Runway 2 Week 1: Results

Our winner of Week 1: Comfortable, and Easy to Wear is in big trouble, and I’m tellin’ on her! Congratulations…

Meztli Kagon!

The epitome of comfort our capri sun kicked back, relaxed, and let her fashion do the talking. Our judges were living with her attention to detail here and there, from the flower in the hair to the earrings and even opting for bright lighting to really draw out the best of this outfit. Well done.

Keep up the terrific work my trainers. Meztli may have turned this round into a Naadam, but she won’t be Khagan forever. This week showed us the direct impact of community voting, so get some good participation going! Gotta catch all the votes! Next week is anyone’s win!

Now then. Let the music play!