Scenic Cycle Round 1

On the “Beach”

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of ENTM’s brand new Scenic Cycle!

This is a small experimental cycle to test out the new gallery hosting possibilities of our website. This cycle is being anonymously judged by a panel of three – two ENTM veterans and a community expert on landscape art and photography.

But everyone is allowed to look at the beautiful round while it is being judged – so here we go! The first round’s theme was a throwback to Forum Cycle 1 Round 1, which was also named On the Beach. (This time we have fewer catgirls in bikinis, however.) The challenge was to take a picture of the ocean with the coastline or shoreline in the view. Beach sand was not required – just the ocean was. We have ten beautiful shots from our photographers, and they are available to view now below!

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