April Challenge

It’s April Fool’s Day for another couple of hours, but the theme for April is no joke! Or is it? Elessia has asked us for:

April Flowers! No Showers!

That seems pretty straight forward – so go out and take your best shot of a lovely April flower patch in Eorzea in any other weather but rainy or stormy!

Entries will be accepted for this challenge until April 17th at 11:59 PM EDT.

To enter, send your image in a direct message to admin Katarh Mest on our Discord channel! >>>>Click here to join the Discord channel.<<<< Voting will commence sometime on or around April 18th. The winner gets a minion from the Mogstation, and also gets to pick the next month’s theme!

ENTM monthly challenges are open to the general FFXIV screenshot community. You do not need to have participated in any other ENTM contests to play. The usage of Reshade, in game mods, or post processing edits are not allowed. Please include the FFXIV copyright notice as required by Square Enix to allow us to host your screenshots on our website. ENTM monthly challenges are judged solely by the community, so be sure to share the link with your friends when voting starts!