May 2019 Monthly Challenge

Hi folks! Welcome to ENTM’s shiny new website, and welcome to our first official Monthly Challenge outside of Tumblr!

The rules for monthly challenges aren’t changing, just where we post the announcements. You do not need to have any social media account to participate in our monthly challenges. You also do not need to have ever competed in an ENTM cycle! Monthly challenges are the only ENTM contest that has a tangible prize so we throw this wide open to the whole FFXIV screen shot community. New people are always welcome.

May Monthly Challenge: Gilgamesh

Schan Starfall, the April challenge winner, loves the character of Gilgamesh – and she especially loves his quotes! For the May challenge, take a shot inspired by any part of Greg’s zany in-game dialogue. (Gamer Escape has the full script of many of the Hildibrand quests, if you need some refreshers.)

Will you perform a summoning after a requisite beating, or will you fight like men – or ladies – or ladies dressed like men?!

Entries will be accepted until May 23 2019.

The Rules

  1. Each month, we will post a new theme, which is chosen by the winner of the challenge during the previous month.
  2. You have approximately 3 weeks to come up with a shot that expresses this theme. Any style of shot is accepted, however no Reshade or Mods are permitted for the monthly contest, to keep things fair to our PS4 players. All in-game tools are allowed.
  3. To enter, submit your shot via direct message to Katarh Mest on our Discord channel or send an email to Katarh at
    Click on this link to join our Discord!
  4. After the entry period is over, all shots will be displayed in a gallery here on the ENTM website, with a link to a Google Poll for anonymous voting. Monthly votes are decided entirely by the community vote. We strongly encourage you to share these on your favorite social media websites to get more votes!
  5. The winner will be announced after one week of voting.
  6. The winner gets to choose the theme for the next month, as well as select a minion or an item of similar value from the Mog Station as their prize.