Classic Cycle 12 Round 4 Winner

This week’s theme was Wide Open Spaces, a scenic round in which are models were asked to photograph themselves enjoying an outdoor vista. The judges votes were very close this week, but thanks to our community votes we don’t quite have a three way tie.

The winner for this week is Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn for her unique take on a wide open space, giving us a stunning underwater view, with a carefully coordinated red bathing suit to match the scenery. The risky back shot paid off here, as our model floats serenely in the water looking out at the red coral and the shafts of light filtering down from the surface, acting in place of the sky.

Congratulations Rymm! (And hey I’ve figured out how to do full size single images finally, so click below to embiggen!)

FFXIV Screenshot

Classic Cycle 12 Round 4 – Wide Open Spaces

Welcome back for another week of wonderful screenshots from our models! Last week we gave them a really tough technical challenge and asked them to go fight something big and nasty. This week we allowed them to take a break and go on vacation someplace pretty.

The theme is Wide Open Spaces and the requirements were scenic style (no battle allowed) with the suggestion to “Show your character enjoying a lovely vista outdoors!” The scenery is the costar for this round, so here’s what our models came up with!

Click on the images to view them in full size. Then vote in the Google Poll below to rank them from strongest at number one on down this week.

(If the form above does not load, click here for the poll.)

April Challenge Winner

The theme for April was April Flowers, No Showers and the challenge was a shot with beautiful flowers with any environment that wasn’t wet or rainy. We had many of our models and community members rise to the challenge, but the community votes this month showed a clear preference for this stunning indoor portrait by Escher Strange. Congratulations!


The theme for May will be announced in the next few days, so stay tuned to our Discord channel for the announcement!

Classic Cycle 12 Round 3 Winner!

Hi everyone! Round 3 was Boss Monster, probably our most technically challenging round of the cycle. Our models found a wonderful variety of big bad bosses to pick a fight with, but after some close voting from the judges (and input from our community votes) the winner this round was Djevh’a Frehtj!

Our judges liked the balance of red and blue and the dynamic poses of both boss and model. This shot is a stellar example of an classic “epic battle” that Final Fantasy games are so famous for. Congratulations!

Djevh’a Frehtj

Classic Cycle 12 Round 3 – Boss Monster

Hi folks! For our round this week, I asked our models to go fight a Boss Monster – that is, to go into a trial, arena, or dungeon and pick one of the big bosses to use as a costar this round. They had to be visibly engaged with the enemy and the monster had to be bigger than they are! This round is partially inspired by the card game of the same name.

As far as our round themes go, this one is technically challenging because boss monsters are notoriously uncooperative. Getting both the player character and the entire boss in the shot is frequently impossible, so the goal is to use creative angles and camera tricks to make the battle shot still look as epic as possible. All twelve of our models rose to the challenge this week, and so here is their take on Big Bad Bosses:

April Challenge Voting

Hi folks! The theme for this month was April Flowers, No Showers and we had 11 entries this time, making it one of our biggest monthly challenges ever! Please review the shots below, and then vote for your favorite this month in the Google Poll attached.

Voting will be open until April 24th at 10:00 PM EDT!

End Cap Image to prevent the gallery from having a preview shot

Classic Cycle 12 Round 2 Winner!

Last week I borrowed a theme from our Runway Cycle and asked our models to give us a fashion shoot in the style of “formal.” The only requirement beyond that was that the shot had to be in a portrait (vertical) orientation. Our models had a wonderful range of interpretations of the theme, some of them taking us to the Met Gala, others to the pages of Vogue or to a senior prom. But the winner this week took the “portrait” part the most seriously, and gave us a military general hanging above the mantle of a castle: Congratulations Tattl!

This is a clear example of how the setting can make a shot. Out on the open field this would have been some nice but normal armor. By giving us a pile of treasure as a background and a stiff pose, this shot has transformed into clear definition of a “formal portrait” and centuries from now this will be hanging in a museum exhibition about digital art.

Great job to all the models this week! Classic Cycle will return soon for Round 3. Also don’t forget that the deadline for the April Challenge is coming up on Friday April 17th, for the theme of April Flowers No Showers.

FFXIV Screenshot

Classic Cycle 12 Round 2 – Formal Portrait

Welcome back for another week of ENTM Classic Cycle 12! This week, we borrowed an idea from our Runway Cycle, and asked our models to submit us a Formal Portrait. The round requirements were “Get as dressy as you can for this shot. Vertical orientation required.” Other than that, our models were free to interpret the instructions however they wanted, and we have a wonderful variety of concepts ranging from parties to paintings.

Please review the gallery of beautiful images, below, and then vote in the Google poll for the strongest shots this week!

Classic Cycle 12 Round 1 Winner

For our first week, we stuck with a classic ENTM round all right – By the River! Our models were asked to go find a stream or a river and take a scenic shot to show off the location (and also themselves, of course.) Our judges had a tough time narrowing down the strongest shot and it was very close, but the winner this round was Reina Nymeria!

This shot had everything that we ask for in ENTM – a beautiful background scene with strong composition, good lighting and clothing contrast, and a story that we can tell about what we are seeing here. Congratulations Reina! To all our models, keep up the good work, and to our audience, thank you for voting! Community votes make all the difference and ENTM wouldn’t be the same without your input.

FFXIV Screenshot
Reina Nymeria

Classic Cycle 12 Round 1 – By the River

Welcome to the first round of Classic Cycle 12! Our models were asked to go out and find a stream or a river, and take a screen shot with it! We had no other restrictions in place for this round, other than it had to be scenic (so no monsters or fighting things.)

Thankfully there are plenty of waterways in Eorzea, so here we go!

When you have looked at all of the images, please vote in order from strongest to weakest in the Google poll embedded below, or alternately by >>>clicking on this link here.<<< 1 is the strongest, 2 is next strongest, etc. Voting will be open until 11:59 PM EDT on April 7th. Voting is anonymous (no email addresses are recorded) but we do limit to one vote per Google account to prevent ballot stuffing 🙂