Doubles Week 1 Winners!

Hey, everyone! It’s Host Kai here!

Wow, time goes by so fast, it seems like yesterday I came up with this idea. Now, I am about to announce the winner of the week one battle shot!

Each team did an excellent job, but the Community and Judges have spoken!

This week the dynamic duo to take top honors is…

Blu Rose and Simple Pickle!

Congrats you two! Your amazing action shot has won the crowd over!

Now, can you stay on top?

We will find out next week!

Double’s Cycle: Week One – Battle!

And so it starts! We have seven wonderful partner’s who have decided to take part in this interesting spin of ENTM. For the next six weeks, they will be working together to create beautiful pictures based on different themes. This week they have been asked to do battle with a big bad!

Battle: People are usually stronger with their friends, so go into battle and show how you and your partner face off against the most dangerous of foes! This can be taken in open-world, dungeons, and trials. The enemy must be visible in the image.

So please enjoy the pictures below, and then rank them from 1 being your favorite, down to 7 in the poll linked at the bottom! The poll will be active until Tuesday at midnight (EST)!

Elynor Black and Azalea Sol
“Summer time chefs” Cowbot Ninetythree and Gangly Zilla
“Even the flames of Nidhogg would only serve to strengthen their steel, and their bond.” Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne
Rosalie Luvern and Astrum Luvern
Blue Rose and Simple Pickle
“Take the Dark Knight PLEASE.” Xev Bellwyn and Matoko Magamitsuki
” I thought you said this was supposed to be easy!” Yume Aawkot and Yuriel Sylvari

Scenic Cycle Round 6 Results

Hi everyone! We had another first here in Scenic Cycle (because Scenic being…. you know… the first of its kind.) We had a tie early on in the rounds, but our photographers did such a great job with the Impressionism round that our judges…. couldn’t pick a winner. Or even two winners. That’s right, we had a three way tie this round. I don’t know if that’s an ENTM first, but it’s certainly a very rare occurrence.

So congratulations to Darius Stormcrow for Skybound Sanctuary, Sudedki Nankali for Champs de Citrouille en La Noscea, and Yume Aawkot for Wings and Prayer this week.

Skybound Sanctuary
Champs de Citrouille en La Noscea
Wings and a Prayer

Please continue reading for our final week of feedback from the judges!

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Scenic Cycle Round 6

This is it! The final week of ENTM’s first ever Scenic Cycle!

Before I talk about the final round, I first want to thank our judges for all their hard work during this cycle. They take hours of their time each week, seriously thinking about each shot and how it was done and possible ways to improve it. We had a good balance of technical advice from Forthyn, literary and artistic viewpoints from Ona, and puntastic commentary on colors and emotions from Ni’ko. Thank you again for volunteering to be part of my experiment!

For our final challenge of this first cycle, we took a sharp 180 from the laser focused black and whites of Amsel Adams and went back in time to the previous heydey of landscape artistry – Impressionism! I asked for dreamy vistas and pops of color, and our team of photographers did their best. This was an extremely technical round and I’m proud of what our challengers did with the in game engine to attempt to reproduce Impressionist techniques.

Nine photographers submitted shots for this final portfolio. Please enjoy them over the next few days while our judges review them.

Scenic Cycle Round 5 Results

Hi folks! For last week’s challenge I asked our photographers to go out and take a shot in the style of Amsel Adams, which meant grey scale and beautiful mountain majesties. The judges were impressed at all the tricks folks used to render good quality black and white in the in game engine, and also loved the variety of mountain peaks everyone brought to the table. The round was very close this week, but the winner was Zukira Phaera with Memories of Nym.

Memories of Nym

Congratulations! There’s so much to love about this shot, but I’ll leave it to the judges to gush over the technicalities and I’ll just add in that we have a mountain, a lake, a castle, trees, cool clouds – there is just a lot of great stuff in this shot, and taking it in black and white transforms the familiar ruins into something quite different.

Please continue reading on for our judge’s critiques! We have one more round before Scenic Cycle 1 ends (just in time for Shadowbringers) so stay tuned!

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Scenic Cycle Round 5: Amsel Adams

We’re in the home stretch of our first Scenic Cycle, with only two more weeks to go! Because of this, it’s time for a new round made just for this cycle – taking a shot in the style of Amsel Adams!

Adams is widely considered to be one the greatest landscape photographers of the 20th century. His large format silver prints of the US National Parks are world famous. He worked primarily in black and white, and many of his most famous shots were of beautiful peaks and valleys. In homage to the master, we have ten shots in black and white – with mountains!

Scenic Cycle Round 4 Results

Hi everyone! Last week our photographers had to brave some nasty weather to find us beautiful shots of storms . We had some breathtaking shots that traveled around the world, but the winner this week belonged to Aldrid Light for Byakko’s Wrath.

Byakko’s Wrath

Congratulations! The cloud formation in this shot is incredible and helps to balance the image nicely. This was a really challenging round but the judges were wow’d at how epic each of the storm shots felt, and how even when a location was similar, each shot had its own personality all the same.

Please continue reading for critiques from our judges!

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Scenic Cycle Round 4

Hi folks! This week’s challenge to our photographers was another classic ENTM round, Dark and Stormy. Normally we send our models out with explicit instructions to get all wet in the rain, but for our photographers we expanded this round to include “exotic” weather phenomenon as well, as long as it’s… well, dark and stormy looking. (Aetherstorms definitely count!)

Our photographers staked out some pretty intense weather and have brought us some beautiful shots, as seen below.

Scenic Cycle Round 3 Winner

Last week I asked our photographers to send us a postcard from their favorite lake or river. The judges felt that the photographers have all really stepped up their game – this was a fantastic round, and it was a challenge for the judges to rank them.

But after all the votes were tallied, the winner this week was Zukira Phaera with Mystic Cavern.

Mystic Cavern

Congratulations! Hullbreaker Isle is gorgeous from start to finish, even the caves. I think a lot of us are going to be saving his one as a wallpaper.

For all the photographers, the judges critiques can be found below.

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Scenic Cycle Round 2 Results

For last week’s challenge, I asked our photographers to go and take a shot of a sunrise or a sunset. No filters were required this week, but they did have to be in a specific window of time (5-7 AM or PM in the game.)

We had ten beautiful shots, but there can only be one winner each round – wait, what??

TWO?? We had a tie?

That’s right! Since Scenic cycle is anonymously judged without community votes, we had a dead even score between two photographers this week. The two shots were Edge of Eternity and End of the Occupation, taken by Malkovich Malkovich and Darius Stormcrow.

Congratulations! The judges had a really tough time this week, and a tied score proves it.

For all of our photographers, please check out the critiques below the fold.

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