Classic Cycle 12 Round 2 Winner!

Last week I borrowed a theme from our Runway Cycle and asked our models to give us a fashion shoot in the style of “formal.” The only requirement beyond that was that the shot had to be in a portrait (vertical) orientation. Our models had a wonderful range of interpretations of the theme, some of them taking us to the Met Gala, others to the pages of Vogue or to a senior prom. But the winner this week took the “portrait” part the most seriously, and gave us a military general hanging above the mantle of a castle: Congratulations Tattl!

This is a clear example of how the setting can make a shot. Out on the open field this would have been some nice but normal armor. By giving us a pile of treasure as a background and a stiff pose, this shot has transformed into clear definition of a “formal portrait” and centuries from now this will be hanging in a museum exhibition about digital art.

Great job to all the models this week! Classic Cycle will return soon for Round 3. Also don’t forget that the deadline for the April Challenge is coming up on Friday April 17th, for the theme of April Flowers No Showers.

FFXIV Screenshot