CopyCat Cycle 2 – Winner

Well the cycle has come to a close! We saw some amazing screenies again this cycle and I love how the models rose to meet each challenge. Some were super hard, some absolutely hilarious.

I haven’t done this in previous cycles but really wanted to show off, one more time, each model’s images for the cycle and then announce the overall winner. I guess there is a first time for everything…







These models look amazing in their screenshots! It has been an amazing cycle!

But now to announce our winners:









Your CopyCat Cycle 2 Winner:

Damien Montclair!!

Your images were top notch each week, and the win was well deserved! To all my beautiful models, I am so thankful for your patience and kindness and beauty this cycle! With so many things happening IRL and IG, it goes without saying how amazing our community is! I look forward to seeing you compete in the future!

For now, and always, Love from here…
– Ona


This was a hilarious round for me. I asked my models to become me, and they gave me some awesome shots. I could not have asked for a better showing to be honest. They really embodied my personality and provided you with images of me being loud and crazy, but I am a little disappointed with the marked lack of whiskey…

also there wasn’t any cheese sticks or appie juice… sigh.

But only one model came out on top being the best Ona they could be! And to that model I say…

Our OnaCopyCat is


Congratulations to you my darling! You look marvelous! <3

Stay tuned for our final results and overall winner of CopyCat Cycle 2!

And as always, love from here

Week 6 – The Final Week

Wow. The Cycle is over after this week??!?! I am not ok with this! I want to see the manager! There is no manager only Katarh

For real for real.

The final week. When I was planning the weeks, I said I want this to be light hearted, push some boundaries, force the models to really think about what they were copying and give me images that are fun, funny, and impressive. For the last five weeks we have seen these amazing shots and the models stepping up to themes that are a little strange…

So I figured, lets make the final week something everyone enjoys, a theme that no one can pretend isn’t amazing and awesome and probably would be drunk at 10:45 in the morning if there weren’t obligations and a mountain of clothes to fold and put away….

That’s right… this week’s theme was


I gave the models some images of myself, some commissions some IG. Provided them with things Ona likes, characteristics of her personality, and told them to become me. Some models found embodying me to be a strange situation and they laughed as they sent me their images, while others, nah they all thought it was hilarious…

First, here is a gallery of the images I provided to the models:

Now… here are the models as Ona…

Amalie Greene – Skål
Damien – Shenanigans
Hilda – Le Dancing Ona is the Dancing Queen
Kimiko – (Ona) Ceruleum Processing Plant!
Netizyn – Ona

Now comes the fun part — which model best captures Ona, in all of her Loud, Loyal, Supportive, Cheese stick-appy juice-chicky nugg loving glory? Which Bard, outbarded the Bard of all Bards?

Drop your little votey votes and we will have an answer for you next Wednesday!

And as always, love from here
– Ona

Week 5 – Zodiac – Winner!

Well here we are, sharing another winner!

I asked the models to share with me their best Zodiac image. They were given the choice of Western Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac

if they would have asked they could have done any other Zodiac there is but that’s all that was asked of me

As a Scorpio (Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, and Capricorn Rising) I am a cranky stubborn secretive grudge holding passionate human who will gladly take someone out for a friend (just say the word).

But I didn’t have to take a shot. My models did, however. From their amazing entries, we had an incredibly close contest this round. Places 2 and 3 tied, but there was a clear winner, and that was …


Gemini Horses

The use of both the Chinese Zodiac (Horse) and the Western Zodiac (Gemini) you encorporated dualing ideas and created a beautiful image, which earned you a well deserved win!

Next week is our last week, but probably my favorite week 🙂 As Yoshi P would say…

Please look forward to it.

And as always, love from here.

Zodiac – Round 5

When most people consider Zodiac, we immediately think of the typical 12 month calendar based on the stars, however one of my models noted that we also have the Chinese Zodiac, and those a pretty awesome ideas as well! So I was asked if they could also be included…


So they were given the chance to create an image that embodies their own zodiac signs. This round is the only round that isn’t based specifically on an image, but instead on the characteristics or feelings associated with the Zodiacs. So without further delay… Your models…

Alastor – Gemini

Amalie – Aries

Damien – Rabbit

Hilda – La Capricorn

Kimiko – Taurus

Netizyn – Gemini (and Horse)

Voting closes on Wednesday and the post will go up shortly after!

