Welcome to ENTM: Fresh Faces of Eorzea!

Since this is a cycle that is aimed towards new models, I will explain a bit about ENTM and how it works! ENTM was started back in 2014 by Rongi Pongi, and started on the FFXIV Official Forums. We have since spread to Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and have an active Discord group. Everyone here loves this game, and loves glamours and /gpose. If you do as well, you’ll be among good company!

I run this as a non-elimination style cycle, which means models will have to commit to 6 weeks of themed photoshoots. Of course, if you get them done early you are more than welcome to turn them in early as well. I also need the models to join the discord group since this is where the critiques are posted, and where I keep in contact with the models.

The basis of ENTM is (and always will be) to provide a friendly, supportive and fun competition while giving constructive critiques to improve the model’s overall /gpose skills. Mostly, we just want this to be a fun little competition where you can show off your amazing skills, make new friends, learn some new techniques, and possibly be crowned the new S-Rank cycle champion!

Who can try out?
– If you have never been in an ENTM cycle before, you’re able to try out!
– If you tried out but never made it into any cycle, you’re able to try out!

And just to cover a question that might pop up: If a player has been in a cycle before, this also covers all their alt’s as well, and cannot try out on a different character.

Basic Rules:
Players trying out cannot use cropping, photoshop (plus any programs like it) or any 3rd party program that betters their graphics or changes the way their character looks in the game (adds muscles, changes the way gear looks, etc). This is so, regardless of the player being on a PC or PS4, everyone is on an equal playing field.
Players cannot fantasia, their character must remain as it is in the tryout photos. But, this does not include anything that can be done using the Aesthetician! We encourage the models to change their looks for every shot using our friendly Elezen fashionista!

How can you try out?
First, join our Discord! (don’t forget to go to the roles channel!)
Then, do the following 3 shots!
Portrait Shot (shoulders up)
Your Favorite Glamour (full body)
Your Favorite Place To Hang
Once done, DM Admin Kai (me!) with your Name, Server and the three shots listed!


The Judges will look them over to decide, and I am hoping for a total of 8-10 models for this cycle! If you have any more questions, feel free to @ me in the Discord group, or DM me!


Help Support Us!

Since we have a new cycle coming up – and more cycles in the works, we would really like to work on promoting the wonderful group we have here.

So if you don’t follow us on our social media, please do! Even if we only have a few more people follow us and reblog, we are already reaching a larger audience! 🙂

Website: http://www.eorzeasntm.org/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eorzeasneotm/

Thank you for supporting us, and being a part of this wonderful group!

-ENTM Admin

Welcome to 2020 with a New Cycle!

It’s a New Year and a New ENTM cycle! One that has not been done since the original cycle way back in the summer of 2014!

I see all of our future talent and all of the players who follow us on Twitter and Tumblr. I wanted to do a cycle for you, so:

Have you been looking for a reason to get more involved with our Discord? Have you wanted to try out, but were a bit nervous or shy going up against others who had done it before? Have you ever hoped there would be a cycle for all-new models, showing off their skills for the first time? Or, maybe you’re just ready to toss your hat in the ring!

Well, then:

Welcome to ENTM: Fresh Faces of Eorzea

We would love to get new models involved in our cycles, and our community. So we are looking to our community who has stuck with us. Who has voted for other models and followed the cycles, but haven’t tried out! This fun, new cycle was thought up with you in mind and we hope you will join us! Look for more information in the coming weeks!

For those models who have been in a cycle before, fear not! I’m sure you are chomping at the bit to show off how fabulous you are! Kat wants to remind you, this spring ENTM: Classic will be hopping in for your enjoyment!

So here is to a Fun and Happy New Year!!

-Host Kai

To join our Discord, please use the following link:


ENTM Runway Cycle: Grand Finale

Without further ado the winner of our first ENTM Runway Cycle, and our newest S-rank Model is…

Katarh Mest!

Our hostest with the Mest-est, Katarh Mest, showed off her credentials big time throughout these six weeks delivering creativity and versatility with each passing week. Embodying the spirit of ENTM she proved it takes more than just a good outfit to come ahead in the competition; the right pose, background, and focus really helps to pull one ahead.

Our second place victor, Rusoka Ulasirri, went above and beyond with unique angles and poses, and really brought a cinematographic feel to her shots.

Our third place victor, Tattl Tael, also earned herself the Community vote; this is the winner of the combined votes from community alone, excluding our judges. She brought a new level of cinematography and risk taking to our competition. Our fourth place victor, Yomu Kazul, showed us time and time again his level of versatility, atmosphere, and sense of humour.

And, of course, our competition wouldn’t have been a full house without our fifth place victors: Aldrid Light, Cowbot Ninetythree, Djevh’a Frehtj, Gangly Zilla, Jimin Choi, Peruru Meioh, Shion Jin, and Yume Aawkot. You all did marvelously. It was a joy to watch you grow each week, come up with new ideas, and be receptive to feedback. I thank you so much for being a part of this.

I want to thank you all for participating in whatever capacity. This cycle our roster included one of our own hosts taking on the role of competitor, ENTM veterans, and newcomers alike. Our cast spanned across the globe and back. A special thank you to our judges, Kai Ulric, Malkovich Malkovich, Odharnait “Ona” Greene, and Rymmrael “Rymm” Bhaldraelwyn, and of course our special guest judge Vederah Kilmister.

