Runway 2 Week 8: Rainbow Connection

Welcome, welcome, one and all to this, our final week of ENTM’s second run of our Runway Cycle. It has been an incredible journey, and I am so proud of all of our models for their creativity, sportsmanship, receptiveness, and, of course, tenacity. You have all done well over these past seven weeks, and I look forward to what you bring in the time beyond, but for now this is the final curtain.

There have been so many songs about rainbows, and what is on the other side. Our models have already gone somewhere over the rainbow, and we’ve seen their true colours as they took us on a hero’s journey. But rainbows are visions, only illusions, and they’ve nothing to hide. My dears, our technicolour twelve has nothing to hide as the vibrant visions they are. Now, take a wish on the morning star with me, and watch our our models bend light itself to bring Mr. Roy G. Biv to life.

You don’t have to look any further to find the rainbow connection; we’ve got it right here, baby. Now an important note, our models were tasked to represent each of the seven colours of the rainbow in their look. Hair and make-up were optional canvases for helping to complete their look, and fulfill criteria. Now then, get out there and vote, because we can’t do it without the lovers, the dreamers, or you. Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 7: Zero to Hero Ball: Become What You Must

The Zero to Hero Ball enters it’s final number here at Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management. Our terrific twelve have shown you humble beginnings and new undertakings, but how are our models doing as the true champions of the realm? This week we tasked our Warriors of Light and Darkness to become what they must. To outshine, outlast, and outfabulous one another with high fashion worthy of the burdens they bear. The rules were simple: make it formal, make it couture, and rely only on items of a high level to complete the look.

From humble beginnings to grand adventures our models have grown to become beacons of hope for Eorzea and beyond. Who is your inspiration? Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 6: Results

Our winner of Week 6: Grand Company, Represent! has us seeing red in a whole new way. Congratulations…

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn!

Our Roeg en vogue churned out another victory for herself with this take on Maelstrom pride. Our judges were loving how this outfit came together, noting the silver and steel accents that really helped this shine through. The beret was just the right touch to really top it all off. Well done.

Well, my grand company, Rymm may have snatched victory again this round, but there are still two weeks left of this cycle. The frontline is close, and we’re only now starting to see how your flag waves. Never give up, ’til sea swallows all.

Next week we have an extra special guest judge, two-time S rank model and judge of the premier Runway Cycle Malkovich Malkovich. Please look forward to it! ™

Until next time, let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 6: Zero to Hero Ball: Grand Company, Represent!

Our Zero to Hero Ball continues right here at ENTM’s Runway Cycle. From humble beginnings to taking their next grand steps our Warriors of Light have been invited to represent some good company. Each of our models were to choose a Grand Company to represent, and wear an outfit befitting their allegiance. Whether they fight for coin and country, see that Wood’s will be done, or are in it ‘til sea swallows all, it’s time to show off a little Eorzean Alliance pride. We stood together at Carteneau. Let’s see how our models stand out now.

For whom do you fight for, oh proud Warrior? It’s up to you to tell us which company you keep. Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 5: Results

Fresh off the boat our winner for Week 5: Pray Return to Your Roots is…

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn!

Avast, ye landlubbers, this week our curious corsair sailed straight into the high seas of our hearts. Our judges were taken by your careful use of dyes to elevate this look from ordinary to extraordinary. Your use of blue really made your outfit pop, and your blending of browns complimented the ensemble. Well done.

Now then my sprouts, Rymm may have made this round very rael, but though this was just the Waking Sands you all have the Rising Stones to take on the next challenge. Onward, Eorzea’s champion, onward.

(point to self, nod, pound fist into palm of hand, give thumbs up)

Until next week, let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 5: Zero to Hero Ball: Pray Return to Your Roots

Welcome back to another week of Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management’s Runway Cycle. We here at ENTM believe nothing is more en vogue than an excuse to celebrate. And this competition is worth celebrating and more. You’re all invited to the Zero to Hero Ball! For these next three weeks our models will take us on a hero’s journey from where it all starts to wherever the shadows bring us.

This week in particular we ask our models to take us back to where it all began. A fresh-faced, wide-eyed adventurer just getting the bearings on the lay of the land. They were challenged to keep everything worn under level 30 … with a few extra restrictions to keep things fair.

It’s time to hear, feel, and think as our models go whither the wild rose blooms and shine on the Seventh Dawn.

That fateful carriage ride may have come and gone, but now it’s your turn to help determine our fledglings of Light’s fates. Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!

Runway 2 Week 4: Results

Our winner for Week 4: Steampunk Realness is simply a-Mez-ing. Congratulations…

Meztli Kagon!

Our victor Victorian really spun our gears this week. She showed up fully ready to werk, ready to make sure that squeaky wheel gets the grease it so well deserves. Our judges were riveted by how you took your whole look into consideration from matching your hair with your pants, and matching the gold trim with a splash of creative lighting on your top. Well done.

Now then, Meztli may have engineered herself back to the top this week, but the journey to the center of Eorzea is only half over. Now is not the time to feel gob-smacked. This week was a bio-shockingly close race, and the best is full steam ahead.

