Tumblr Cycle 5 Round 6


Judge’s Critiques

Velora- Vel don’t you look like a sky pirate ready for action! You look lovely on this mount and I love your chocobo’s head choice! You have managed to match him in stunning fashion and I am loving your tattoo! Great job dear, and beautiful background!

Rivienne- A lovely date with a charming companion! You both look sharp and so well dressed, happy to be spending time together with your heads in the clouds as lovers should be! I love your matching outfits and the cloudy background only helps to really draw the focus to the two of you. Beautiful as always Rivienne!

Eldaena- The colors in this shot are amazing! You look gorgeous and really stand out in that particular weather, bringing a touch of calm natured elegance to a stormy day. Gorgeous Eldaena!

Stephen- you have really been throwing out shots to give the lala brand a lovely look! Once again you remind me of Aladdin asking Jasmine if she trusts him if he was really a warlock bent on stopping the evil Jafar and I love it. You look calm, cool and collected but manage to make not only yourself but the background serene. Also props for having the balls to pull this shot off because I had expected a lot of witches this round (perhaps it’s my love for the broom myself) and took the risk and it paid off. Great job^^

Katarh- I remember my round doing the mount shot and also wanting to go with the eye. It was a bad idea because almost all the other models had the same idea! But seeing you here makes me very envious of the ability to fly as you not only managed to top all the eye mount shots from my round but capture a unique gorgeous shot with amazing colors and a very colorful background! Your outfit fits great with your mount and even though the shots a bit farther back I like it this way, something I don’t normally say for farther away shots. Gorgeous Kat!

Kitori- Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw this shot and immediately felt the need to go back and watch the rescuers down under! To me this shot captures the feels of that movie like I just watched it yesterday. I love your mount, I love that you chose to skim over the water and I love the colors! Beautiful Kitori!

Annouille-  So much purple in this shot! Yet I don’t mind it at all. you have put not only a charming palate of matching colors in your shot but did so while making a shot that looks right out of a story book. Intimidating, fierce, and brave scream to me in this shot. I love that you took the risk to put in a bold gutsy back shot as I really fit it couldn’t have been done better. Kudos for having the balls while also telling a lovely story that will have kids jumping in capes and swinging wooden swords at imaginary dragons!

Velora hunter – You have quite a few nice points in your shot this week and some not so great ones but I’m excited so let’s get this started.  I really love this angle; it’s very hard to get, in my experience, which means I’m cutting you some slack on your lack of expression/unique pose.  Your makeup is on point this week with lovely lips, cheeks rosy from the wind, great eyeliner, and a nice little tattoo to add interest.  Your outfit is good for this too.  Not over the top cheesy but clearly fitting for the concept.  The extra detail of your cute bird’s barding only helps you.  Your background isn’t as amazing as it could be but it does the job. Color choices now…  The green of your bird’s barding actually matches that center island.  Dyeing your outfit any other non-neutral colors would have likely clashed with birdie’s barding, or in the case of a matching green, buried you in the background so sticking with a mix of off-whites to echo birdie was smart.  One kinda big thing I’d have liked different is the lighting direction.  This isn’t terrible but some light on your and your mount’s faces would likely have been better.  Good job this week. ^_^

Rivienne Cotrlaint – It never occurred to me that we could possibly use gpose on a mount!  A nice angle on your bird that implies flight even in a static shot and a great choice of mount for your concept. It may not have been intentional but your mount doubly matches you because of the gradient on its plume (while it isn’t an exact color match it’s close enough and on an unimportant enough part that the difference is ignorable.)   Composition-ally you do a good job keeping the eye of the viewer in the shot and coming back to you.  The slant of the mountain combined with the slant of the chocobo funnel the eye to the center of the shot and your eye contact (both of you) cements the eye there.  I don’t know if your outfits were always this color but I’m glad to see better coordination between your established styling and your clothes this week; you’ve obviously matched the clothes to your hair which is just fine.  The blue you’ve chosen stands out in a calmer way than red because of the rather muted background so it was a smart choice for the casual situation you’ve described in your submission.  Don’t think I missed the cute details that you two matched.  I like that both of you seem to have calm but happy expressions and different poses which comes across as more human and less posed.  Even though the both of you are presented basically equally in the shot you effortlessly come across as the true focus.  Your more active emote and slightly happier expression steals the attention in a good way.  Great lighting on the both of you and the birdie.  My biggest complaints are the rather boring background (palette and scenery wise).

