CopyCat Cycle – Round 5 Winner – WAR!

Well hello fans! It was a tough round this week.

I gave the models a theme, they gave me amazing images that fit that theme. I made the judges judge. They picked the photo they loved the most and


into one of the most amazing rounds I ever thought up. I will have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the work these models did for me this week. They had to find a reference image themselves that is a real life photo and then work within the game parameters and recreate it. I absolutely loved the creative liberties this round, and finding something that was close enough to get the point across.

The judges complained to me about the difficulty they faced with judging this round too, so each and every model should be proud of the images they submitted! But unfortunately, a winner must be crowned, and with that being said, our winner this week is…


Damien, your use of the motorcycle to stand in for the truck in your reference photo was a great choice, and waiting for the shadows of the day to elongate under the tires of the bike solidified your win tonight!

Tonight there is supposed to be a Lunar Eclipse, if I can wake myself up at 3am I may watch it. Otherwise, I will see you on Saturday morning with the final, round of the inaugural cycle of CopyCats!

And as always, Love from here