Tumblr Cycle 7

Kai Goes Solo

For Cycle 7, Sakuraya Kai took over sole ownership of ENTM hosting duties, as Rongi Pongi and Ty were involved in the YouTube projects.

For this cycle, we experimented with a smaller number of models and a shorter number of rounds, as many models expressed burnout with the months-long cycles. We have since found that this format allows for a more intimate and friendly modeling cast and reduces the burden on models and judges alike.

This was also the first cycle in which models were allowed to take full advantage of the features of Gpose.

Cycle 7 ran from May 2017 to June 2017.

Cycle 7 Winner: Doki Kadoki

Cycle 7 Host: Kai

Cycle 7 Final Cast List

Doki Kodoki of Hyperion
Rivienne Cotrlaint of Malboro
Nadede Lasalle of Balmung
Stephen Fairbrook of Balmung
Noesis Phobos of Balmung
Wow Wie of Balmung
Kusuh Valentione, of Faerie

Cycle 7 Judges

Flare Avagnar
Katarh Mest
Gangly Zilla

Cycle 7 Round Galleries

R1. Minion Madness

R2. Waterfalls

R3. Raidin’ Tombs

R4. On the Beach

R5. Snow

R6. Cosplay