August Challenge Winners!

We had a rare tie for the month of August with both Schan and Elessia garnishing an equal number of votes. (Thank you to the lone person who voted for my filler shot. I appreciate you.)

Congratulations, and you know what this means – the September challenge gets to be a rare collaboration theme!

Scenic Cycle III Round 5: Shorelines

In past rounds of ENTM we’ve been pretty pick about the location of where water meets land, specifying waterfalls, rivers, lakes, oceans, and everything in between.

For this round, I asked the photographers to find any place in the world where water touched land, with no other restrictions. These are our five shots for the week!

Please view all of this week’s submissions below! Click on an image to view it in a larger size, and then use your browser back button to return to this page. You are welcome to give any comments and feedback to the photographers on the ENTM public critiques channel.

Scenic Cycle III Round 4 Winner

It is once again Wednesday which means it’s time for the winner of Round 4. We had five amazing Cityscapes for this round, but there was only one winner this week, and that belonged to Lucifer Mourningstar for this lovely view from inside the Crystarium …. With a Flourish!

Congratulations! There are two more weeks left to go in the contest, including our most challenging round of the cycle (which is always the final week for a super grand finale, of course.)

With a Flourish

August Challenge Voting

The theme for August was Olympian Task and we had three entries this month. Please view each of the shots below and then vote for your favorite in the Google poll below!

Click on an image to view it in a larger size, and then use your browser’s back button to come back to this page.

If you have difficulty seeing the embedded poll below, click on this link to open it in another browser tab instead:

Scenic Cycle III Round 4: Cityscapes

For Round 4, I asked the photographers to go out and take a screenshot inside any of the “cities” of Eorzea and beyond – but within all the people hidden using the newest tools in Gpose, so that we are left with only pure architecture.

Here are the five beautiful entries from our contestants! As always, if you have any feedback to give them, you can do so on our Discord’s public critiques channel.

Click on an image to view it in a larger format, and then use your browser’s back button to return to the page.

Scenic Cycle III Round 3 Winner

Happy Wednesday to everyone. For Round 3, we had five star studded skies from all around Eorzea and Isabard. As is always the case, voting was super close, but one night sky managed to nudge itself out of the pack of pictures.

Congratulations to Kai Ulric for Starry Night in La Noscea!

We still have three more weeks of beautiful scenic images to go, so stay tuned for more landscapes this weekend!

Starry Night in La Noscea

Scenic Cycle III Round 3 – Starry Night

Hello everyone and we are now on week three of the third Scenic Cycle! This week the theme was “Starry Night” and we have five gorgeous shots submitted by our photographers. Please enjoy these amazing night time scenes and enjoy some tranquility under the stars.

Scenic Cycle III Round 2 Winner!

Our photographers submitted six great shots this week, taking us down pipes inside factories and out into the open prairies along a winding road. This week’s winner took us up the down staircase, edging out a win by just one point.

Congratulations to Schan Starfall for Traveling up the Stairway! The judges appreciated the interplay of light and shadow and the inclusion of the clockwork cogs and waterfalls that beckon you to explore this delightful area further.

Traveling up the Stairway

Scenic Cycle III Round 2: Traveling

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s time for Round 2 of Scenic Cycle III! For this week, I asked our photographers to snap a shot on the theme of “Traveling.” They had to use Echo filter in Gpose, but there were no other restrictions, so our photographers had a wide field to play with for this shot.

Here are this week’s entries!

Scenic Cycle III Round 1 Winner(s)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Our third Scenic Cycle is starting out with the usual judges disagreement and the voting was SO SO CLOSE. So close, in fact, that we are starting out this first round with an actual three way tie.

Congratulations to Simwell Waverider for “As Wisteria Blooms,” Schan Starfall for “Fancy Wedding Venue,” and Lucifer Mourningstar for “Look Gently and Smile Upon Me.”

To all the entries this round: Don’t worry, I’m gonna drag my waifu to every location in the game for screenshots for our vow renewal ceremony!