Classic Cycle 12 Round 1 – By the River

Welcome to the first round of Classic Cycle 12! Our models were asked to go out and find a stream or a river, and take a screen shot with it! We had no other restrictions in place for this round, other than it had to be scenic (so no monsters or fighting things.)

Thankfully there are plenty of waterways in Eorzea, so here we go!

When you have looked at all of the images, please vote in order from strongest to weakest in the Google poll embedded below, or alternately by >>>clicking on this link here.<<< 1 is the strongest, 2 is next strongest, etc. Voting will be open until 11:59 PM EDT on April 7th. Voting is anonymous (no email addresses are recorded) but we do limit to one vote per Google account to prevent ballot stuffing 🙂