Eldaena Vonxandria – Great shot; mind if I make this my desktop background?  The style is definitely yours but you’ve managed to keep it from feeling stale here.  Man, where to start?  Well you’ve certainly shown us beauty only flying can allow and the view is amazing.  Your mount choice works incredibly here despite the many ways it could have killed you; that magitek is BIG and very flashy.  You managed to keep the positive aspects of the mount without it stealing the show, so bravo.  The colors in this shot are so so good and give a very unique feeling.  Great tactical choice to have The Aery in the opposite direction of your gaze; this way it fills what could have been a nasty empty space (the current ‘empty’ corner is filled by your gaze) and gives an unexpected twist to the composition.  Love the multiple thirds divisions with your mount and the background and The Aery and the sky.  Because those things are so busy leaving the sky empty in the direction of your gaze give the viewer breathing room in your composition.  Despite it being a night shot the moonlight (I’m guessing) and your naturally pale character make it work without the un’sun’monable minion.  Your styling is good and your outfit works well, matching your mount and your shot vibe.  A happy accident but your eyes look like they’re holding those luminescent clouds in them which adds even more to your ethereal look.  Using this weather was smart.  If you had taken it in normal weather the view would have been too plain and the lack of static particles would have left the sky feeling too empty.

Stephen Fairbrook – A very nice shot, Stephen; I think maybe you stole some of Eldaena’s ethereal powder.  This wouldn’t have worked with a normal person’s shot but is perfect for your squarer setup.  The great weather choice turned what could have been a very boring shot into this wonderful picture.  I always struggle with a great spot for the moon when I include it in shots but your location worked well.  The whole look, outfit and mount, are very Halloweeny but with your background/ bg color, and the generally gentle, muted colors your shot transcends the boundaries of holiday fashion.  Good job on your story telling this week; even without the description I get the feeling that I’m being invited along for a ride.  Despite my reservations about such out of season gear your outfit works well even without your concept because the blacks catch the lighting to sink you into the picture, the pumpkin/bat details glow which matches the rest of the elements, and your dark colors allow the background to shine which in turn enhances your own look.  The mount choice is obvious for the concept but also works outside of the concept because of the glowing pumpkin and that lovely lighting on the bristles.  Good expression and pose.  Great job utilizing your natural palette again.  Your eyes match the sky and make you seem more magical.  Good diagonal composition.

Katarh Mest – While you managed to get some scenery in the background that you could only see while flying your use of gpose makes it almost too blurry to see anything.  Alright attempt at matching your outfit to the shot but it would have been better to have hidden the axe I think.  The center composition doesn’t look bad and it is likely better than off center would have been.  The Ahriman’s coloring is nicely matching the mustardy yellows of the distant clouds.  Moving your body up to cover a bit more of Tiamat’s crystal blob would have made your cat show up more cleanly and given you a nice personal bg.  Using such a yellow minion in a shot blotted with purples was smart.  I like that your ahriman’s eye is off to the side implying he’s studying his surroundings; it also keeps the viewer in your shot longer since the eyes are not immediately being directed out of the lower border.

Kitori Orihara – I can feel your powerful swoosh from here (always been a fan of the feathery FREEDOM mount).  Your gaze is just a piercing and focused as your feather baby; good job!  I really like that the blue of your dress matches that gorgeous SoC sky and the cut of your top shows the movement spoken about in your description.  Would have been nice if you could have had griff’s head silhouetted against the sky.  That shadow by the back foot is very awkward feeling; like a telephone pole coming out of a person’s head in a photograph.  The lighting direction works fine for you because of your expressions and implied movement.

Annouille Andouillant – Thank you for risking a back shot!!!  It works well here; the shot would have been ruined if you had been turned to the camera.  The lighting increases the drama partly by working well with your clothes.  Outfit is fine and having your weapon out here makes sense with your concept.  You still manage to look gorgeous even from behind.  The glasses are good with the book.  No dead spots but not overly cluttered.  Seeing this with your description really brings back my feels about poor Tiamat and Baha-chalupa.  I like the roughly diagonal division across your shot and feel it accentuates the story telling vibe.  Good book choice with the metal, wings, and glowing red dot that resembles the dragon’s eyes.  Nice breathing room between Tia’s gaze and your own.

