ENTM Dazzles the Official Square Enix Contest: “Everything’s on the Line!”

Congratulations to all of our participants in Square Enix’s official American/Canadian contest for, “Everything’s on the Line!” Ever up for a challenge our folks submitted shots going solely on the cue to use the ‘Saturated Linework’ option in /gpose.

Several folks submitted entries, and we’d like to take a moment to enjoy the shots participants have allowed us to post here. You’re all wonderful, and keep on participating for future contests!

First up, one of the top ten entries in the contest, Ni’ko Shae’s “Scaredy Sprout.”

Next we have a top 100 entry, Yomu Kazul’s “Run!”

And next another top 100 entry, Yume Aawkot’s “A Mischievious Meal.”

Next we have our honorable mentions. Though you didn’t place you certainly placed in our hearts! First, Aelyria Windrunner’s “Me and My Mameshiba.”

And finally, Forthyn S’yel’s “An Afternoon Snack.”

You can view all entries at Final Fantasy XIV’s official Facebook Page!

And, a special shoutout to Schan Starfall and Khloe Jaab who placed in the top 1000 of their region for the 7th Anniversary Digital Scrapbook, available in parts of Europe and Oceania. They received their very own print of their submission!

Congratulations to everyone on your incredible display of enthusiasm for all things /gpose. Until next time, keep on shining!