelstrom pride. Our judges were loving how this outfit came together, noting the silver and steel accents that really helped this shine through. The beret was just the right touch to really top it all off. Well done.

Well, my grand company, Rymm may have snatched victory again this round, but there are still two weeks left of this cycle. The frontline is close, and we’re only now starting to see how your flag waves. Never give up, ’til sea swallows all.

Next week we have an extra special guest judge, two-time S rank model and judge of the premier Runway Cycle Malkovich Malkovich. Please look forward to it! ™

Until next time, let the music play!