November Challenge 2022 Voting

The theme for November was “A Fest.” We had three entries this month! Please click on each image below to view it in a larger size, and then use your browser’s back button to return to this post. After looking at each image, please vote for your favorite in the Google poll at the bottom.

Voting will be open until Sunday, December 3rd.

If you are having trouble voting on the embedded poll, please open it in a new tab by clicking on this link instead:

CopyCat Cycle – Final Results

Well it’s the last post from your girl Ona.

We have had a wonderful journey thus far. We have had 6 unique rounds to build off for the future. I have learned some great things from this cycle, like how important it is to send reminders to everyone before the deadline and that time zones are a weird thing and your one judge could possibly be in the future…

But we also learned something about our models. Give them some strange concepts, such as the rounds in CopyCat and ask them to recreate them and they will go out and do just that.

While we lost two amazing models along the way, I am calling CopyCat a success!

Another really cool thing about ENTM’s cycles in general, is that they are really unpredictable when it comes to overall winners. You see, if each and every week our winner was the same, then a clear winner would be easily identified.

But that wasn’t the case this cycle.

Each week as I added the round’s numbers to the grand total sheet it would sway one direction or another. But when the final round was tallied and I looked at the point spread, there were only 1.1 points separating the top two models.

1.1 points. And that’s rounded. It was actually 1.08769841.

Regardless, the model who took our first place in this inaugural cycle has shown that they have what it takes to craft screenies with life and vigor and a level of consistency that earned them the edge on the 2nd place model.

So let’s not keep you waiting any longer….

Your winner is:


Welcome to the S-Rank Club my dear! (even though I still do not have the title myself) A cycle well shot!


Please keep an eye out on the discord and here for our next round! I am not sure what is up next, but I know it will be exciting!

And as always,
Love from here.
– Ona

It’s the final round now

Doo de do do doot doot dee do

Well my models and friends. It’s been a journey. I wanted to try something new and hoped that you would enjoy it too. There are some specific areas I want to improve upon myself before I would run it again, but as a whole I do feel that the cycle went well. I enjoyed watching all the different takes on the themes, and seeing the models be so kind to each other! While I was sad to lose two models midway, we do still love them dearly and send our love and admiration to them!

But it wasn’t just about the models, I also want to thank my judges for being brilliant every week and giving critiques to each model. I’ve been a judge, it was a lot to ask of you all, and yet you still did it.

But without further adieu, our week 6 winner embodied their Zodiac sign with accuracy and poise. I learned this week that Zodiac have flowers and colors assigned to them, so it was an added touch to see it highlighted in many images.

But the winner stole the show with a simple, but elegant double take.


A beautiful take on Gemini for certain!

The judges called your image thoughtful, beautiful, clean. I think it’s pretty awesome, and wonder why I didn’t get a cool astro sign to create 😂

Come back this afternoon for our Cycle Winner announcement and for the official crowning of our newest s-rank model.


It’s the final round for the CopyCat Cycle here at ENTM.

My amazing models have walked this road with me and for that I am grateful! But they still need YOU to vote on our final round before we can crown both week 6 winner, and the new S-Rank model for the CopyCat Cycle!

So this week I took it a little easy on them and asked for them to give me their Zodiac sign. Whatever it was, THAT is what their image needed to be of.

According to
zodiac, in astronomy and astrology, a belt around the heavens extending 9° on either side of the ecliptic, the plane of Earth’s orbit and of the Sun’s apparent annual path. The orbits of the Moon and of the principal planets also lie entirely within the zodiac. The 12 astrological signs of the zodiac are each considered to occupy 1/12 (or 30°) of its great circle. These signs no longer correspond to the astronomical constellations in which the Sun actually appears. The constellations are irregular in size and shape, and the Sun regularly passes through one constellation (Ophiuchus) that is not considered a member of the zodiac.
Because most of the constellations through which the ecliptic passes represent animals, the ancient Greeks called its zone zōdiakos kyklos, “circle of animals,” or ta zōdia, “the little animals.” The size and number of zodiacal constellations varied in antiquity and became fixed only with the development of mathematical astronomy. The list below gives the constellations of the zodiac, with the dates of the Sun’s passage through them in the era when their boundaries were fixed. These dates are still used for the astrological signs, though precession of the equinoxes has shifted the constellations eastward; e.g., on January 1 the direction of the sun is now in Sagittarius instead of Capricornus. The history of the symbols is unknown; they seem to appear first in Greek manuscripts of the late Middle Ages.