These past few weeks have been incredible, and I hope you all have had as much fun competing, watching, judging, and scoring as I have had hosting. It has been a thrill getting to know each of our competitors. We’ve all become closer because of this shared experience. You are all winners, baby.


Runway Week 6: Results

Yo, yo, yo, it’s time to announce the winner of Week Six: Rainbow Connection! Congratulations…

Yomu Kazul!

You dove deep into your vivid imagination for this under the sea rainbow fantasy, Yomu, and it has us holding our breath. Your outfit flows together beautifully, each colour meshing with one another flawlessly. A truly tropical take on this week’s challenge, bravo! Yomu, you may have finally answered why there are so many songs about rainbows, but above all else you proved to the lovers, the dreamers, and especially yourself how to find the rainbow connection. Simply brilliant.

Now then, my prismatic participants, though your time to shine and show your true colours has come and gone, you are all winners here. You have all done well in creating lovely outfits this competition, and I sincerely have enjoyed the journey as much as you all have. But, only one of you has found your pot of gold at the end. Stay tuned as we crown the winner!

Now then, let the music play!

Runway Week 6: Rainbow Connection

Welcome, welcome, one and all to this, our final week of ENTM Runway Cycle. It has been an incredible journey, and I am so proud of all of our models for their creativity, sportsmanship, receptiveness, and, of course, tenacity. You have all done well over these past five weeks, but this right here is the final test of your skill as a model, fashion icon, and /gposer.

At least this time around.

I do believe it was the great American philosopher, Kermit the Frog, who said “I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me.” You’ve done yourself proud, and I cannot wait to see where your vision takes you next.

It was also this same philosopher who wondered why there are so many songs about rainbows, and what is on the other side. He spoke of rainbows as visions, but only illusions. But he went on to say that they have nothing to hide. Well, honey, this week our technicolour twelve has absolutely nothing to hide as vibrant visions here to illustrate those illusions. Come take a wish on the morning star with me, and watch as our models bend light itself to bring Mr. Roy G. Biv to life.

You don’t have to look any further to find the rainbow connection; we’ve got it right here, baby. Now, an important note, our models were tasked to represent each of the seven colours of the rainbow in their look. Hair and make-up were optional canvases for helping to complete their look, and fulfill criteria. Now then, get out there and vote, because we can’t do it without the lovers, the dreamers, or you. And may the best model… win!

Runway Week 5: Results

Didja evah wonder who this week’s winner is? Don’t fret! Congratulations to the winner of Week Five: Read to Filth…

Djevh’a Frehtj!

Once again another week where community voting has been critical in determining a winner. Djevh’a, you read the house down in this noble ensemble. And by the house I mean The House, kicking off a dance-off in a cathedral in those brown leather boots. You have a knack for pulling together a great look, and it really shows here in a fun take on an otherwise serious style. Excellent job pairing the right look against a backdrop that really compliments your style. Well done.

Now then, my ocular one-two, you were asked to quiet down in the library, but no more! The library is closed! OFFICIALLY! There is still time to grab top honours, and show them all that you came to slay. Next week is our final week! Whether you win or lose, it’s all about the journey.

Now then. Let the music play!

Runway Week 5: Read to Filth

In the great tradition of Paris is Burning get your library cards, because the library is open, darling! Welcome, one and all, to another fabulous week of ENTM’s Runway Cycle. This week our models were challenged to take a few key ingredients: a pair of glasses, a bottle of red dye, and a bottle of brown dye, and see what they can come up with. Head to toe ready to read the house down boots yes gawd tongue pop and other drag queen references. In all seriousness, please keep it down, because our models have spent some serious time studying up this week to bring you their interpretation of these three specific elements. So, get ready, because reading is what? Fundamental!

Remember, the only criteria this week was to wear a pair of glasses, wear something in red, and wear something in brown, and all three pieces must be separate. So, which of our models pulled off the most novel of ideas? Who read the house down? Let us know, and vote! And may the best model… win!

Runway Week 4: Results

R U ready for the winner of Week Four: Red Carpet Realness?

Rusoka Ulasirri!

Representing the true master race, Rusoka had the press’ full attention in this blue velvet gown. She took us to the director’s cut with this classic take delivered in full technicolor. She is indeed here to thank the academy, and, no, you will not be playing her off in the middle of her acceptance speech.

Now my starlets, whether you won top honours, had to settle for Best Supporting, or were simply in attendance for the publicity, you were all a box office smash and I cannot wait for the sequel. It’s always showtime.

Now then. Let the music play!

Runway Week 4: Red Carpet Realness

Lights! Camera! FASHION! Welcome once again to another exciting installment of ENTM’s Runway Cycle. Our divalicious dozen are ready for their close-up this week, Mr. DeMille, as they glide down the red carpet in some of the finest couture this side of the velvet rope. We reeled in our models to give us a premiere of their own byshowing us how they would attend a red carpet premiere. Well, our models gave us the director’s cut as they dressed to the tens, because the nines simply weren’t enough. From Hollywood to Cannes and beyond our models knew it was universally paramount to show us how much of a 20th century fox they could be. Simply a golden opportunity to be MGM grand, don’t you think?

Now then, who would you like to thank the academy for? Let us know who your nominees are by voting! And may the best model… win!