Scenic Cycle III Grand Finale

ENTM crowns a new S-rank today! After six weeks of anonymously judged landscape photography, many very close weeks, and several weekly wins, the grand prize winner for Scenic Cycle III with a score of 61 is Schan Starfall!

Schan has been a regular for our monthly challenges, but this was their first full Cycle win. Congratulations!

In second place with a score of 70 was Kai Ulric, and in third place with a score of 77 was Simwell Waverider. Congrats to you both as well!

And thank you to all of the photographers who joined us for our unique mini cycle, as well as our table of judges for devoting their time to vote and critique every week. I hope that the photographers, as well as everyone following along with us for the last six weeks, learned something new about landscape photography or the world of Eorzea and its hidden wonders.

ENTM will be back soon with a different kind of contest, so please look forward to it!