CopyCat Cycle – Final Results

Well it’s the last post from your girl Ona.

We have had a wonderful journey thus far. We have had 6 unique rounds to build off for the future. I have learned some great things from this cycle, like how important it is to send reminders to everyone before the deadline and that time zones are a weird thing and your one judge could possibly be in the future…

But we also learned something about our models. Give them some strange concepts, such as the rounds in CopyCat and ask them to recreate them and they will go out and do just that.

While we lost two amazing models along the way, I am calling CopyCat a success!

Another really cool thing about ENTM’s cycles in general, is that they are really unpredictable when it comes to overall winners. You see, if each and every week our winner was the same, then a clear winner would be easily identified.

But that wasn’t the case this cycle.

Each week as I added the round’s numbers to the grand total sheet it would sway one direction or another. But when the final round was tallied and I looked at the point spread, there were only 1.1 points separating the top two models.

1.1 points. And that’s rounded. It was actually 1.08769841.

Regardless, the model who took our first place in this inaugural cycle has shown that they have what it takes to craft screenies with life and vigor and a level of consistency that earned them the edge on the 2nd place model.

So let’s not keep you waiting any longer….

Your winner is:


Welcome to the S-Rank Club my dear! (even though I still do not have the title myself) A cycle well shot!


Please keep an eye out on the discord and here for our next round! I am not sure what is up next, but I know it will be exciting!

And as always,
Love from here.
– Ona