Renovation Cycle Round 5: “I Need a Drink”

Sometimes SE surprises us and puts really interesting items for sale from the housing merchant: the disordered wardrobe, the really cool slanted walls and even some not-so-ugly wall coverings. This week, our designers were challenged with creating a bar scene using ONLY the items acquired from the housing merchants, including the NPC’s that sell…NPC’s. AND they had to take the photo using a Sepia filter from Gpose to give an old-time effect. They were also encouraged to use extras and NPC’s to complete the immersion. This challenge proved difficult because of the limited items they could use and the limited NUMBER of items they could use! How does a designer stand out from the rest? So scroll down and see how these amazing designers accomplished the task. And be sure to vote for your favorites this week!

*Two models are missing this week, Scarleta and Desya. Scarleta will be back for the final round. Unfortunatel,y due to real life circumstances, Desya will be withdrawing. But she will be here cheering her fellow designers on!

Our guest judge this week, the wonderful, MARVELOUS Ni’ko Shae!

Host of ENTM’s Runway Cycle, winner of ENTM Classic Cycle 11, and frequent judge, Ni’ko Shae is a longtime housing enthusiast. One of Ni’ko’s biggest housing accomplishments was finally defeating the final boss: getting a couch to float over the stairwell leading to a medium house’s basement (okay, he got help doing it, but he tried for a long time!). For housing Ni’ko favours far eastern designs, plants and trees, and a healthy blend of pinks and purples (with a dash of rainbow). As a judge Ni’ko tends to favour those who think outside of the box and delivers the unexpected (though a bit of pink and purple couldn’t hurt any, now could it?). Now then, may the best decorator … win!

Renovation Cycle Round 4 Winner

Congratulations to Damien Montclair for creating a beautiful attic room with lots of layering and structure which gave her the edge this week. It was a tough challenge to create a structured room in a small space!

Stay tuned for Round 5 revealed Saturday!

Renovation Cycle Round 4: Room Structure

In the FFXIV housing design world, one designer stands out as an expert on structure and room design: Synt. His builds are meticulous in execution, flawless in form and gorgeous in design. He often creates concept builds focusing on the structure of the room such as a marvelous kitchen he created earlier this year. He challenged our designers this round to think of structure in terms of design and really think outside their normal sphere of building in FFXIV. These designers ran with the task this week and made these beautiful rooms seen below. And keep in mind, they only had 100 slots to work with! One designer, Desya, is missing but hopefully will be back next week! Once you are finished being wowed by these great builds, use the google form below to vote for your favorites!

And our beautiful guest judge this week, Destiny Seeker!

Hi everyone! My name is Destiny and I like ponies, PvP, and housing! I absolutely love housing in FF14 and have been designing since late Heavensward. I primarily am a commission designer, meaning I must adhere a lot to client requests. One of the most common is using all the floors! This is why I must challenge myself to try to create unique layouts to maximize the space. This can make even a small house feel so much bigger. I can’t wait to see what you all create. Best of luck!

Renovation Cycle Round 3 Winner

Nature may have taken over these gorgeous rooms, but it wasn’t the winner in the end; there could only be one. In a very cool turn of events, we had a tie! Our judges loved all the shots and actually couldn’t decide between the top two, but the community stepped up and just barely gave the edge to Netizen James! Congratulations Netizen, our winner of Round 3!

Please stay tuned for Round 4, revealed on Saturday!

Renovation Cycle Round 3: Overgrown and Abandoned

This week Ashen Bride tasked our designers with capturing the beauty of abandonment inside their rooms by making the rooms feel alive with overgrown plant life and bathed in natural light. Each room is to reflect a build in which nature and time have taken over the structure and once again claims it as its own. Structure and light are key elements in the designs this week. As always in the Renovation Cycle, designers were limited to an apartment or FC room and the 100 slots allotted. Please take a long look at the screenshots below and vote at the end of the post to reflect your favorites. Please note our wonderful designer Killia is not featured in this round so please mark her last with a 7 in the google form.

And featuring our guest judge this week, Katarh Mest!

Webmaster of ENTM, Gpose enthusiast, winner of ENTM Runway Cycle I, and formerly of the XIV Fashion blog on Tumblr (currently on hiatus.) Katarh specializes in non TPP screenshots and stands in awe of the glitch mastery of the Housing community.

Renovation Cycle Round 2 Winner

We traveled to the Far East this round where our designers created rooms straight out of Kugane. But one room caught the judges’ eye with her symmetrical room structure and the subtly lit window with the fog rolling in; she beautifully captured the night in Hingashi with her build this week. Congratulations Arilyn Moonblade, the winner of round 2!

Tune in Saturday for the next round of Renovation cycle!

Renovation Cycle Round 2: Travel to the Far East

Off the coast of Othard lies a group of isolated islands and home of the Hinghashi. On the smallest, western most island is the city of Kugane, a city with strong eastern influences. AkhRhai tasked our designers to take inspiration from Hingashi and transform their rooms to reflect this Far East aesthetic at night.

Please take a moment to look at the images below of the beautiful rooms the designers have created and vote below.

And introducing our guest judge this week, Schan!

“Hi, my name is Schan. I’ve been playing FFXIV since A Realm Reborn having been a screenshot enthusiast and consequently a gpose addict ever since it came out. I have been part of the ENTM community for years having recently participated in their landscape cycle.
I’m happy to be here as a guest judge and looking forward to see everyone’s creativity and how they tackle the unique challenges that housing presents. Looking forward to it!”

Renovation Cycle Round 1 Winner

One designer stood out a little above the rest and showed us a cozy room with a gorgeous window giving us a peak at the natural world. The room’s soft lighting and the moonlit, untamed garden really impressed the judges. Congratulations to Damien Montclair, winner of round one!

Stay tuned Saturday for the next round to see what our designers wow us with next!

Renovation Cycle Round 1: Wonderful Windows

Windows and window treatments are the design element that can transform a room from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming. Windows are the openings to the world from the real world to fantasy worlds! This is especially true in FFXIV interiors where designers are creating amazing windows that transform rooms into fantastic spaces, making them the central element of many designs.

Our designers were tasked to create a room with the focal point being a window or windows and making them truly stand out. The only restrictions were they had to be made in an FC room or an apartment, and their imagination!

Please view all of this week’s submissions below! Please then vote for your favorite shot in the Google poll that is linked at the bottom of this post! The winner of this round will be announced Wednesday! The pictures below will also be featured on the ENTM discord server as well as the judges’ critiques!

And introducing our guest judge this week! Forthyn!

“Greetings! I’m Forthyn, judge of a cycle and S-Rank winner of Fresh Faces I and Scenic Cycle I. While I personally am not invested into housing constructs, I enjoy it and Gpose, viewing the myriad of executions players are able to produce with their skill and creativity. My primary focus is the artistic field, and I’ll namely be looking at your composition and execution in your work as front-end presentation. May the shadows always guide you.”

Renovation Cycle: Meet the Designers

Introducing the designers for ENTM’s inaugural Renovation Cycle! Each designer will be working diligently on their respective rooms to create gorgeous images for us to admire and the public to vote on (be sure to vote on your favorite). Every week on Saturday, a post will go out with the room designs for everyone to vote; the images will also be up on our discord server. The judges will be weighing in on their favorite constructs and be critiquing all the designers’ work. They will be offering them tips and pointers in how to improve each round. Please look forward to it! And without further ado…our marvelous designers!

Arilyn Moonblade
Hollow Attrition
Netizen James
Scarleta Valkyire
Desya Moons

Killia Verenelle
Damien Montclair