Now, onto our model’s images:

And as always, Love from here.


November Challenge 2022

The theme for the month of November is “A Fest” – with many holidays right around the corner, this is your opportunity to show how you celebrate!

Entries will be accepted until Friday, November 25th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. To enter, please send an original screenshot to Katarh Mest in DM.

The winner will receive the right to choose a theme from the next month, a dye pack or other small item from the Mogstation (subject to friendship with a Xiv Fashion alt on your data center) and their winning shot on the banner of our website!

ENTM contests are open to the general screenshot community. You do not have to have participated in any ENTM contest before. You must, however, be a member of our Discord community to see the winner’s announcement. ENTM monthly contest screenshots must be “vanilla” – no mods, no Reshade, and no post processing allowed. You must include the FFXIV copyright notice on the shot to allow us to post on our website for voting. Please submit one (1) original screenshot for this contest, not used in any other contest before or posted on social media. Also please include the character name for voting. No other restrictions apply beyond these and the challenge theme as described above. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

CopyCat Cycle – Round 5 Winner – WAR!

Well hello fans! It was a tough round this week.

I gave the models a theme, they gave me amazing images that fit that theme. I made the judges judge. They picked the photo they loved the most and


into one of the most amazing rounds I ever thought up. I will have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the work these models did for me this week. They had to find a reference image themselves that is a real life photo and then work within the game parameters and recreate it. I absolutely loved the creative liberties this round, and finding something that was close enough to get the point across.

The judges complained to me about the difficulty they faced with judging this round too, so each and every model should be proud of the images they submitted! But unfortunately, a winner must be crowned, and with that being said, our winner this week is…


Damien, your use of the motorcycle to stand in for the truck in your reference photo was a great choice, and waiting for the shadows of the day to elongate under the tires of the bike solidified your win tonight!

Tonight there is supposed to be a Lunar Eclipse, if I can wake myself up at 3am I may watch it. Otherwise, I will see you on Saturday morning with the final, round of the inaugural cycle of CopyCats!

And as always, Love from here


What is it good for?

Absolutely Nothing.

When I think of iconic images, most of the time my mind is taken to those images that breathe life into a situation that is considered less than savory. A moment in time when there is good, even when it is bad. Though cheesy, I consider the epic stories and movies and remember that though we may bring ourselves mentally to Luke fighting Vader in the lava fields (lol right?)…

Anakin VS Obi Wan Part 2 -- Star Wars Episode III [720p]
make movie GIFs like this at MakeaGif

So now that I have called myself out on my mistake when initially announcing this cycle, I want to call out the the models this week and their images.

I have tasked the models this week with finding an iconic image of “peace” during a time of war. Something that tells the story that unfolded when the raging war was unseen. Instead of titles this week. I am giving you reference images.

Unfortunately this week, Ardyn had IRL concerns that arose, he should return for the final week.
Additionally Elessia needed to step away from the contest due to personal reasons.
We wish her health and happiness.






Results of the Round will be live Tuesday 8am EST!

And as always,
Love from here.
– Ona

October Challenge Winner

This is definitely not me forgetting I closed voting yesterday. Nope nope nope. Totally on schedule to announce the winner of the October challenge, which was once again Chibi Blu!

The November challenge will be coming soon, so please watch this space in between voting for Copycat Cycle!

Chibi Blu

Samhain – CopyCat Round 4 Winner

Spooky Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine.

Well last night was the culmination of our Samhain (Halloween) round! So while my kids and I were out in the torrential downpour getting stacks our amazing team of Judges were finishing their critiques and voting. Not going to lie, I passed out harder than the kids after putting their tiny butts in bed.

I’m tempted to hide their candy and pretend I ate it….

But no I won’t, instead I will crown the winner of this past week!

Our winner was…


My family has always been in meat.

Malkovich, your image is visceral and quite frankly disturbing. Just like wartime photos, this image is one that will remain, even in times of terror peace. Which is why you have taken home the Pumpkin Crown! (It’s not official, I just made it up).

Check back next week for our 5th week of the CopyCat Cycle!

And as always, Love from here.