Stephen Fairbrook:
It’s time for Pumpkin Spiced Popoto on a stick! Our little Popoto is paving the way as a fashion pioneer by being the first to dress up for All Saint’s Wake this year. Staying true to his lifestyle brand of cute n’ tasty tater tots, Stephen Fairbrook is prepared to sprinkle a little bit of magic into our lives with this dynamic, Halloween themed shot. Awash in a gentle moonlit haze of viridian, he works the midnight colourways to send us over the moon and back again. Just when we feel like we might spin off into deep space from this starry deluge of fabulousness, Stephen streamlines the entire experience with a hand-dyed burlap coat with an ornamental pumpkin motif.

Velora Hunter:
Bringing home that sense of genuine home-grown adventure, Velora creates perfect visual synergy in a fluid blending of her own aeronautical themed costume and her Chocobos. Presenting a refreshing alternative to more traditional getaways, Velora sails over lush islands brimming with endless possibilities for adventure. Our bold hero emerges as the focal point while still presenting an exhilarating dance of color and light for our eyes. The subtle texture and lack of /gblur marry nicely to bring all the savory details together in perfect harmony.

Kitori Orihara:
Come and skim the edge of paradise on freedom’s feathered wings today! Kitori takes us on an inspired expedition skipping over reflective waters that mirror the hues of the wide blue sky. A dainty trail of organic trees pepper the shoreline to present visitors with a truly authentic experience. This simplistic color palate has created the ultimate opportunity to bring out the sartorial big guns in the form of a dramatic floor-length gown with perfectly punctuated thigh-high slits in vibrant hues that rival the skies itself. While Kitori has ventured too far away from the camera in past shots, here the distance lets the gryphon take center stage to bring together that unbridled spirit of adventure.

Rivienne Cotrlaint:
How romantic is this? Offering a charitable princess wave to the unwashed masses (Because she has an altruistic heart like that), Rivienne and her paramour ride off for a romantic getaway in the clouds. Imagine sipping chardonnay in an exquisite azure gown with a long, laced cathedral train as clouds roll by on an enchanted evening ride. With a premiere view of the majestic Dravanian Forelands below, Rivienne expertly applies true love and hand embroidered details in a collaboration that truly takes our breath away. The subtle touch of the /gblur tops this waltz of romance with a flourish.

Eldaena Vonxandria:
You are cordially invited to a high-definition experience of color and cloud that Eldaena has methodically curated for our viewing pleasure. On an artisanal saddle fashioned from rich golds and mother-of-pearl, our Ethereal Star throws caution to the wind riding against the cerulean storm. In the distance, a roiling storm of gloomy spires strike out against the sky creating a unique juxtaposition to Eldaena’s dynamic luminescence. This exquisite collage of nebulous contrast will leave you wanting for nothing but more of our vibrant Eldaena herself.

Annouille Andouillant:
Tired of the same bland, boring vacation? Have you had enough of tiresome tropical paradises and mundane mountain ranges? Well Annouille is here to help. Not only does he give us an extra healthy dose of unadulterated Elezen handsomeness in his adventure, but he also dares to take us where no hot Elezen since Estinien has before: Right into the jaws of a dragon! We can almost feel the devil’s breath on the camera lens from here as his blood red eyes gape into our soul. Fortunately for Annouille, his own dragon mount is providing enough camouflage that it’s almost indiscernible where scary dragon ends and happy mount dragon begins. It’s a good thing none of our dear potato friends attempted this shot, as they would surely have been hors d’oeuvres.

Katarh Mest:
Looking for a little bit of magic in your vacation? Soaring high into the atmosphere, Katarh dishes up a holistic blend of granular amethyst and rich earthy tones. Indulge in the dulcet serenity set in motion by the /gpose and ignore those nagging acrophobic sensations that threaten to disrupt this journey of healing and revitalization. Dressed in contemporary stylized tank attire, Katarh’s lavender adornment inlays make an iconic statement that blends effortlessly into the backdrop. Perhaps we get a little too much blend in this particular colourway however. This shot would have been the perfect opportunity to showcase a sharp pop of color via costuming.