March Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay posting this – it’s been a weird time for us all these last few weeks.

The challenge for March was “Green, Gold, and Rainbows” and we had five models and photographers give us their best shot. Voting this month was very close, and the winner by a nose was once again Elessia!

Cheers to a March that ended with most of us indoors and drinking.

Stay tuned for the April challenge, coming soon!


Weekly Winner, Makeover Finale!

Good afternoon everyone, it is I, Host Kai!

It is time to announce the WEEKLY WINNER!

This was the final week, and the Overall winner of ENTM: Fresh Faces will be announced later this evening.

This week’s theme was: Makeover Finale!

The models were asked to do the following:

This is it! It’s the final week, and someone is about to be crowned the first S-Rank Winner for ENTM: Fresh Faces! For this finale, the judges want to see a complete makeover from head to toe. Anything that can be changed by the Aesthetician should be considered and don’t forget to think outside the box. Go with a look you would normally never do, be daring!



You have won the makeover week!!

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Thank you for supporting us, and being a part of this wonderful group!

-ENTM Admin

Runway Week 4: Results

R U ready for the winner of Week Four: Red Carpet Realness?

Rusoka Ulasirri!

Representing the true master race, Rusoka had the press’ full attention in this blue velvet gown. She took us to the director’s cut with this classic take delivered in full technicolor. She is indeed here to thank the academy, and, no, you will not be playing her off in the middle of her acceptance speech.

Now my starlets, whether you won top honours, had to settle for Best Supporting, or were simply in attendance for the publicity, you were all a box office smash and I cannot wait for the sequel. It’s always showtime.

Now then. Let the music play!

Runway Week 2: Steampunk Realness

Welcome, welcome, one and all to another fabulous week of ENTM’s Runway Cycle! We are pleased to bring to you fiction come reality, the intersection of science and fashion and fantasy. Whether you’re journeying to the center of the earth, or travelling 20,000 leagues under the sea, one thing always holds true: you gotta look good, darling. This week we’ve asked our models to take the stage in the original TikTok. From airship-filled skies to Rapture below join us on a grand adventure, won’t you?

So, who bioshocked you the most? Go ahead, let off some steam, and vote! And may the best model … win!

Doubles Week 5: Cosplay!

We have come to week five, and after this, there will only be one week left! Soon, we will know the winner of the first-ever ENTM Doubles Cycle! Last week Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne danced their way into first place, but will their cosplay pass the test?

That’s right, this week is the much-loved Cosplay!

Cosplay: There are great duos out there like Batman and Robin, Yogi and Boo Boo, or even Mad’s Spy vs. Spy! Find a cohesive (from the same show, anime, cartoons etc) pair that you and your partner can cosplay as!

So please enjoy the pictures below, and then rank them from 1 being your favorite, down to 5 in the poll linked at the bottom! The poll will be active until Tuesday at midnight (EST)!

Cowbot Ninetythree & Gangly Zilla – Leonardo da Vinci & Mona Lisa
“A masterpiece in the making”
Cowbot Ninetythree & Gangly Zilla Example
Blu Rose and Simple Pickle – Gaston and The Beast
Blu Rose and Simple Pickle Example
Rosalie Luvern and Astrum Luvern – Aladdin and Jasmine
“You, uh, you don’t want to go for a ride, do you? We could get out of the palace, see the world.”
Rosalie Luvern and Astrum Luvern Example
Xev Bellwyn and Matoko Magamitsuki – Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus
“In the name of the Moon, we shall punish you!”
Xev Bellwyn and Matoko Magamitsuki Example
Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne – Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz
Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne Example
Azalea Sol (left) and Elynor Black (right) – The White Rabbit and Alice
The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.
Azalea Sol and Elynor Black Example

To see bigger versions, please go here:

Voting will close Tuesday Night at Midnight (EST)!

Doubles Week 4 Winners!

Hello again! It is I, Host Kai!

It is time to announce the winners of week 4. Only two weeks left before we crown our first ever ENTM Doubles S-Rank Champions!

I am sure you want to know which duo danced their way into first place!

As always, our teams did an excellent job and the dancing was divine. But, the Judges and Community have spoken!

This week, two pair that knew all the right steps are…

Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne!!

Congrats! Your disco fever saw you hustle your way into our hearts!

Now, can you stay on top?

We will find out next week!

Scenic Cycle Round 6

This is it! The final week of ENTM’s first ever Scenic Cycle!

Before I talk about the final round, I first want to thank our judges for all their hard work during this cycle. They take hours of their time each week, seriously thinking about each shot and how it was done and possible ways to improve it. We had a good balance of technical advice from Forthyn, literary and artistic viewpoints from Ona, and puntastic commentary on colors and emotions from Ni’ko. Thank you again for volunteering to be part of my experiment!

For our final challenge of this first cycle, we took a sharp 180 from the laser focused black and whites of Amsel Adams and went back in time to the previous heydey of landscape artistry – Impressionism! I asked for dreamy vistas and pops of color, and our team of photographers did their best. This was an extremely technical round and I’m proud of what our challengers did with the in game engine to attempt to reproduce Impressionist techniques.

Nine photographers submitted shots for this final portfolio. Please enjoy them over the next few days while our judges review them.

ENTM Scenic Cycle Round 3

Lakeside Postcard

Scenic Cycle has reached the mid point, and for this week I chose a theme that is similar to previous ENTM rounds but also new just for this cycle. I asked our photographers to go inland from the beach and find a beautiful lake or a river, and take a “post card” style shot. The requirements were specifically: must include fresh water, and must have any of the in game frames except for Cinematic.

All ten photographers submitted gorgeous Lakeside Postcards, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!

The judges will be reviewing these shots over the weekend, and the winner of this round will be announced on Wednesday, June 5th.