New Housing Cycle Call for Designers!

Announcing ENTM’s first house decorating cycle with your hostess Elessia! Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management is home to many talented screenshot enthusiasts, but now we want to extend it to the very talented house designers! These decorators who not only can create that perfect dream home in FFXIV but can photograph it to show off those gorgeous details and style. For our inaugural Renovation Cycle, we are seeking house designers and guest judges. The cycle will run for 6 weeks with a different theme each week for our contestants to create the perfect space and capture it in a screenshot. Our house decorators will be limited to either an apartment or Free Company room and are not allowed to use third party tools or shaders for their compositions, just Gpose and the standard glitching allowed by the game. Each week, contestants will build the themed room, photograph it, tear it down and start over! Basically build a set. ENTM is also looking for a guest judge once a week to bring a different flare to the contest! Judges will decide their favorite rooms based on creativity, color scheme, photography skills, over all composition, use of space, keeping with the theme, and details. Also, in typical ENTM fashion, the community will also be able to vote on their favorites! Please note, space is limited to 12 contestants so get those resumes in ASAP! The winner will be crowned ENTM’s very first S-rank designer!!!

The contest is scheduled to run from September 24th to October 29th!

Each week, a shot will be shared to the community to vote, and judges will release their critiques as well. The judges will rank each shot, and a winner will be announced for that week. At the end of the cycle, all the weekly rankings will be tallied, (including the community vote) and a winner announced!

To audition for Renovation Cycle I: Please send Elessia Sedai a portfolio (via a discord DM) with the following:

  • Character Name
  • Server and Data Center
  • Judge or participant
  • Brief description of design expertise and any other details you want to share
  • Head shot of character
  • Audition shot
Audition shot is a Gpose screenshot of a room you designed. (This is NOT limited to an FC room or apartment). Please make sure to feature your favorite details! The Square Enix copyright must be visible on your shot. No Reshade or Gshade allowed. You may use any effects or filters you want in the Gpose toolbox!

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!