ENTM Scenic Cycle Judges

Welcome to the official start of ENTM’s new Scenic Cycle!

Three brave volunteers will be acting as our judges for the course of this experiment. Two are familiar faces, and one is a brand new community judge recruited via our partners at Hydalaen International / Project HI.

Ni’ko Shae of Cactuar is our most recent S-Rank model winner. He participated in ENTM Tumblr Cycles 10 and 11, and won 1st place in Tumblr Cycle 11. He has proven to have a great eye for colors and his enthusiasm for screenshots knows no bounds.

Odharnait “Ona” Greene of Goblin was the 2018 Monthly Challenge winner, and was the winner of the Community Votes in Tumblr Cycle 10. Ona is currently competing in Instagram Cycle 2 as well. Ona has a gift for conveying emotions and storytelling in her shots, and has inspired multiple rounds in ENTM since her debut.

Our community judge this cycle is Forthyn S’yel of Adamantoise. Forthyn has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with over 10 years in the artistic field, and has assisted in curating and guiding students in proper composition and perspective in their work – especially landscape paintings and photography! We are excited to welcome Forthyn to the ENTM family.

Thank you to the judges who have volunteered their time. The judges have agreed to provide short critiques each week for all ten photographers, although due to the anonymous nature of the judging each week, they will be unable to provide comments on weekly growth.