And as always, Love from here.


Yes. You read that correctly. This week is all about a girl who went viral showing her pigs in a competition. Why did she go viral?


This girl isn’t just making eye contact with the judges. She’s looking directly into their souls…

So what did I ask the models to do this week?

Make it weird.

My models did not disappoint! <3

Amalie – The Look
Damien – stare into their souls
Hilda – The Stare
Kimiko – That one girl who wrangles pigs
Netizyn – If my tonberries don’t scare people…I will

So you know what to do…. go vote for your favorite crazy person Model
(Voting closes Wednesday Morning – Winner announced at 12pm EST)

And as always, Love from here
– Ona

CopyCat Cycle – Round 3 – Barbie

In a weird unplanned twist of fate, I was alerted to the fact that today is actually Barbie’s official birthday! Sometimes Ona makes unique connections without trying!

Barbie’s official birthday is March 9, 1959—the day she was officially introduced to the world. Handler always saw Barbie as a reflection of the times, with the first doll mimicking the glamour of 1950s stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. In its first year, 300,000 Barbie dolls were sold. The first Barbie doll sold for $3.00, but a mint condition #1 doll can fetch more than $25,000 today. (credit

So I tasked the models with finding a Barbie, any Barbie and making themselves into a Barbie girl in an Eorzean world.

Aqua would be impressed.

Alastor – Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Amalie – Original Barbie

Damien – Camping Barbie

Hilda – Golden Dream Barbie

Kimiko – Japanese Barbie

Netizyn – Happy Birthday Barbie

Ok so everyone go vote –> and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday with results! <3

And as always, Love from here.

CopyCat Round 2 – Eras – Winner

Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm where she was employed to pick praying mantis eggs off of trees as they were sold. It inspired her song “Christmas Tree Farm”.

Just like Taylor was inspired by her life growing up just an hour from your favorite (that’s me, Ona) our models were inspired by her various albums, tours, music, etc. While many models chose the Folklore era, one model in particular chose a different Era to Copy and it definitely hit the Judge’s mark.

So let’s not cause Bad Blood, and announce the winner….


Damien chose to copycat Taylor’s Reputation Era and produced a stunning image.

Up next, Round 3, where things may get a little Plastic

And as always, Love from here…

Round 2 – CopyCat – Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

I am not a Swiftie, but I cannot say I wasn’t happy to see her boyfriend played really well during the Usher concert and won the sportsball prize! Go Taylor’s boyfriend! However, I am fully aware of the bombshell of a superstar T-Swiftie is. As such, I figured why not bring the Eras Tour to Eorzea!

Our beautiful models were given free range of anything Swift. Album covers. Music Videos. Photo Shoots. Whatever worked to encapsulate the essence of their chosen Era. I think Taylor would be proud of what they produced!

Alastor – Folklore
Amalie – Folklore Cardigan
Damien – Reputation
Hilda – Folklore
Kimiko – Red
Netizyn – Karma

Voting open til Wednesday 8am EST – Winner announced at 12pm EST!

And as always, love from here.
– Ona

CopyCat Cycle 2 – Round 1

I absolutely love being the host for ENTM’s CopyCat Cycle. This was my brain child that Katarh gave me permission to test run. It is a chance for models to be a little silly, while also getting to create some fun and interesting screenies. Last cycle, I played it a bit safe with the themes, but this cycle I went a little more Cray-cray.… which brings us to our first Round theme

Florida Man

Florida Man is an Internet meme first popularized in 2013, referring to an alleged prevalence of people performing irrational or maniacal actions in the U.S. state of Florida.

The models this week were tasked with going online and finding a “Florida Man (or woman) article and creating that image. I love what they came up with, and now you get to view their ideas and images!


Florida Woman tries to sneak four foot emotional support snake onto airplane -


Florida Woman dances during sobriety test, tells deputy “You sound like my f***ing ballet coach”. –


Florida Man Burns Himself Dancing Naked Around Fire for Solstice Ritual –


Florida Man gets beat up by the Easter Bunny –


Florida Man climbs on top of playground equipment at Clearwater park, tells kids where babies come from –


Florida Woman harasses alligator until it’s time to pay the price –


Results will be live Wednesday 12pm! Please vote for your favorite Florida (wo)man!

And as always, love from here