It’s the final round now

Doo de do do doot doot dee do

Well my models and friends. It’s been a journey. I wanted to try something new and hoped that you would enjoy it too. There are some specific areas I want to improve upon myself before I would run it again, but as a whole I do feel that the cycle went well. I enjoyed watching all the different takes on the themes, and seeing the models be so kind to each other! While I was sad to lose two models midway, we do still love them dearly and send our love and admiration to them!

But it wasn’t just about the models, I also want to thank my judges for being brilliant every week and giving critiques to each model. I’ve been a judge, it was a lot to ask of you all, and yet you still did it.

But without further adieu, our week 6 winner embodied their Zodiac sign with accuracy and poise. I learned this week that Zodiac have flowers and colors assigned to them, so it was an added touch to see it highlighted in many images.

But the winner stole the show with a simple, but elegant double take.


A beautiful take on Gemini for certain!

The judges called your image thoughtful, beautiful, clean. I think it’s pretty awesome, and wonder why I didn’t get a cool astro sign to create 😂

Come back this afternoon for our Cycle Winner announcement and for the official crowning of our newest s-rank model.