Stay tuned next week as we begin the Zero to Hero Ball. Let the music play!

Runway 2 Week 3: Results

Our winner for Week 3: Off to See the Wizard was really follow, follow, follow, follow, following the yellow brick road. Congratulations…

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn!

Our ravishing Roegadyn really clicked her heels three times, and found herself anywhere but Kansas with this look. Our judges really enjoyed your choice of different green tones, and how you made them really mesh together well with this presentation. A splendid example that somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, you’ve brought us to a land that we’ve heard of once in a lullaby. Well done.

Now then, Rymm may have stolen the show brick by brick, but you can take off your emerald glasses now and see that this is no time to surrender, Dorothy. Whether you’re a good witch, a bad witch, or not a witch at all there is plenty of time to let your true self soar like the hot air balloons that you are! Okay, perhaps not the best analogy. Anywho, until next week’s great and powerful awes!

Now then. Let the music play!

ENTM Dazzles the Official Square Enix Contest: “Everything’s on the Line!”

Congratulations to all of our participants in Square Enix’s official American/Canadian contest for, “Everything’s on the Line!” Ever up for a challenge our folks submitted shots going solely on the cue to use the ‘Saturated Linework’ option in /gpose.

Several folks submitted entries, and we’d like to take a moment to enjoy the shots participants have allowed us to post here. You’re all wonderful, and keep on participating for future contests!

First up, one of the top ten entries in the contest, Ni’ko Shae’s “Scaredy Sprout.”

Next we have a top 100 entry, Yomu Kazul’s “Run!”

And next another top 100 entry, Yume Aawkot’s “A Mischievious Meal.”

Next we have our honorable mentions. Though you didn’t place you certainly placed in our hearts! First, Aelyria Windrunner’s “Me and My Mameshiba.”

And finally, Forthyn S’yel’s “An Afternoon Snack.”

You can view all entries at Final Fantasy XIV’s official Facebook Page!

And, a special shoutout to Schan Starfall and Khloe Jaab who placed in the top 1000 of their region for the 7th Anniversary Digital Scrapbook, available in parts of Europe and Oceania. They received their very own print of their submission!

Congratulations to everyone on your incredible display of enthusiasm for all things /gpose. Until next time, keep on shining!

Runway Cycle 2 Auditions Are Open

In Eorzea and beyond one thing is known far and wide: glamour is the true endgame. Here at Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management we seek to not only develop one’s photography skills, but learn to strike a pose and sashay that runway as the true fashionista you’re all born to be. If you’ve ever been considering trying out but felt hesitant, well, henny now is your chance to strut your stuff and show us what you can do.

Announcing open auditions for our Runway Cycle. The rules are a little bit different, but in short the main focus here is all about you and how haute your couture really is. Each week you’ll be given a challenge which may include specific outfit accents, dye choices, or make-up choices you’ll need to follow. Other than that we want to see your interpretation of the theme. You’ll be encouraged to come up with cohesive outfits, strike a pose, and even go on location if you’re wanting the total experience. However, so long as the focus is all on you you’re doing it alright. To audition we will need three separate images of you (see example below; images shown as single image for the sake of Discord formatting). The first two are simple enough, but the third is a good taste of how the cycle works!

Bust Shot

A shot from the chest up. Show us your pretty face!

Casual Wear Shot

Show us what you’d wear off the battlefield.

Purple Reign

This is a glamour shot, meaning you’ll want to be in high fashion for this. Gowns, suits, get creative. Dress to the tens, because the nines just ain’t enough. For this shot you’ll need your entire outfit to be shades of purple either by way of the garment’s natural colour or utilizing dye. I highly recommend attention to accessories’ compliment, and perhaps even calling on our friend Jandelaine, the aesthetician. For this shot you must ensure your character is within an area of 1080×1920 pixels as this image will be used for the cast announcements.

Audition shots must be submitted to your host Ni’ko Shae via Discord DM (Ni’ko Shae#6839), DM via Twitter @EorzeasNeoTM, or e-mailed to by midnight (CST) on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 with the cast announcement on Friday, August 7th, 2020. You are also more than welcome to join our Discord server for updates, and to join in on the conversation:

In the interest of fairness the core rules for this cycle prohibit the use of all third-party modifications, the FFXIV watermark must be visible on all entries, frames are not to be used, and all images are to be taken portrait-style. Contestants must remain as the same character/race/gender in each image as they were for their audition. Due to the nature of the competition all participants must be at least level 15 with dye access and the aesthetician unlocked.

This competition will last for eight weeks, and is non-elimination. Contestants will be given until midnight (CST) Thursday, September 3rd to submit all eight weeks’ worth of images with voting for the first week going live on Friday, September 4th. Each week up until midnight (CST) on Thursday contestants will be allowed to change their submission as judges’ opinions and advice may inspire otherwise. At the end of eight weeks the cumulative scores will be tallied, and our winner will be crowned!

Good luck! And don’t fudge it up.