October Challenge Winner

Hi everyone! We asked everyone to do their best Monster Mash for the month of October, and four spooky models rose to the challenge and gave us a good old fashioned fright with their dancing skills. But the one who danced their way into our nightmares this month was our 2018 reigning challenge queen, Ona Greene!

Spooky costume: check. Monstrous dance pose: check. Excellent use of the Posterization filter: Check.

Congrats Ona! For everyone else, stay tuned because the November challenge will go live in the next few days!

Ona Greene

October Challenge Voting

Hi folks! For the month of October, we challenged our model community to go out and do the Monster Mash. We wanted to see you partying or scaring the citizenry in your best monster costume. We had four models rise to the challenge this month, all of them doing some pretty spoopy moves out on the dance floor or the dungeons.

Ogle our oogly models, and then vote for your favorite in the Google Poll!

October Challenge

Hi folks! The theme for the October challenge is going to be:

Monster Mash

Put on your favorite monster themed costume and go forth and haunt the towns! Or just have a really good dance party.

Submissions for the month of October will be open until Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019. The prize is your choice of a minion from the Mogstation, and also the rights to choose the November 2019 theme.

To enter, please join the ENTM Discord if you haven’t already, and send your entry along with your character name to admin Katarh Mest. Gpose is allowed and encouraged. Reshade, mods, and third party post processing are not allowed for ENTM monthly contests.

Click >>>> HERE <<<<< to join the ENTM Discord!

September Challenge Winner

Hi folks! For the month of September, we asked you to go out and show us your best Neon interpretation. We had four models rise to the day glow challenge, but the winner this month was Yomu Kazul!

Congratulations, and stay tuned for the October challenge!

S-Rank Winners of ENTM Doubles Cycle 1!

It was an amazing six weeks, but we have come to the end! Now, it is time to announce the winner of the first cycle of ENTM Doubles Cycle!

But first, I want to thank all of the Models and the Judges who made this cycle possible! We do this for fun and in our free time. I hope all of you had fun as well over the last six weeks.

I also want to thank the community that keeps trying out for these cycles, and who votes every cycle! Without this wonderful community – none of this would be possible. We greatly appreciate you as well!

Now, moving on!

Over the last six weeks, we have had the Judges and Community voting for their favorites.

And I would just like to say that every pairing did a great job! It is not easy to put yourself out there and be judged by others, so in that, they are all winners!

-This was a close race for first place-

But, there can be only one! Like the one ring! Though, they won’t rule over everyone… Instead, they get the fancy title and the honor of being the very first:

Double’s S-Rank Winners!

Now, it is time…

With the lowest combined score
from the community and judges

Your winners of ENTM Doubles Edition Cycle 1 is:

Gold textured background

Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne!!

Congratulations, you two!
You are the S-Rank Champions of the very first Doubles Cycle!

Doubles Week 6 Winners!

Hello again! It is I, Host Kai!

It is time to announce the winners of Week 6. This was the final week and the final weekly winners!

So whose makeovers made them a winner?! Well…

As always, our teams did an excellent job! But, the Judges and Community have spoken!

This week, the pair that made it to the top was…

Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne!!

Congrats on winning the final week of Doubles ENTM!